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Hollastin was a world located in the Hutt Space region of the galaxy. It was connected to fellow Hutt Space world Circumtore as well as the world Syvris by hyperspace routes. Hollastin was located at galactic coordinates S-12.

Thread Prefix: Canon

Name: Hollastin

Coordinates: S-12

Hyperlanes: Hollastin Run and Pando Spur

Climate: The weather on Hollastin experiences a fast, extremely hot and humid summer, a long fall, a brutal, but quick winter and an extended spring. In many ways, these are ideal conditions to be outside, but Hollastin is known for its quickly developing storm systems, weather snow, lightning or rain. Because these storms can form with little warning, residents rarely travel far from home or work. If they do, they are usually well-prepared in the event they are caught in a storm. Hollastin has a breathable atmosphere.

Terrain: Hollastin is comprised of three major land masses, which take up half the planet. All three land masses run the gambit of mountain ranges, wastelands, sprawling plains, temperate forests, and icy land masses. While the major land masses have their share of deserts and jungles, their area is a small footprint on the land masses. The land masses are fairly stable, so active volcanoes are nearly non-existent at this point. The terrain is perfect for farming and mining, but the reason Hollastin has not exploded with growth is due to the violent storms that plague the planet.

The three land masses are Krevastin, Suslii, and Bockaas

Rotation: Day and night cycles vary throughout the year with approximately a 36 cycle time. In the winter, the rotation places night into a 24 hour rotation compared to a 12 hour day, which produces extremely cold winters. In the fall and spring, day and night rotate every 18 hours. In the summer, the heat can be exhausting due to the 24 hour day and 12 hour night rotation.

Inhabitants: Due to the lack of restrictions on creatures that can be brought into Hollastin, the planet is teeming with life, both wild and domestic creatures. The native creatures to Hollastin are hardy, tough creatures due to the extremes in temperature and the deadly storms that are commonplace. As such, the native predators on Hollastin, no matter the ecosystem, are usually deadly to humanoids. Creatures imported into Hollastin either have to be given provisions to help them survive or they are forced to adapt.

There is not a native sentient species to Hollastin. The dominant sentient species on Hollastin are humans, but only by a small percentage. The Riileb species has a strong presence there from the neighboring planet of Riileb. There is a large community of Shell Hutts from Circumtore as well. While these three populations are the largest, they do not dominate the population by any stretch. Hollastin is a melting pot of species, mostly the mercantile sort.

Resources: Hollastin lists Duranium, leathers, crops, and manufactured goods as their major exports. While Duranium is the most valuable metal found on the planet, more practical, less expensive metals have to be imported. The Galactic Empire excavated many Duranium deposits during its stay decades ago. While Duranium is the most valuable resource found on Hollastin, it is certainly not plentiful anymore. The leathers found on Hollastin are quite durable and sought after due to their tough, yet pliable texture. Despite the storms, due to the consistent long spring and fall seasons, the harvests for various crops during that time are plentiful.

Government: Hollastin is governed by a formal Triumvirate. Each Triumvir controls one of the large land masses. Each continent has their own methods of electing their ruler. The rulers of those land masses use a combination of appointments and elections for determining that continent’s leadership. Currently, the leaders are:

Krevastin – ruled by Gorgotho the Hutt (NPC)
Suslii – ruled by a Trum'luk (Shell Hutt NPC)
Bockaas – ruled by a Jimas Stearn (Human NPC)

Culture: The culture of Hollastin varies slightly, depending on the continent. A common thread between the three continents is that all three are very particular about trade and the freedom of trade. A common law that is shared between the three is that if there is an individual that attempts to stop or hamper trade, that individual will more than likely be given a death sentence.

Krevastin has been ruled by various Hutts for centuries. In Krevastin, there are essentially three castes: Upper Class (Hutts), Middle Class (Merchants) and slaves. This continent is home to one of the biggest slave trades in Hutt space. Ironically, slaves are also treated as valued property on Krevastin. Killing a slave could put the offender into a huge amount of debt…and gain the ire of the owner.

Suslii is the technological center of Hollastin. Shell Hutts, from nearby Circumtore, have made this continent their own. Most of the manufacturing and production facilities of Hollastin are located in Suslii. Companies that deal in weapons, armors, vehicles, droids, personal technology, satellite systems, control systems, communications systems, etc. can all be found in Suslii. On this continent, CEOs and business owners are treated like well and given notable breaks on taxes.

Bockaas possesses the largest spaceport on Hollastin. As such, many shipping companies (and smugglers) operate out of this continent. Warehouses, distribution centers, ship manufacturing, and transportation companies make up the economy on this continent. May transient professionals find their way to this continent, whether smugglers, bounty hunters, explorers, or mercenaries.

Technology: The technology on Hollastin is cutting edge. All three continents strive to keep up with the most up to date technology. While there are very few unique technology items that flow from Hollastin, as a whole, the planet itself prides itself on its technology. Even the lowliest farmer on Krevastin will have surrounded himself with the latest in farming technology, believing that tech will give him the best chance at having a successful harvest. This is the mentality that most denizens of Hollastin take.

Satellites: The planet of Hollastin is within the Hollastin System, which falls within Hutt Space. Hollastin has one sun and is orbited by three moons. Predictably, each moon is “claimed” by a continent. There is also a large asteroid belt to the far side of the Hollastin System, reportedly where a small pirate population resides. Piracy is not a major issue in Hollastin, primarily pirates interfere with trade, so the sentence is automatically death.

History: Hollastin was discovered in 25,000 BBY and is able to trace its roots to being a part of the planets that comprised Hutt Space. Hutts have ruled Hollastin for millennia, but this changed when the Galactic Empire swept through Hutt Space. Seeking to take advantage of some of the Duranium deposits found on Hollastin, a governor was placed on each of the three continents of Hollastin. It did not take long for the Empire to realize that the storm systems on Hollastin were too violent and disruptive to their operations. It was quickly determined that it was not cost-efficient to mine Hollastin, so the Galactic Empire left. This created a void of power, which was quickly taken advantage of by enterprising aliens. While the continent of Krevastin remained a Hutt “colony”, Suslii was claimed by a powerful Shell Hutt and Bockaas was claimed by a conglomerate of human shipping companies. While the Hutt Cartels were initially infuriated with the bold move to usurp their power, the Hutt ruler of Krevastin defended the move and assured the Hutt Cartels it would be a profitable change. In truth, others just suspected that the Hutts of Krevastin did not want any Hutt competition on Hollastin…

Because the Hutts of Krevastin defended the actions of the rulers of Suslii and Bockaas, they came to the table to discuss the future of Hollastin. For hours, they could not find any common ground, but the one thread that bound them together was trade and mercantile endeavors. As such, the rulers agreed to disagree on how their continents were ruled, but came together as a Triumvirate focused on trade. Rulers have come and gone on the three planets, but they have maintained their planet governance with common ground found in mercantile pursuits.

Intent: The intent of this entry is to flesh out the canon planet of Hollastin and merge it into site canon. Lying within Hutt Space, this gives a fun, different place to center RP within the Outer Rim. This provides an interesting environment to center stories with a focus on survival (deadly storm system), with a focus on politics due to the three very different continents and the politics that can be drummed up from that, and with an ideal place to base businesses out of within the Outer Rim. This provides a unique planet that can be the center of RP for a variety of different characters such as merchants, Hutts, slaves, droids, smugglers, etc. Hollastin, as written, could be a home for any of them. The terrains are varied and colorful, providing nearly any setting desired on Hollastin.
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