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Apr 10, 2016
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Kaarz's Family Heirloom Armor

This heirloom armor was once advanced Death Trooper armor, worn by some of the most elite soldiers the Empire could muster. However, as the years and combats went by the armor has taken a serious beating to it's systems as well as it's plating. The chestplate and helmet are the same, if not technologically downgraded, as they were during the time of the empire, but the pauldrons, vambraces, and leg armor have been replaced over the years by different plastoid composites. It is worn with a purple and black shoulder cape, long tattered and dirtied, but still displaying the proud symbol of Pollux; an archaic gundark head in silver embroidery.

Being composite armor, Kaarz's heirloom armor can be seen as generic bounty hunter armor to any official or law enforcement, and wherever bounty hunters are allowed it will likely be as well.

To create a piece of armor unique to this character, and to create a long running plot of Kaarz slowly repairing his heirloom armor; tracking down pieces of his armor, as well as his family's past.

No advanced tech is found in it, having long since lost its original functions, being replaced by more basic abilities over the years.

Type and Coverage

Type: Medium armor, offering decent protection and mobility.

  • Head: Covers the entire head with a tougher plastoid composite.
  • Torso: Covers the front, stops just at the hips. Made of a tougher plastoid composite.
  • Back: Covers the same area as the front, connecting to the front over the shoulder blades.
  • Upper Arms: Plastoid components, covers shoulders and upper arms.
  • Upper Legs: Plastoid components. Covers thighs and connects to the hips, complete with groin-guard.

Function 1: Thermal Undersuit
  • Thermal undersuits wick away or reflect thermal energy for brief periods of time. They are not nearly as effective as a suit that firefighters would wear. Most commonly used to protect soldiers from flamethrower weapons or short bursts of extreme heat or cold, and are only good for 1-2 posts of exposure depending on intensity. They are useless against blasters.

Function 2: Mag Boots
  • Magnetic boots contain electromagnets in the soles and allow for enhanced movement on ferrous surfaces in microgravity or steep gradients. This functionality must be turned on or off manually by a button or switch.

Function 3: Filter
  • Filters are bulky attachments to a helmet, or function as part of a mask, that filter out environmental contaminants such as smoke or most toxins. They are susceptible to caustic substances and damage.

Function 4: Scout HUD
  • Scout HUD - Contains a 4x magnifier and Compass.

Function 5: Survival HUD
  • Reads atmosphere composition and detects toxins.
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So the way you've worded your coverage in this is confusing to me as it seems you are implying that you have multiple levels of armour within your one set but that isn't how armour categories work. This is a set of heavy armour because it covers 6-7 areas. The individual parts do not need category description for heavy,medium,or light because all kinds of armour protect equally. For instance, despite your description your helmet and shin guards can both tank the same amount of damage.


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You also need to make sure the formatting matches the provided template.