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Dec 22, 2017
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Imperial Security Bureau



The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) was founded during the rise of the former Sith Empire to act as the central intelligence, espionage, and law enforcement agency governing all of Imperial Space. After the Sith Order was summarily ejected from the Empire the Bureau was reformed to streamline its ranks and to reevaluate its operations in light of the expulsion of its former Sith members.

Every planet within The Empire has security forces and local law enforcement that manage regional affairs. Under the reforms outlined above, the ISB has streamlined its structure and placed all local law enforcement under its thumb, making them extensions of the ISB and answerable to its leadership and dictats. This integration allows for more seamless communication between law enforcement officials.

The Bureau is also responsible gathering intelligence within and without The Empire. Agents monitor Imperial communications and activities, and keep up-to-date and accurate census information on Imperial citizens to ensure law and order is maintained within The Empire. It also controls a large number of spies who integrate into the societies of The Empire's enemies to keep Imperial leadership abreast of threats to the national interest.

Recruitment & Composition

After the Sith purge, almost every member of the ISB is non-Force sensitive. All former Sith were revoked of their clearance and access to intelligence and the ISB is thorough about vetting any members of the organization who may be Force-sensitive, including subjecting prospective agents to a midi-chlorian Test to weed out Sith attempting to re-infiltrate the organization undercover. There are also significant background checks for those non-Force sensitives who intend to join the organization.

All law enforcement officials across The Empire are considered to be an arm of the ISB.

Structure & Ranks

As before the Purge, the Imperial Security Bureau is divided into branches, though the old branches have been consolidated and streamlined for more effective management of personnel and resources.

Each branch of the ISB is led by a Supervisor who reports directly to the Director of the entire organization.

Imperial Peacekeepers

The Imperial Peacekeepers (IPs) are the Imperial equivalent to the Sector Rangers. They act as local and sector law enforcement, ensuring that Imperial law is upheld and that lawbreakers are removed from the equation.

They have clearance to access Imperial criminal registries (which includes data on former Sith) and census data to carry out investigations and arrests should the situation call for it. They are also responsible for monitoring potential seditious or treasonous activities at the local and system levels, reporting their sector activities higher up the chain-of-command at the end of every standard month.

The ranks of the Peacekeepers are as follows:
  • Officer
  • Detective (trainee PC rank)
  • Sergeant
  • Lieutenant (starting PC rank)
  • Captain
  • Commander (second PC rank)
  • Supervisor
  • Director (Sub-Faction Leader, Imperial Council)

Imperial Intelligence

The Imperial Intelligence division is responsible for the jobs the ISB is more traditionally known for. Intelligence officers monitor communications, HoloNet feeds, and the activities of both the Imperial military and outside enemy forces to allow The Empire a robust response to threats foreign and domestic.

Low-ranking officers are either assigned a planet and work closely with the Peacekeepers on monitoring, or are the spies that infiltrate enemy governments and structures to report back to The Empire. Higher ranking officers can be given jurisdiction over entire systems or sectors once they have proven themselves.

Because of the highly classified and sensitive information they are charged with handling, Imperial Intelligence strictly vets its employees, dolling out rigorous background checks, and midi-chlorian tests to ensure their officers are competent and trustworthy.

Cipher Agents

Recruited from the numbers of Imperial Intelligence, there are only 10 Cipher Agents active at any given time and each takes on the appropriate designation as Cipher 1-10 depending on the slot they have filled. Hand-picked and capable of taking on the most difficult tasks, Ciphers are called in when a mission simply must be accomplished. Although each agent has a different means of accomplishing their task and a different set of strengths and weaknesses, each is capable in all manner of tradecraft, surveillance, and even lethal action.

Ciphers do not work within specific sectors, but travel to whatever region of the galaxy they need to in order to accomplish their goals. Perhaps above anything else, the Ciphers are known for adaptability and their ability to get the job done no matter what.

Because they are sent on these most difficult of missions, the upper leadership knows that the Ciphers have a high attrition rate. And yet, there are always 10 Ciphers, no matter an agent's individual outcome. Because Ciphers are always immediately replaced there is a common perception that there are never any losses and has led to the common saying within the ISB that "Ciphers never die."

The ranks of Intelligence are as follows:
  • Officer
  • Agent (starting PC rank)
  • Captain
  • Overseer (second PC rank)
  • Supervisor
  • Director (Sub-Faction Leader, Imperial Council)

Blackout Fleet

Blackout Fleet is a holdover from the old structure of the ISB, acting as the organization's naval wing. Blackout Fleet acts independently of the Imperial Navy, serving only the interests of the ISB. This branch consists of freighters, yachts, shipping agencies, surveillance vessels, and rapid response squadrons that handle anything The Empire needs dealt with discreetly.

Many members are smugglers, pirates, privateers, and others who do their business in the space lanes and market places of the galaxy, going where supply and demand leads them. Once recruited, they serve as informants, gathering information and sending it back to the ISB for analysis. Others are transfers from the Navy who assist in traditional fleet operations within Imperial Space.

There is more room for Force-user participation within the Blackout Fleet. However, Force-sensitive members are still heavily vetted and highly scrutinized.

The ranks of the Blackout Fleet are as follows:
  • Officer
  • Ensign (trainee PC rank)
  • Sergeant
  • Lieutenant (starting PC rank)
  • Captain
  • Commander (second PC rank)
  • Supervisor
  • Director (Sub-Faction Leader, Imperial Council)

The Imperial Security Bureau is based on Raxus, having moved its headquarters off of Serenno to fully break from the Sith. The roster is kept here.
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