Jedi Training Standards

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Brandon Rhea

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Nov 27, 2005
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I've noticed that some of our trainers are falling short of the mark and rushing through training sessions and such. Primary to all parts of training should be a strong emphasis on philosophy and meaning deep into the code and conduct of Jedi. Less time should be spent on force powers and padawans should have a good understanding of the Force and how their actions affect it's flow around them before devling into them.

Secondly, combat training should be focused upon overwhelming their opponent to where they are disarmed or subdued for arrest instead of killing and killing blows. All Jedi trainers should also stress the importance of how their decisions and actions can have devestating consequences and therefore all things should be thought out thoroughly and for each situation. Not every Jedi should act in every single situation...sometimes it's better to wait and observe and see how things play out otherwise you can miss out on key information, points of interests or even disrupt an investigation revealing your presence and ruining all.

Finally, lightsabers and other weapons. A weapon is a weapon and though the lightsaber has been viewed as a status icon among those of the Republic, Jedi should hardly bring it to their hands unless they are prepared to take a life. All Jedi should instead try to focus on diplomacy and training should be focused upon that....think of how police officers handle situations especially negotiation officers out in the field. A person unarmed or holding no weapon is more likely to be listened to than someone threatening to kill them. However, as this is ideal it doesn't work in every situation. I want to see Masters and padawans going on missions and practicing these techniques. Also refer to the archives for important information from the Teachings of Jedi Master Odan-Urr and his understandings of how a Jedi should behave and be trained.

Contact the Jedi Council if you have any questions.
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