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Sep 2, 2007
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Within the Bendu Order, the relationships that existed between teachers and students were not just between knights and apprentices or priests and apprentices. When it came to instruction in the ways of the Bendu Order, many Bendu Knights and Bendu Priests preferred to teach certain aspects in the course of Bendu training such as philosophy, the art of the sword and the powers of the Force of Others. The positions were much like those of the Jedi Order and were used to add variety into the training of younger Bendu and older Bendu who simply wanted to learn more about the ways of the Bendu Order.
  • Bendu Instructor - A Bendu Instructor was a Bendu Knight or higher that was accountable for giving general teachings to those that held ranks lower than them. Many times, Bendu Instructors were members of the Council of Priests, as they generally resided within the Bendu Temple of Light.
  • Bendu Swordmaster - A Bendu Swordmaster was a Bendu Knight or higher that was highly skilled in the art of the sword. A Bendu Swordmaster would be a sword combat instructor at the Temple of Light.
  • Bendu Trainer - A Bendu Trainer was a Bendu Knight or higher that was responsible for teaching and instructing certain aspects of the Force of Others. Bendu Trainers were vital components in the education of Bendu throughout the history of the order.