Holocron of Ahsoka Tano


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Feb 7, 2024
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Jedi Holocron of Ahsoka Tano

Location: In the possession of @Essla Ta'dek

Type: Personal Lore

Function/History: This ancient holocron was created by Ahsoka Tano soon after the liberation of Lothal and serves as a guide to all the major areas of Jedi training: connecting with the Force, dueling, saber forms, creating a lightsaber, Jedi doctrine, tactics (including the Marg Sabl), and Ahsoka's musings on the Order and the galaxy as a whole. It was intended to keep the Jedi Order and its knowledge intact should the Rebellion fail and all the remaining Jedi die. After Ahsoka's death, the holocron sat untouched in a Temple storage room until it was stolen. After a myriad of misadventures, the device was dumped into a warehouse full of miscellaneous junk until it was finally discovered by Essla, who accidentally opened it with her Force sensitivity and discovered its purpose.

Intent: to give Essla a way to hone her Force sensitivity without needing Jedi/Sith training (since the current state of affairs for her obstructs that), while bringing in one of my favorite characters from Star Wars canon into the mix.


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May 19, 2013
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I'm not really on board with making a holocron of such an important canon character just a piece of someone's personal lore that they start with on their person. For what you're seeking to accomplish with this it could easily just be any holocron from an NPC Jedi that you make up.

You can certainly make an article for Ahsoka's holocron and submit that, but you will need to actually RP out its acquisition in thread(s).

I'm going to archive this version, if you want to submit something for Ahsoka's holocron you can do that, but if you're just looking for something to give your character a guide into rudimentary force teachings you'd be better served just having it be a simple holocron created by an NPC.