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Nov 27, 2005
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The Jedi Order

Shadows are an elite corps of covert Jedi operatives that are charged with covert operations on behalf of the Jedi Council, and in turn, answer directly, and only, to the Jedi Council. Acting as the secret police of the Jedi Order, all members of the Shadows are individually appointed by the Jedi Council and are tasked with seeking out and locating sources of the Dark Side of the Force. Shadows exist for only one, sole purpose: the destruction of of any organization that practices the Dark Side of the Force, from any malicious dark side group, to even the uprising Dark Jedi of the Bogan.

The history of the Shadow corps is entrenched in mystery, possibly even extending back to the formation of the Jedi Order itself. However, the Shadows have not existed unceasingly since their creation. Due to their sole, and intensely focused objectives to hunt down Dark Side practitioners, and the aggressive actions that came with the duty, a Jedi working as a Shadow could come to develop strong negative emotions, and consequently come to an aberration of the Jedi path. Thus, despite their effectiveness, Shadows are deployed very cautiously and only in times during and after a great conflict, assuming the conflict hadn't been sensed and prevented beforehand. Thus, the corps of Shadows have repeatedly undergone dissolutions and restorations, reemerging only when the Jedi Council deems it nescessary.

As covert Jedi agents, the legal existence of Shadows, the organization as well as their agents, are all but erased from all official documents, and are known to only a few, even within the Jedi Order. Shadows often engage in information gathering roles that allow them to accumulate intelligence on their foes for a decisive blow to be made against them. Therefore, Shadows often spent various periods of time engaging in covert activities, most commonly, investigating and infiltrating operations, often disguising themselves within enemy territory. In addition, all Shadows possess highly acute Force-sensory perceptions.

This strongly developed Force Sense allows them to see forewarning signs of the Dark Side more precisely, enabling Shadows to act as preventors; anticipating and halting the progression of structured dark side organizations, followed by destroying them. To aid them in their tasks, many Shadows are taught some of the more exotic Force abilities rarely seen within the Jedi Order, and are mentally conditioned to cope with inevitable encounters of stress, and to resist influences from the Dark Side, due to the significant possibility of constant exposure. The date at which the Shadows had last been dissolved is unknown. However, the Jedi Council had once again restored them as a corps following the Siege on the Jedi Temple, when a large force of Dark Jedi attacked the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

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