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Aug 9, 2014
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In a Galaxy far, far away…

During the length of the Great Galactic War, the Sith Imperium relied heavily on the efforts of the elite commando unit known as the 501st Stormtrooper Legion. Being the best soldiers in the galaxy, they were called in to be the forward units of invading armies and deployed to war zones and captured territories as garrison forces. However, with the increasing frequency of insurrection forces in both contested and occupied areas, a new task was handed to the leaders of the Five-Oh-First:

Ensure galactic wide compliance with high-risk operations that involved minimum casualties and a low cost; all done with peak-efficiency and high success rates. A daunting task for a unit who was used to the chaos of full-scale war.

In the beginning of the war, the project would be referred to as the MCS (Mutual Compliance and Security) program. The higher-ups relied on mercenary units and private contract forces to ensure zero-liability on their part. Unfortunately, the costs became too high for the “black budget” to fund in the long run, and the project was eventually scrapped.

However, in the height of the Galactic War, the budget had recovered, and the 501st began to look for new ways to stamp the planetary insurrections and Rebel uprisings. There were unofficial reports that the Brass looked into experimental warfare, ranging from super-soldiers to pure chemical warfare. These were only rumors however, and they died quickly. Then, in the year 1,023 ABY, when the project was about to be scrapped once more with inconclusive results, an insurrection rose up on the planet of Corellia. There the first true success, or rather successes, were born.

These brave soldiers would face challenges that were deemed insurmountable to even the most hardened of 501st veterans.

They were known as The Sunrise Boys: simple soldiers turned heroes. They’ll face daunting tasks, ranging from guerilla warfare to full-scale, planetary invasions. Only together can they face the armies of the enemy, and only together can they survive. A tale of brotherhood, conflict, love and loss follows this introduction.

This is their story...

Hello! Hola! Hallo! Bonjour! Namaste! Other greetings! Many of you probably don't know me, or even remember me, but I used to RP a fair amount on this site back during the last timeline. Though I was a major Jedi fanboy during that time, I kept a side character known as Rasha Almeida, an Imperial veteran who had been transferred into the 501st prior to his introduction. Along with @Tristar 's, @Chask274 's, @Oncaro 's, and @Slamdingo 's own Imperial commandos, they would form what would come to be known as the Sunrise Boys, an impromptu squad called together to handle missions such as black-ops and zero-liability operations; or, at least, that was the idea. The plan never got off the ground (due to the ever-encroaching timeline reset, and my own personal reasons for having to leave the site), and it was left to waste away in the archives of the previous timeline. But now, after conspiring with aforementioned members, we've decided to give this idea another shot! So, as you can tell by the title of the thread, this is an interest check for the diverse RP for any and all who are interested!

"But Standby, what is this RP you speak of? What kind of story will it be?"

Glad you asked random voice that I came up with!

Similar to Tristar's currently ongoing alternate universe WWII RP, the goal of this diverse RP is to invoke the feelings of brother/sisterhood in the midst of a massive and bloody war. Said war, being eventually known as the Great Galactic War, is based off of the previous timeline's setting. Your character would be a 501st commando, who is part of the squad known as the Sunrise Boys; having been molded from the early morning patrol based in Camp Alpha within the perimeter of Coronet City. The squad would find themselves wrapped up in a bloody skirmish in the city streets as a group of Rebel Insurgents attempt to make hostages out of a critical VIP and his daughter. Following this introduction, the squad would end up being one of the most efficient, deadly, and feared squads (or perhaps platoon, depending on how many of you wish to join!) in the 501st. Your missions will involve guerrilla warfare, covert ops, and even take part in planetary invasions. With war comes glory, and with glory comes fear! Your names will be praised and lauded by your fellow soldiers, but also be spoken as though it were venom to your enemies.

Wondering about character progression? What rank will you begin with? What rank can you achieve? Do you have to be a common rifleman with no special skills to show off?

In honor of fairness, everyone will begin at a rank no higher than Sergeant. Individual promotions will be awarded throughout the RP at random, and will be the result of your character's merits throughout their service in the Sunrise Boys. Group promotions will also be handed out on occasion when the group manages to surmount overwhelming odds and the "higher-ups" deem it appropriate. These will be very few and far in between.
As for character specializations, that's totally up to you! Some common ones would be Demolitions Expert, Designated Rifleman, Heavy Weapons Expert, Vehicle Certified, etc. Make your character whatever you wish to be in terms of skills, just be sure to remain realistic!

In terms of story progression, this will be taking part during what is known as the Great Galactic War; at the beginning of the story, the Sith Imperium maintains a hold on much of the known galaxy, and the war is only just beginning to escalate. However, the grip that the Sith have on the galaxy is beginning to slip. Rebel groups are beginning to make moves against the Imperium and are threatening to disturb the peace the galactic order has maintained for years beforehand.

So step right up and let me know who's interested! As I said, all are welcome!
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Can't wait for this to get started!


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u suck and u should feel bad


I'm in this, all the hella yes.