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Sep 15, 2020
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Hi my name is James, I'm from central-eastern Europe (a specific country of origin will be specified some other time) and I'm 26. I liked Star Wars since my father showed me A New Hope on VHS which was recorder from a national TV broadcast and included ads and skipped the first scene of the movie, starting off with C3P0 and R2-D2 on Tatooine. I barely understood what was going on until prequels were out.
The Phantom Menace was the second movie I watched and the one that actually got me fully into the franchise, in retrospect I know that surely the Duel of Fates and the Obi/Qui-Gon/Maul fight was the reason. However only when Attack of the Clones was out, I was able to fully comprehend what was going on and understand everything. This is why, until this day I love the movie, even though in eyes of many it's the worst out of the prequel-OT six. I started reading books (Bane Trilogy and Legacy of the Force series being my favorite, Darth Caedus/Jacen was one of my favorite characters in the universum) and playing games (i can't count how many times I played through KotOR 1&2).
At this point i liked the OT, but I watched more in order to watch a movie with my dad rather than out of love for them. They weren't as flashy and the world wasn't developed so much around the story as in prequels (the politics, the Jedi order as the setting were what i loved about the movies). Now I like them much more, but the nostalgia is still strong with the prequels.
Concerning the sequels... Not a fan. I didn't like TFA when I watched it first in the cinema, I don't want to get into why here. Too much was already said about its flaws and misgivings so I'll leave it at that (one thing i really liked were Poes fighter combat scenes, so it wasn't all negative for me, and I liked Finn). When I watched Rogue One, my faith in the franchise relived, the movie was good (little shame about some undeveloped characters but other than that i loved it) and it was detached from the main plot like i wanted it to be. And so I again was hopeful for the next Star Wars movie. Then TLJ happened and I haven't watched any new Star Wars movie or TV series since, not Solo, not TROS, not Mandalorian (I'm planning to watch The Mandalorian though, I know it's good).
So this is my Star Wars experience, right now I'm trying to reignite the love for the franchise :) The setting of RP is quite detached from the sequels so I don't think that I will hve any problems with my sequels bias. I hope to have great time with you guys :)


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Nov 22, 2015
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Welcome to Swerp! Feel free to join the Discord chat to meet more of our members (most of us don't bite). I look forward to writing with you!

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Jan 8, 2020
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Welcome to the site.

Have fun and remember that the current timeline is a Canon-only reality (so no Legends references in the stories). It took me a while to remember which was which :)