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NAME: Jax Shad
AGE: 28
SPECIES: Human/Mandalorian


HEIGHT: 1.86 m / 6‘1“
WEIGHT: 80kg / 176 lbs
Significant Features: Small scar on left cheek
Personality Type: ISTJ
Force Sensitive No


Jax Shad was born on Corellia. His father, Greagod Shad, a former Mandalorian Mercenary who moved to Corellia and eventually became a member of CorSec after marrying Jax’s mother. His mother, Corinna Cass, was a renowned surgeon originally in Coronet City. They met and fell in love as Greagod served as a bodyguard to an upstart criminal in Coronet; he quickly got out of his contract and took up more legitimate work eventually making it up to Captain of a small CorSec precinct in their home town not far from the city of Tyrena. It was in this village Jax was raised. His mother passed away when he was eleven of Cancer, although a sad time he quickly got over it with his father’s firm but fair upbringing.

It was obvious from an early age that Jax was different. He could read earlier and faster than other kids, his memory was incredible and even in games, he showed a calm mind. At the age of seven, he had already learned to understand binary and Mando’a from his father's books. At first other kids bullied him for his gifts as he was a rather frail child. Due to this, his father decided to whip him into shape, teaching him Mandalorian combat, ethics, and stories. In a very short time Jax became more active and thus more liked by the other children but never more than that, it did not matter though; they would never be his peers, he wouldn’t concern himself with the opinion of his lessers.

Between the ages of seven and sixteen his father trained him in Mandalorian close quarter combat and how to shoot a hunting rifle, both things Jax was fairly proficient at but his interests in academic studies outweighed his interest in combat, something that his father found surprisingly comforting. It was at this age that Jax showed great promise piloting vehicles; from speeders to shuttles, he could have been a great pilot if he pushed himself to the art.

After the passing of his mother, Jax started focusing more on his studies immediately deciding that he would master her mother’s trade. And so he did. At the ripe age of sixteen, he entered medical school on a special scholarship for gifted younglings. It was there that his thirst for experience started, at this time he was already as tall as his compatriots, and those that did not know his true age treated him as a peer, so he learned new things. He soaked up all he could on medicine and when he wasn’t studying he spent time with those older kids learning the way of the world, this meant parties, mischief weekend trips to Tyrena clubs.

He graduated with honours after only three years of studying in the three top medical schools in the system and he wanted more. He spent a year working in a hospital in Coronet before saving enough money to leave the system, even though his father had given him a sizable slush fund Jax wanted to do as much as he could on his own. His father gave Jax his only prized possession, his old midnight blue leather duster, and his belt with a holster but no weapon to put in it. “Your first weapon should be just that, your own. Don’t rely on the charity of strangers in this life” Greagod told his son. Now Jax visits his father on Mandalore every year where they swap stories and drink together.

Jax got a ride with public transport to Coruscant, he wanted to see the fabled city-planet with his own eyes and perhaps get some low-level work. He was both very impressed and disappointed with the Former Galactic Capitol world. He spent eight months working in one of the lower levels as a Doctor in a small civil Medical Clinic. It was there where he purchased his first blaster. It was also where his talents as a doctor was noted and stories of him spread across the level, he quickly became a well like physician in the territory. It was this reputation that allowed him to elevate his position up several levels to a more prestigious location, this bored him. Doing surgeries for senators, crime lords and important people was much too safe. He had already spent a year doing the exact same thing and he wanted to experience something new, so for the next four months, he saved up on credits again and finally resigned his position and jumped on the next ship going out of the core systems.

In the next three years he worked in various medical-related positions across several planets in the Expansion regions and mid rim; A field medic for private security forces on Ord Mantell, house doctor for Ithorians on Othor where he learned Ithorese and almost a year on Onderon working as a Surgeon for the middle classes. The week before he was fully retired from his position on Onderon he met a Mandalorian trader on his way home, this piqued Jax’s curiosity as he had never been to his other homeworld, the birthplace of his father. He chartered a flight with the trader and soon left. He prospered on Mandalore and found a home with its people. He eventually found his father’s original home and met his extended family, all who greeted him with open arms, despite his attitude and cold nature he was well-liked and respected for his talents. He’d finally found somewhere else to call home, but alas his time there was cut short for his thirst for more and new things to see and experience overtook him and after a year there he left. Not long after his visit there his father moved from their Correllian house back to the family farm.

After these years and experiences he decided that he wanted to travel more and spend less time on specific worlds so he signed up with a ship that required a ship doctor. This is where he spent his next five years.
During these five years he visited many worlds mostly in the Mid or Outer Rim all the way from Dantooine to Lothal, from Rodia to Mon Calamari. This crew mostly stayed away from the Free Worlds which suited Jax just fine, they had some criminal inclinations and thus did freelance work for some of the Syndicates which led to them spending time on planets like Nar Shaddaa. Jax had many interesting experiences and adventures with this crew who he grew to consider his friends but after five years of travelling with them, he decided it was time to leave and acquire his own ship. In this time he had secured enough funds which he used most of to purchase his ship which he aptly named “The Traveler”
For three years he travelled on his own ship, occasionally hiring a crew to help him with a mission but mostly alone. During these three years he travelled to prettier worlds like Naboo, Alderaan, Taanab and Tython.





Field Med





Jax Shad is the living embodiment of cold pragmatism. He is quiet and calculating, considering all options before choosing to speak and when he does he prefers short sentences. That isn’t to say he doesn’t enjoy talking, it’s just that he rarely trusts someone enough with his thoughts.

Jax, above all things, craves experience and knowledge. He wants to learn what he can and do all that is possible. Now in his journey to experience all he can he forwent most morals necessary to lead a normal life. He has no problem selling slaves only to find them and set them free later on if it gives him the correct experiences. Despite an apparent lack of morals, he does abide by his own personal code of conduct, something that gives him a direction in life; He never takes life unless absolutely necessary, He never brings about unnecessary pain (He himself decides what pain is and isn’t necessary), he never goes back on his word and he will heal all those who ask to the best of his abilities. The last code was something he added later in his life seeing as he enjoyed the experience of fixing broken things even when he broke them himself.

There is only a handful that Jax trusts enough to call friends and he is very selective when it comes to companions. He is also not often the leading type, his calm calculating personality generally puts him in a supporting role in the groups he stays in. That leads to another part; Jax is drawn to great power. Not in the Sith terms of brute strength but his idealized version of power and when he meets what he considers great power he will offer his services for it is a great thing to bask in the light of true power. And in this service, his loyalty is unwavering even in the face of certain death. His principal belief is that living in the presence of true power is the greatest experience of all.

  • Medical Knowledge: Master – Jax has extensive training in some of the best Medical schools on Corellia where he graduated a Surgeon with Honours.
  • Field Medicine: Expert – Jax later utilized his medical expertise in the field, mastering the art of field care, especially during combat situations.
  • Piloting: Proficient – Being raised on Correllia, surrounded by all sorts of flying apparatuses, he showed a talent for flying ships and vehicles of all kinds.
  • Linguistics: Expert – Jax’s Hyper intelligence makes it easy for him to learn languages and he is fluent in 8 languages besides Galactic Basic and can learn others with relative ease. The languages are as follows; Mando’a, Huttese, Rodian, Aqualish, Durese, Rodese, Binary and excellent understating of Shyriiwook.
  • Close-Quarter-Combat: Competent – Jax was “trained” by his father at an early age in Mandalorian CQC and showed some capabilities but he tends not to utilize it unless necessary.
  • Marksmanship: Proficient – His father taught him how to shoot rifles from an early age giving him good aim with long-range rifles however he lacks the same proficiency with handheld blasters and is only fairly competent.
  • Slicing: Novice – Despite his great intelligence Jax has never had the need for splicing and has relied on his droids to do the work for him.
  • Mechanical: Journeyman – Growing up around ships Jax picked up a few things on maintaining ships but for his first decade in space, he barely touched an engine or needed to repair anything. After purchasing a ship of his own that changed and he taught himself how to work an engine.
  • Sword Combat: Novice – Jax has no proficiency when it comes to sword fighting and thus elects to avoid the weapon altogether, the principle stands for all bladed weapons.
  • Stick/Staff Fighting: Proficient – Jax was trained in combat using staffs and similar blunt weapons and became quite proficient with them


Medium Mandalorian Armor
— Magnetic Boots
— (Left Vambrace) Basic Laser cutting tool for medical purposes
— (Left Vambrace) Stim Injector
— Usually worn without the helmet

M3 Stun Pistol

Main Weapon.
— No Modifications
— Has Removeable 1-4X Sight

Dt-29 Heavy Blaster

Secondary Weapon
— Green Blaster gas
— Ascension Modification

A180 Modular Blaster
Secondary Weapon
— Set to Sniper Configuration
— Does Not carry additional Conversion parts

Twin Batons

— Two Generic Metal Batons
— Leather Handles

Medical Pack
— Carried strapped across his Shoulder

Jax Wears his fathers old Beskar'gam under his leather coat. The shoulder guards are shorter so as to fit under the jacket better, allowing him to appear less armoured from a distance. He uses magnetic boots occasionally during his work but has never purchased any additional devices such as a jetpack or jump-boots. His left Vambrace is a modified medical version that has a laser cutting tool he can use for medical procedures, also included is a Stim Injector. The right Vambrace has the standard Grapple line and computer interface panel, he rarely uses this function

Around his waist, he wears a brown leather belt wich has additional ammo for both his Stun Pistol and Heavy Blaster. If he is carrying his Rifle he takes additional ammo. On the right side is a holster for whichever sidearm he carries and on his left a holster for his two batons.

M3 Stun Pistol:
Since Jab prefers non-lethal combat he usually elects to carry the M3 stun pistol. The relatively short range doesn't matter as much as Jax's skill with a blaster leaves much to be desired but the heavy stun kick from the weapon more than made up for it. He has become skilled at using its limits to his advantage

Dt-29 Heavy Blaster:
Jax prefers to use this heavy blaster if forced to carry a lethal weapon, with limited ammo capacity he's forced to carefully pick his shots when using the weapon. He usually spends the extra credits for higher quality bolts.

A180 Modular Blaster:
Jax's father taught him at an early age how to shoot a rifle and he is a proficient shot, thus he chose the modular A180 blaster for the times he needs extra firepower. He generally carries it in the sniper configuration with a sling so he can throw it over his shoulder. He generally does not use the Ion Launcher Modification but does own both the parts and ammunition. Most times the weapon his kept in his ships weapon locker. This is the weapon he has the most experience using during expected combat

Twin Batons:
During both his childhood and his stay on Mandalore he was trained in fighting with sticks thus he elects to carry two metal batons gifted to him by his Grandfather. He carries the pair whenever and wherever he can. The sticks are approximately 28 inches in length, they are useful against unarmored opponents and as counters to basic melee weapons. They are not Lightsaber resistant

Additional Stuff (Kept in his ship):
Surgery Equipment
2x Concussion Grenades
2x Small generic blasters.

BG-L9: A
BG Series Astromech droid of Masculine programming. Jax purchased the droid to assist with his piloting needs after his original R5 Series droid accidentally jettisoned itself. The droid is set with the generic set of ship repair tools, including a standard-issue Data probe. The droid was a few years old at purchase. He has a friendly attitude and an inquisitive nature.

4EY-9X: A
4EY Series Scout Droid of Feminine Programming. This is his most recent purchase as he felt a need to have something that could give him additional information regarding his environment and to carry either ammunition or extra medical supplies. He chose it because of its size and mobility. She is an excitable droid and often fills the silence around Jax, he has grown fond of it despite regular arguments.

VCX-100: The Traveler
AFter leaving the first real crew he served with he used most of his entire savings to purchase an old used VCX-100 Light Freighter. For three years he traveled the stars on his Vessel he named 'The Traveller' The vessel has helped him keep his head down during his travels and allowed him flexibility in his work.

He modified one of the crew quarters to work as a medical-bay/Office. It has a simple surgical bed, a cabinet with several cabinets filled with various medical tools, and the like he's gathered over the years. It also has a small corner desk with a chair he can do his work on. The door opposite leads to his personal quarters. The other two quarters have the standard bunk bed setup and are unused unless he hires a crew. He does not own the auxiliary starfighter so the dorsal docking ring is currently unused. He tries to keep an eye out for such a vessel when he can.


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