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Name: Jada (Mando'a for Wanderer) [Formerly Wainmu'ki (Mando'a for Evergreen)]

Coordinates: O-7 (Outer Rim) (Located Northwest of Krownest)

Hyperlane: N/A

Climate: Jada's modern climate is a never ending Winter, with the only form of "summer" being only 5 months out of the year, where the temperature rises 10-20 degrees at best and the gloomy gray overcast is replaced by a cloudless blue sky. Heavy sporadic snowstorms come and go with the exceptions of the Summer season where its an eerie calm before the violent storms herald the coming and going of the 7 month long winter.

Terrain: Long before the Hra'ne Ulhdtaka (Great Burst), Wainmu'ki (today known as Jada) was a verdant and lush moon. It was covered as far as the eye could see of pristine lakes, alpine mountains, and heavy forests. It was considered a hidden gem of the Mandalorian people and was called the "Endor of Mandalorian Space". Today, while certain heavy evergreen trees and the stubborn mountains have managed to survive-along with small pockets of lakes finally melting out of the icy shell-Jada is an Icy wasteland covered in snow with the only sources of heat are underground beneath the frost layer and in mountain caves that are near heated springs.

Rotation: Jada experiences a day/night cycle of 30 hours. Given the never ending Winter that occurs on Jada, the shift in time during its winter and "summer" are hardly noticeable.

Inhabitants: It is currently believed in modern times that Jada is a dead planet with the exceptions of hardy fauna that survived the cataclysm the Mandalorians call the Hra'ne Ulhdtaka. Loth Wolves (reportedly imported from Lothal in its earlier days) and Wild Nerfs are reported to be some of the fauna that roam the icy planet, the latter indicating that some greenery is returning to the planet or that they live off surviving bushes and evergreens on Jada. Concerning intelligent life human or otherwise, none would have survived the cataclysm that destroyed Cardita. However, some reports from orbiting Probe Droids and satellites states there have been odd...movements long the surface...

Resources: If there were any resources still on Jada they would be buried deep beneath the ice and within the caves. Things ranging from your basic minerals to whatever fell into its atmosphere via debris. Other resources would be the massive Asteroid Field it orbits around and according to some rumors, some Khyber Crystals survived the Hra'ne Ulhdtaka and may be buried within the Asteroids. However, this is just rumors cause all such searching has brought up anything other than the crystals...

Governments: No known governments are known to exist on the surface. However Jada itself being in Mandalorian Space is kept sacred to all Mandalorians

Culture: It was thought in its days under the name of Wainmu'ki that the Mandalorian Culture thrived there. Today however given that there seems to be no current signs of intelligent life, no such culture exists.

Technology: no current technology in use exists, though it is theorized that if settlements that existed before the Hra'ne Ulhdtaka survived the cataclysm, there maybe some lost tech below the icy surface of Jada.

Satellites: Jada was once a moon of the Planet Cartida along with her sisters Woor Cata and Utreyar Pirun. Now she is just a lone moon who managed to survive the destruction of her sisters and mother planet, with only their resulting asteroid field keeping Jada in a ghost orbit.

History: Deep within the Archives of Sundari, lies a legend. Long before the Mandalorian-Jedi Wars, there existed a planet called Cartida. In Mando'a it means Glitter, and was aptly named because in all of the Mandalorian Space, the gems known as Khyber Crystals glittered in the deepest caves. She was a shining jewel unto herself, a beauty to Mandalorians everywhere what with her running streams of clean water, harrowing mountains that stood strong like Mandalorian Iron, and was a paradise that rivaled even Mandalore herself during her hayday. Her only small rival within the system was Cartida's small moon Wainmu'ki, named for the heavy Evergreen forests that covered the surface of the moon. Wainmu'ki, along with Woor Cata and Utreyar Pirun, orbited Critada proudly as one of the crown Jewels to a burgeoning Mandalorian Empire.

To the Mandalorians, The Khyber Crystals were nothing more than useless trinkets, sold for barely even a credit and worn as jewelry. However, to the group of sorcerers called Jedi and Sith, the Crystals were more than mere trinkets. To the Jedi and Sith they held the power to allow their lightsabers to work, and in the latter used to power their superweapons. In the opening years of the Mandalorian-Jedi Wars, masked men who wore red bladed lightsabers came to the Mandalorians, promising them power to conquer their mutual enemies in exchange for the Crystals found within the Caves of Cartida. The Mandalorians, blinded by their need for conquest, accepted the Siths help. For years they labored, heeding the instructions of the hooded beings as they dug up only but the largest of these crystals and experimented to find one with the right tuning for a superweapon in the making. It was finally found in what would be considered at the time the largest Khyber Crystal ever discovered, and was applied to another one of their experiments. It was told in many lore that Khyber Crystals were almost impossible to crack or damage, but some how as an almost arrogant boast the Mandalorians found a way...but in their humility their precious world of Cartida paid the price for such discovery.

According to Legend it began on one of the calmest mornings Cartida had every had, and it would be its last before the day ended. What exactly happened no one really knows, not even the Sundari Archives truly comprehended what had happened. All that was known was that the last transmission they received from Critada was that they had "Cracked" the crystal. Then nothing but silence for the next few days. A fleet was sent to the Cartida system and they reported back the horror of what would later be called the Hra'ne Ulhdtaka...The Great Burst. It would appear in their attempt to crack the crystal with energy to see what would happen, and against the Sith's warnings, it caused a chain reaction that culminated in an explosion of apocalyptic proportions. The explosion tore Cartida apart, sending its crust into all directions, some slamming into Woor Cata and Utreyar Pirun hard enough to cause them to sunder. The casualties were untold and the tragedy furthered the Mandalorians hatred for all things involving the Jetti. It is said tragedies like this furthered Mandalore the Great's crusade against the Jedi and now the Sith, believing the latter as the harbingers for all the deaths brought upon them.

However, reports also came back to Mandalore of an anomaly. Out of all the tragedy only the moon Wainmu'ki managed to survive the cataclysm. However, the once lush green moon was now an icy graveyard, with no signs of survivors at all on the surface. At the time, the ongoing snowstorms were so violent and kicking up debris that any attempt to land on the surface resulted in the rescuers being stranded and presumed dead. Wainmu'ki was doomed to be a monument to the harrowing loss from the Hra'ne Ulhdtaka, forever to wander the Cardita system of Mandalore Sector, as a warning to all of what happens when you tamper with things beyond your control. With this Wainmu'ki was rechristened as Jada...the Wandering planet.

In modern times, there have been reports that life is starting to return to Jada, but with its icy grip it would be almost impossible to recolonize without support. Legend has it that the Asteroid Field that Jada's locked in what they call a "Ghost Orbit" with is reputed to still have Khyber Crystals floating around in it for the brave few who dare venture into those fields. For now the Cartida System has been rendered off limits by the Free Worlds Alliance for safety reasons, but that won't stop a few daring adventurers from entering either the Asteroid Fields or taking a peek at the barren icelands of Jada itself....

Intent: To create a moon within Mandalorian Space that is surrounded by mystery and give players something to explore and show that even in the most known areas of the Galaxy there are still more mysteries to find.
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I like this idea of a planet captured in an Ice Age that had previously been a lush land, enough to be called the Endor of Mando Space.