July 2023 Newsletter

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July 1, 2023

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Welcome to the seventh month of SWRP in 2023! This coming month is bound to have plenty of news of its own, but first, lets focus on what June brought us...

Tech Changes

The staff team has taken a look at some of the tech rules, changing or removing some, or changing some pieces of tech that have been outdated.

  • Removed outdated wording relegating to past timeline mechanics
  • Removed outdated rules regarding starship shields
  • Listed manuverability ratings and what they entail for a given ship.
  • Removed the outdated 'armor dampens connection to the force' language
  • Weapon Power Redistribution has been modified. If you have any ships that use this mod, you will probably need to re-read and alter as needed.
  • When using a Gauntlet/wrist-mounted armor function, you can not use the object you are holding with the hand on the same arm. You cannot be firing a blaster pistol while at the same using a flamethrower all in the same arm at the same time
  • Gauntlet/wrist-mounted functions are activated with the mounted hand or another free hand using specific motions or buttons unless otherwise specified in the description. Descriptions for wrist functions have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Survival HUD and Scout HUD replaced by the Utility HUD which combines both functionalities
  • Grapple Line and Mag-Boots functions are now marked as force-sensitive compatible functions.
  • A new optional template for armor profiles in addition to the older one,
  • Voice Scrambler Function is removed.
  • Instead, a voice changer/modulator like Kylo Ren had can be used without taking a function slot.
  • Various non-generic armor tech profiles have been edited to take into account the above changes.

    Since this is quite a bit of change to the stock functions. Be sure to update your armor profiles.

    The staff team will be continuing to review various rules/functions
PVP Changes

The following has been added to the PVP rules.
  • No use of omniscient security features in a given base, location, ship .etc
    • For example you cannot be in a room or section of a ship and have visuals of rooms, halls or control of doors in the location.

General Time Update
  • Time has advanced (1) year since the last newsletter.
    It is 123 years after the Battle of Exegol, we are in 158 ABY (After Battle of Yavin).
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.


  • Crisis on Verona - A newbie friendly event!
    • In the verdant expanse of Verona, a cosmic saga prepares to unfurl. From the noble House of Capulet, a proclamation resonates throughout the celestial sphere, a grand design to erect a space station of unparalleled stature.
    • A bastion of power and prestige, a symbol of Capulet's indomitable reign, echoing their supremacy in the unfathomable expanses of the cosmos.
  • Vengeance of the Sith - After Mustafar was attacked by unknown assailants, @Darth Tempest sent Sith to both Anoth and Prakith to hunt the group to their source
    • Whispers of Prakith - Pureblood Alchemist is leading the group into some Dark Side-y caverns on Prakith
    • Shattered World - Inquisitors are leading a covert assault against a military base on Anoth

Story Spotlight

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The Battle of Dathomir: the Conclusion


Battle for Dathomir

Now the conclusion

__"I am Dathomir, and I will defend what is mine. Find peace beyond the Veil."

Hapan Warmongering


Hapes on the Prowl
  • The Hapes Consortium is a star nation that controls and rules the Hapes Cluster consisting of many systems inside it's mists as well as Commenor and very recently Corellia. The Hapes Consortium is well known for it's navy tradition and power.
  • The Queen Mother of Hapes, @Charlotte Le'Anna has started her warpath. She made her mark in the last Galactic Senate Assembly, raving, and then showing the chambers a Consortium Fleet appearing above Corellia.
  • The Hapan Armada gave Corellia a choice as they moved to blockade the planet. Although Corellia had a potent planetary defense force, it is weakend by the fracture of the Republic and had no allies. Against Hapes' mighty fleets, Corellia succumbed to the Royal Hapan Navy.
  • After taking to the holonet, the Hapan Navy arrives at the doorsteps of Kashyyyk,bringing it's mighty fleet against Senator @Aezzairrfhowrrhudrrl and his battle hardened fleet.
    • But the Wookie Senator is not alone, as Jedi, Rancor Squadron, and even the ISC has sent a fleet to back Kashyyyk up.
  • Kashyyyk is now a Flashpoint

State of the Galaxy

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