Independent Jedi Master Lentus Tavano


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Aug 26, 2020
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Lentus Tavano


Jedi Master Lentus Tavano is a somewhat short, stocky human with mostly gray hair and grizzled features. He carries himself with the short, efficient movements of someone used to physical exertion, and his unsmiling demeanor speaks volumes of what he’s seen in his life. He is rarely spotted unarmed, and his clothes are sturdy and functional.

Lentus Tavano grew up on Excarga during a tumultuous time. It wound up in a small-scale but very intense war with three surrounding systems. What would normally have been a simple dispute became far bloodier due to a surplus of old Imperial weaponry and ships. Lentus joined up and became a shock marine at a young age, responsible for launching from orbit and establishing beachheads for following army transports. He was a hardened veteran before most humans his age could fly legally.

When he discovered his Force power, he used it to his advantage in battle. Though he was untrained and weak, he was able to find some basic primers on the Holonet. Even a little precognition and telekinesis were a deadly advantage in ground battles, and Lentus found himself on the fast track to command.

When the war ended, Lentus found himself restless, though. The military began to reward political savvy, but Lentus was a commando, used to fighting in small groups against long odds. He decided to retire and find a deeper connection to the Force – and more importantly, a worthy battle to fight.

Older and far more experienced than most of the other students, he performed admirably in Jedi training, and he achieved Knighthood quickly. Afterwards he joined several missions and teamed up with myriad Jedi bands and military task forces, anything to further his crusade to destroy tyranny and free the oppressed. Soon he was made a Master, and a steady stream of students were placed under him to learn combat.

Eventually, though, politics began to creep into the Jedi as well. Lentus found colder and colder receptions during his brief returns to the Temple. There was a faction which protested his treatment of his students; they stated that he was driving them to the Dark Side and using them as disposable foot soldiers to further his obsession. Eventually Lentus returned from a mission to find the Council in session, and he was placed on trial. He was not without friends, though, and eventually a compromise was struck. He retained his rank of Master, but he was officially censured, and he was allowed only one student at a time. His demand to choose that student was accepted. His one acquiescence to diplomacy and tact was that he tended to take the undesirable students.

Since then, Lentus Tavano has practically been a ghost to the Jedi. Every few years, he shows up, chooses a new student, and disappears back into deep space with barely a word to the other Jedi. Sometimes one of his students returns to the Temple, but they never talk much about their experiences under Tavano.