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Die Shize

The Laughing Man
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Jul 25, 2010
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Decided to kick off a line of videos I am creating with the one and only @Sicadorito!

We are making intro videos via Kassel Labs (that's Kassel, not Kessel, hold the spice) for our roleplayz.

In today's video we have Gravenell.

As a number of readers already know, Gravenell encompasses a number of IC threads between The Dorito and Die Shize, the major current ones being Nemesis Games and The One-Eyed Man.

The intro video is just a fun spin on the Game of Thrones intro. Unfortunately you can't rename the places but that's okay it's only for roleplay LOL

View at your leisure or don't view as it is my pleasure simply to post the intro.

Just clicky the linky as it can't be embedded as a video or whatev