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Oct 18, 2020
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Hrist Aufreisser



► 29
► Epicanthix
► 1.73m
► 53kg.
► Red
► Russet
► Undetermined
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► Sith Eternal
► Marauder
► Positive (trained)



I'm 10 now, or so that's what Master tells me. He says that it's my birthday today, but I don't know what that is so I think I will just have to take his word for it.

Other Masters look at him with dis– disdain...? Yes, that's the word... They look at him with disdain for praising me when I did not cry or scream in pain when I broke my arm during training the other day. Master told me that I did a good job; that I'm finally acci– accla– acclimating with the pain. He said I was a good girl for not crying.

I am a good girl. And since it's my birthday today, he's taken me out of the training room early and said that he has a surprise for me.

I wonder what chocolate cake tastes like?

Addendum: I think I can eat chocolate cake for the rest of my life.


The other Masters always say that my Master treats me differently from the other Cadre-subjects. They say that Master is too soft. They say he isn't breaking me enough, that he isn't doing the standard procedures in shaping me into a loyal Cadre.

They call me defective because of it. They said I must be terminated.

They're idiots. All of them.

Master has and is always been very attentive and hands-on with my training. He has taught me to always be loyal, to always be subservient. He's taken me out of the facility and has thrown me into the wilderness with nothing to defend myself with except for my fists and nails and teeth for so many times that I lost count. He has hurt me during training, deliberately so, and he always makes me listen as he spoke about [DATA EXPUNGED] whenever I'm hanging upside-down on the rack. He takes good care of me that way, and he tells me that he does all that so I can better serve the Sith – so that I can be loyal to none but that Order.

I am not defective.

I am loyal. I am subservient. I am a good girl.

But only for my Master.


Master says we are going away. He says I am not a Cadre anymore. He tells me I'm his daughter now.

What's a daughter?

I should ask him that before we leave.


Master– Father gave me a name today.








The other Cadre Masters are dead. Father says it's a good riddance.

I am... glad... that we left long before the massacre happened. Whoever killed them are great, but I wish they will not go after Father. He had been a Master, but he'd only ever handled me and no one else.

I wish they will leave Father alone.


Father is being stalked by a... what did he call the armored person again...

Oh, right. A Mandalorian.

Whoever they are, they're bothering Father. He cannot enjoy a quiet cuppa anymore. He tells me that he will buy me my favorite chocolate cake if I destroy the Mandalorian.

Addendum: The armor is very pretty and durable. And it's surprising that it fits me. Like a glove or something. Father says that the helmet and the full cuirass are made of beskar, that's why my lightsaber cannot cut through them. It's easy enough with the other parts, though.

I like the beskar. Father tells me that this iron is veeeeery rare. I think I'm keeping them. I'll ask Father if it would be allowed.

Addendum_1: Father says I can keep them! I will heed his advice and fashion some pauldrons and vambraces as well!


It's boring here on Morak. No pretty boys around as well...

My companions are utterly boring as well. They think they can lord me around just because I was a Cadre. I would've killed them if it weren't for the chocolate cake that's surely waiting for me when I get home to my Father.

I think I will round up the other Marauders and have a competition on who can kill most of the Marines who have just landed their ship up east.

Addendum: Jedi are no fun.


I killed my first Jedi today!

Who would've thought I'd run into one here on Corellia, of all places... and he looked like he's visiting some human woman in this pretty-looking diner.

The Jedi are so weird. But at least this one carried a pretty lightsaber. I had to pry it from the hand I severed from its arm.

Purple... such a cute color, too...


Father commanded me to focus more on my duties to the Sith Order. I don't want to leave him alone in the estate, but his word is law. I am loyal and subservient, so I will heed his command.

I am, after all, a good girl.


Hrist is... unstable, for a lack of a better term. While she appears to be well-adjusted despite the torturous training she has been subjected into during her days as a Cadre-subject, a certain madness lies behind her default soft and meek persona. She seems to be clueless on subject matters regarding socialization, often appearing as a sheltered and timid woman who has never had any experience regarding the galaxy at large. Loyal to a fault to her father alone, Hrist will not hesitate to slaughter anyone who poses to be a threat towards the man who raised her.

The woman's mood changes easily depending on the person she interacts with or the crowd she finds herself in. While her bloodlust demands that she mercilessly torture or kill anyone who opposes her or she simply dislikes, her father's training has helped her tamp down her baser instincts.

A coward by nature, Hrist draws on the discipline instilled to her by her father to keep her from lashing out in a fit of anger or fear.



Crack Shot: Relying mostly on defensive combat, Hrist has been trained to be a dab hand at a blaster. This compensates for her skills with a lightsaber and while said skill isn't lacking, she prefers to fight long-range than close quarters.

Force Dependent: Hrist's mastery of the Force is outstanding. Due to her cowardly nature, she tends to deoend on the Force when engaged in a fight rather than attack head on with her lightsaber for close combat.


Damsel in Distress: Hrist likes to use deception to her own advantage. She adopts an innocent and timid persona to deceive and manipulate other sentients to either do her bidding or to see her as less of a threat and more of a woman who needs to be protected.

Sweet Talker: Hrist is a charmer, and will usually stroke another person's ego to either endear herself to them or to manipulate them to get what she wants.


+ Jacques Aufreisser – Father, former Cadre Master
+ Algus Doll – a former Jedi whom the Sith Lord Raze had... entrusted her with showing and teaching the former his place among the Order of the Sith Eternal.

+ Two (2) lightsabers, one with a purple blade (stolen) and the other red (her own)
+ Stolen Mandalorian armor, Magindara
+ BNG Y-Wing Patrol/Recon Ship, Mayari
+ BG-Series Astromech Droid, Lata
+ One (1) commlink
+ Port scanner
+ One (1) Personav
+ One (1) datapad
+ One (1) Westar-35 Blaster Pistol (spare power packs x2)


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