June 2024 Newsletter

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Aug 19, 2023
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June 2024 Newsletter

Hey there, SWRP community! Welcome to the June 2024 Newsletter.

___Do you know what we need more of in our lives? Money. We could use a lot more money. However, do you know what we need more of than money? HUTTBALL.

___That's right, daises. During the last season of Huttball, we discussed the possibility of rerunning it, and you know what? I liked that idea, so here we are again!

___The sign-up thread is here. Sign-ups will last for the entire month of July, and the event will start at the beginning of August!


Informational Updates

General Time Update
___Time has advanced one (1) year since the last newsletter.
___The site is now in the year 163 ABY, or 128 years after the Battle of Exegol.
  • However, please remember that time, in general, is fluid here on the site.

Jedi Order
⇪ Jedi Lord
⇪ Jedi Master

Sith Order
⇪ Dark Lord of the Sith
⇪ Sith Master
⇪ Sith Champion

The Empire
⇪ Lord-Commander

⇪ Famous Neurosurgeon
⇪ Sector Ranger Captain
⇪ Dark Side Adept

Story Spotlight

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—The Empire Strikes Back

In retaliation for the Hutts' invasion of Raxus, the Empire mustered its forces and launched an invasion of the Hutt world of Sleheyron. The Grand Marshal, @Altair Din, spearheaded the attack, backed by the bulk of the Imperial Armed Forces and Imperial Knights.

The attack was a meticulously planned simultaneous assault on three key locations.

Altair Din and @Astrid al-Bahir attacked the Hutt Techno-Palace, relying on the Gunship Diplomat and a considerable detachment of Imperial Armed Forces. Their opposition consisted of @Mer'baal Desilijic Hulras and @Iviinyc Eldar. The Imperials won the front after Altair killed Mer'baal, and Iviinyc fled the planet in her ship, the Southpaw.

@Magnus Thel'riss and @Darin Jelinek sieged the Tibanna gas factory, which the Gamorreans @Gurp and @Braprag opposed. The result of the front was uncertain, but there was quite the breathtaking spectacle of mud wrastlin'.

Lord-Commander @Merian Sere, backed by the bulk of Imperial Knights, including @Najah Neckia and @Cassir Caerleon, assaulted the slave trading outpost, contested by @The Mad Hutter and @Ilario Vandire. The Imperials won the front after Merian knocked out The Mad Hutter, and Ilario fell unconscious due to his extensive injuries.

With two of the three major objectives won, the Hutt defensive forces fell into disarray, and the Empire claimed victory.

—The Ziost Campaign

Azar Kressh, known among the Sith Order as @Darth Arcanos, led a massive effort to conquer Ziost with the help of several Sith Masters, Champions, and Acolytes. The endeavor was brutal and harsh and culminated in a massive assault on the Sadow fortress. Along the way, Arcanos was possessed by the dark entity Raze, who is believed to be long dead. This possession caused Arcanos’ methods of conquest to be far more brutal, leading to heavy casualties on both sides and resulting in the destruction of ancient Sith artifacts.

Victory was obtained at great costs with multiple Champions severely injured and Arcanos left physically disfigured. At the conclusion of the fighting, Arcanos declared himself Sith’ari and Dark Lord of the Sith, declaring Tempest dead and stripping her of rank. The undertones are clear with Sith now having the directive to claim Tempest’s Kingdom of Thule under Arcanos’ regime.

Arcanos’ ascension set a new direction for the Sith Order and also his rise as Emperor of the Stygian Caldera. Instead of brute force and overt shows of violence across the galaxy, Arcanos has a steadier and more insidious approach to power.

@Cerberus @Ilyan @Cheriss Ktrame @Caerllion of Cyfnos @Trael Osso-Drast @Karai Hekk-iv-Adas @Serene @Qû’jara Jinyeva @Corwin Carmine @Krakira Dresmorlin

State of the Galaxy

—HoloNet Highlights



The Birth Of A New Empire
In a surprising show of diplomatic and military strength, the King of Korriban Azar Kressh has now declared himself Emperor of the Stygian Caldera. This comes after he led a conquest on Ziost to bring the planet under his rule. Dromund Kaas and other surrounding planets have been brought under the banner through more diplomatic means. With the unification of these planets, Azar Kressh ascends to a new tier of political might. He claims his efforts are to unite the Pureblood Sith race and set aside their historically warring ways... continue reading

A Drast Makes His Bid For Emperor
Trael had been going over how he would do this ever since he was made Daimyo. In his defense of Kessel he’d convinced the two imperial officers to back him in his bid for the Emperorship. He was an unknown face who belonged to a well known family name. He needed to exude an aura of some authority for this to remotely work.

Trael sat in his throne on Kessel as the broadcast begun, Fuso was nuzzled against his hand on the arm rest. “Citizens of the Empire, my name is Trael Drast... continue reading

—Other Galactic Happenings

Faction Happenings
  • Field Trip: Easy Hiking
    • Jedi Master @Zathria takes a group of Padawans out for training on the planet of Kashyyyk.
  • Beyond
    • Blackwell Tech founds a new colony during their exploration of the planet Arden the Stygian Reaches.

In Other News
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Tabloid Throwdown
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