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Nov 26, 2019
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Pictured Above: Capital City of Iziz, Onderon

House Raxx is a noble family based on Onderon. Able to trace their lineage back to the first settlers of the jungle world, the Raxxes are proud and far reaching within their home system. Having interbred with many of the most powerful families on the planet, including the Royal House of Dendup, they boast several cadet branches and over a hundred members. The main branch of the Raxx family has always deeply immersed itself in Onderon's politics, producing several dozen notable senators throughout their time within the Republic. As a whole they have always presented themselves as fiercely nationalistic and in favor of Onderonian independence. Initially during the Clone Wars then head of the family Castalan Raxx sided with the Separatist Alliance, swayed by the Confederacy's promises of freedom. After King Ramsis was deposed however he quickly learned of their true intentions to use Onderon's people and resources, and provided secret financial support to Steela and Saw Gerrera's rebels.

House Raxx would go on to be vocal detractors of the Galactic Empire in the Imperial Senate, and Castalan continued to support Saw Gerrera and the larger Alliance to Restore the Republic. When his treachery was brought to light he was publicly executed, and much of the family's wealth and properties were stripped from them. Though the Raxxes slowly began to claw their way to prominence after the fall of the Empire, they never truly recovered. By 100 ABY the main branch of the family was widely seen as a joke, and this was not helped by the heir to the household Odo disinheriting himself to become a hermit living in the jungle. His younger brother Irwin would take control of the family in his stead, only to die in a starship crash in 109 ABY. His son Kliedden Raxx, the current head of the family, has largely abandoned the welfare of the household to pursue his own personal interests. This has led many of the cadet branches to try and rise up to take the reins, but none have yet succeeded in restoring House Raxx's honor.

Current Members

House Raxx has several cadet branches and over a hundred living members, but the only surviving member of the main branch of the family is Kliedden Raxx (PC)


Pictured Above: Raxx Estate, Iziz

The various cadet branches of the Raxx family hold properties across the planet, though the main house in Iziz has fallen into a state of disrepair.


To create personal lore for PC character Kliedden Raxx as well as create a noble family for general use in political factions on Onderon.