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The Kersin Estate is located on the swamp planet of Dromund Kaas, a world plagued by constant rain, electrical storms, and dark side corruption. Well established on this less-than-desirable planet, the House of Kersin has loyally served the Galactic Empire from their very first Lord Kersin onward, never faltering in their support of the Sith Council and continually reaping the rewards that loyalty brought to them. When the Empire fell however, so did their prospects for future wealth and prosperity. It was devastating, both financially and politically.

Luckily for them, their Patriarch at the time - Lord Philus Kersin II - immediately began investing their amassed fortune in various stocks and liquidating assets to pour into both short and long term ventures. The young Lord knew it wouldn't fix their situation in the present, but he successfully set the stage for his Family to regain their previous glory over time. Slowly, but steadily. For the time being, they abandoned their Estate for simpler accommodations, living in shame as the galaxy moved on without them. But not forever. By the time Lord Philus Kersin IV was born, the family had finally amassed enough equity to return to their Estate and began the arduous task of repairing and rebuilding what once was theirs. Lord Philus Kersin II died shortly after moving back into his childhood home.

It was Lord Philus Kersin IV who truly brought the family back to its former glory days, investing in textiles as a young man in his twenties and continuing to pour more and more of his profits into expanding his hold on the market once he realized how lucrative it was. He founded the KDK Textile Solutions Corporation just before turning thirty and acted as CEO up until his fiftieth birthday when he passed it on to his eldest son. He is still heavily involved in politics, however, and travels often to lobby for referendums and laws that would benefit his business ventures.


The Kersin Family follows what is called the Rota system, also known as a "ladder" system, of inheritance. In this system, the position of Patriarch is passed first from brother to brother rather than straight from father to son - excluding all females except in the absence of any male family members. After the death of the last living brother, the next in line would be the eldest son of the eldest brother and so on. The system was begun by Lord Ryat Kersin I, and has been followed by each succeeding generation, though it is not unheard of for family members to be 'disowned' or even die if they stood between a Patriarch who wanted very much to pass his position to his favorite son or nephew.
  1. All members are NPCs (To be played by me unless stated otherwise. Can be changed to someone's PC if requested through me.)
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Primary Family
  • Lord Philus Kersin IV (62yo) Textile Mogul and Political Lobbyist. Became Patriarch of the Kersin line at age 31 after his father's death.
  • Lady Vitonia Reel-Kersin (32yo; 2nd Wife) Popular Holoactress. Married Lord Philus 130ABY.
  • Philus Kersin V (40yo; 1st Marriage) CEO of KDK Textile Solutions and Kersin Family Heir.
  • Steben Kersin (37yo; 1st Marriage) Politician.
  • Prissca Kersin (35yo; 1st Marriage) Former Supermodel and current Fashion and Social Media Celebrity. Sith. (PC)
  • Thackery Kersin (14yo; 2nd Marriage) Currently at military boarding school.
Secondary Family
  • Olyria Kersin (32yo) Wife of Philus Kersin V.
  • Marlotte Kersin (27yo) Wife of Steben Kersin.
  • Lucat Kersin III (26yo) Son of Lucat II and Eleani Kersin. CFO of KDK Textile Solutions.
  • Philus Kersin VI (15yo) Son of Philus V and Olyria Kersin. Currently at military boarding school.
  • Tomat Kersin (10yo) Son of Steben and Marlotte Kersin. Currently at military boarding school.
Former/Deceased Family
  • Lady Mireyna Thul-Kersin (57yo; 1st Wife) Holoactress and Supermodel Philanthropist. Divorced from Lord Philus Kersin IV 129ABY and returned to New Alderaan after discovering his cheating.
  • Lady Eleani Meeko-Kersin (52yo; 1st Wife) Heiress to a textile refinement interest on Coruscant. Widow of Lucat Kersin II. Returned to Coruscant after the death of her husband.
  • Lord Philus Kersin III (deceased) Former Patriarch to the Kersin line. Died 113ABY at age 65. Deemed natural causes.
  • Lucat Kersin II (deceased) Brother of Lord Philus IV. Died 118ABY at age 30 due to prolonged illness. Deemed natural causes.
  • Benjan Kersin (deceased) Son of Philus and Olyria Kersin. Twin of Philus Kersin VI. Died 141ABY at age 12. Deemed accidental.
  • Saphia Kersin (deceased) Daughter of Philus and Olyria Kersin. Died 140ABY at age 4 due to prolonged illness. Deemed natural causes.

House Manor: The Kersin Estate is home to the head of the Kersin family and serves as the central location of all family events, meetings, or happenings. It sits on land owned by the Kersin family for the last eighteen generations, though it should be noted that just like everywhere else on Dromund Kaas it is surrounded by vast swamplands and dangerous feral beasts - which requires a greater security presence to keep in check. Most of the extended family lives at least part of the year on the Kersin Estate with Lord Philus, in order to keep favor with him, but each family has their own Minor Estates as well, mostly located on other more hospitable planets.
Political influence: As one of the largest suppliers of textiles in their region of space, the Kersin family holds great influence amongst the planets they trade with, and with Lord Philus continuing to buy up every textile refinery and supplier he can get his hands on, their influence grows every day.
Wealth: Lord Kersin bought into the textile market early in his adult life and, considering how most everything produced can be traced back to textiles in one way or another, House Kersin has no great want for credits. Lord Kersin spends a notable sum of his fortune lobbying, however, seeking things such as lower tax rates on corporations that would increase his profit margins even further.


To create site lore for Dromund Kaas and create an established House which can be interacted with and referenced by other PCs, as well as to build personal lore for Prissca Kersin and possible family drama for her later on.
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