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► Irisa Ece
► 25
► Zeltron-Falleen hyrbid
► 5'7
► 140
► Pink
► Purple
► Female

► Jedi Knight
► Yes


Irisa Ece's origins are rooted in the unlikely union between her Zeltron mother and Falleen father, a connection doomed from the start by the stark differences in their species and cultures. Her father, entrenched in the rigid and self-contained Falleen society, couldn't bear the thought of a hybrid family tarnishing his reputation. He asserted very openly that the relationship was merely a superficial fling. Thus, he abandoned them, leaving Irisa’s mother to navigate the complexities of her daughter’s dual heritage alone. Despite the challenges, Irisa's mother (a free-spirited performer) instilled in her daughter a love for music and an unyielding sense of independence. Their life on Zeltros, immersed in the vibrant culture of the planet, provided a colorful backdrop for Irisa's upbringing. However, her mother's carefree nature sometimes overshadowed the need for boundaries and guidance.

In her adolescence, whilst off world with her mother’s music trope, marauders belonging to the Cult of Ntima fell upon their transport vessel. Many were slain, including Irisa’s mother. Due to her force sensitivity, the hybrid was spared and instead was indoctrinated into the cult. Being one of the eldest among the captive children, and possessing a potent empathy, Irisa was subjected not only to her own suffering but also to the anguish of those around her. Forced to experience the depths of despair and pain, her empathic abilities became both a curse and a tool for her captors. Under the cult's twisted teachings, her natural empathy was perverted, her emotions manipulated to serve their nefarious purposes. Dark markings were etched into her skin, branding her as one of their own. Irisa’s chance to escape came when a Linnorm challenged the Lord-Captain’s authority. In-fighting broke out and amidst the chaos, Irisa fled in one of the ship’s escape pods. After crash landing on the nearest planet, the hybrid ventured into the wilderness in a desperate bid for survival. For days, she wandered, haunted by the oppressive, stalking presence of the dark side and the memories of her ordeal. She feared she would be hunted down once her absence was discovered.

Emerging from the wilderness, Irisa found refuge with a group of smugglers. From them she learnt an assortment of skills, offering her own in exchange for sanctuary. After spending some time with the smugglers, Irisa and the crew were apprehended during a route smuggling operation. Aiding authorities was a Jedi-led task force investigating the illegal trade of relics and artifacts. The Jedi, acting on intelligence reports, swiftly detained the smugglers and seized the contraband cargo. Among the Jedi was a seasoned Master, whose discerning gaze saw beyond the surface. Despite reservations from some of the Jedi present about Irisa's past as a smuggler, the Master recognised her latent potential. He extended an offer to the hybrid—a chance for Irisa to abandon her former life and join the ranks of the Jedi.

Upon accepting the Jedi Master's offer, Irisa underwent rigorous training to harness her connection to the Force and hone her skills as a Jedi Knight. The transition into Jedi life was not without its challenges. Her unconventional background and rough edges clashed with the traditional teachings of the Jedi Order, leading to moments of friction and tension with her peers and instructors. Irisa's fiery temperament and penchant for defiance occasionally led her into trouble, as she struggled to conform to the strict codes of conduct expected of a Jedi. Her impulsive nature often landed her in disciplinary situations, testing the patience of her mentors and earning her a reputation as a rebellious spirit among her peers. To this date, both Irisa’s parents are alive, though she had chosen to remain estranged, believing it best to keep the ties to her past wholly severed.

It is easy to assume Irisa is very much a hedonist and that is because she relishes in delight wherever she can find it. In a way, pleasure offers her much solace as she oftens ends up using indulgence to temper her more tumultuous emotions; it provides for her a respite, though temporary it may be. However, when angered, Irisa is akin to a wasp or hornet. Her demeanor becomes rough and her biting, blunt words can catch others off guard. Candour is not a strong suit of hers, nor is diplomacy.

Her rebellious nature frequently puts her at odds with more traditional Jedi, and she takes a perverse pleasure in defying expectations. Combat is especially enjoyable for her, and often she uses physical training as a form of meditation. Music also helps amplify her mood. Whilst she is inherently a strong empath, Irisa sometimes struggles with the overstimulating nature of this ability; it is not unusual for her to seek solitude to escape its overwhelming effects. Whilst she does not actively like influencing those around her with empathy and pheromones, she is not above doing it if it provides her with an advantage.

This heightened emotional sensitivity causes her to feel uncomfortable around babies and children, who, in their innocence and lack of emotional maturity, often radiate chaotic and unfiltered emotions. This disturbance can cause the hybrid some mild annoyance. Moreover, the presence of children stirs up painful memories from her past, ones she has tried to bury deep within her consciousness. These unresolved memories resurface, bringing with them a wave of unwanted emotions that Irisa would rather avoid. As a result, she tends to keep her distance from younglings, focusing her energy and talents on mainly missions.


Irisa Ece is a striking hybrid with features inherited from both her Zeltron and Falleen heritage. Her skin is a dusky pink, reminiscent of Zeltrons, though it can shift to various shades depending on Irisa’s emotional state - a trait inherited from her Falleen father. Her eyes are almost magenta in colour and her ears sport several piercings. The sleek symmetry of features and exotic looks can make Irisa stand out, hence why she opts for dark clothes with hoods, a departure from the typical aesthetics associated with her mother’s vibrant-loving species. Her long, purplish hair is usually kept tied up in a practical bun, though she is known to dye it and change its color to suit her mood. Another noticeable feature are her prominent facial tattoos, geometric in design. At first glance, they appear to be similar to that of Mirialans and Irisa goes along with this assumption for the most part as it is better than admitting the true origins of her markings. If Irisa has the time, then she will actually paint over her facial markings, distorting the colour and design. The tattoos adorn most of her body, hence why she keeps them hidden beneath her clothes.



Two lightsabers:
One regular in size and one shoto style.
With a customised hilt, sporting minor modifications that allow for a small, hidden compartment.
Two yellow kyber crystals.

Wrist Link:
Multi-functional communication device with encrypted channels. Splicing capabilities enabled.
Capable of projecting small holograms and connecting to various networks.

Astrogation Charts:
Compact, digitalised star map and navigation tools, including well known smuggler routes. Active and inactive.

Seeker Droid
Modified for reconnaissance and hacking.
Unoriginally nicknamed ‘Scout’.

Loaded with slicing software, galactic database access, and mission logs.

Basic, essential tools, used for bypassing rudimentary security systems and locked containers.

Utility Belt:
Contains compartments for various gadgets, such as binocs, small explosives, a minor smokescreen generator and emergency rations. A stash of credsticks are also kept in one of the belt’s segments, acting as a digital wallet for storing and transferring credits.

Essential medical supplies for field treatment.

For underwater or hazardous environment use.

Durasteel Bracers:
Provides added protection to forearms and has integrated tools, such as a grappling hook and tracking beacon.


Irisa Ece's connection to the Force grants her access to a variety of potent abilities. She excels in telekinesis, allowing her to manipulate objects and exert force with her mind, and possesses enhanced reflexes, giving her heightened agility and reaction times in combat. Having experienced heavy blaster fire during her time as a smuggler, Irisa started developing the fundamentals for the ability of tutaminis and force stasis. Overseers in the Jedi temple attempted to steer Irisa towards force healing but it is not an ability that comes naturally to her. Instead, she opted for disciplines that could aid her in infiltration. This includes Force Stealth, as well as Force Cloak. It is not uncommon for Irisa to sneak up on her fellow jedi, testing the effectiveness of her power and the perception of her allies. That being said, she has started studying the principles of battle meditation. Leveraging her Zeltron-Falleen heritage, mind tricks are somewhat of a speciality for Irisa. This particular power can enhance her natural pheromone abilities to influence and manipulate the thoughts and actions of others. It also couples well with her empathic abilities, enabling her to sense, understand and even influence the emotions of others. It can, however, be burdensome depending on the situation. Extreme emotions, or masses of people, can make Irisa feel overwhelmed. Working on fortifying her mind, the hybrid draws heavily on her Falleen heritage as it provides her with strong mental defenses, enabling her to resist mental manipulation and maintain focus even in the face of psychic attacks.

Wielding one regular sized lightsaber, and one shoto style, Irisa’s style is fast, offensive and relentless. She is very much like a Kheilwar wasp — always moving, always striking with deadly precision. In terms of hand-to-hand combat, she is also quite skilled, having developed much proficiency both during her time with the smugglers and through her rigorous Jedi training. Her combat style is quite aggressive by some standards, using her quick reflexes and martial prowess to overpower opponents. She is not above fighting dirty, making her a formidable fighter even without her lightsabers.

Because of her diverse background, Irisa is endowed with a range of skills. Her time spent in the dark side cult has imparted her with a fractured, liminal knowledge of dark side rituals and practices, though she has since rejected these teachings in favor of the Jedi way. Despite this, partial understanding of the dark side provides her with insight into the motivations and tactics of her adversaries, allowing her to anticipate their moves and formulate effective strategies in combat. From her experiences as a smuggler, Irisa has developed proficiency in piloting, stealth, and infiltration, skills that she utilises to navigate the galaxy and evade detection. Her smuggling days also taught her various survival techniques and quick thinking under pressure, making her adept at improvisation and resourcefulness.

Additionally, Irisa is multilingual, proficient in Basic (Galactic Standard), Huttese, Binary and some Mando’a, allowing her to communicate effectively across different cultures and species in the galaxy. Irisa also possesses the innate Zeltron-Falleen ability to emit pheromones, which can influence the emotions of those around her, though she exercises caution in using this power.

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