Kyra Wren


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May 1, 2012
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Kyra Wren

FULL NAME: Kyra Wren
AGE: 31

HEIGHT: 1.76 M.
WEIGHT: 84 Kg.

EYE COLOR: Ice blue.
SKIN COLOR: Caucasian, lightly tanned.
MARKINGS: Countless scars, including one across her right brow.



Once, that meant something.
It meant professionalism.
It meant that you could trust that a job was as good as done.
It meant that you were as tough as any son of a rancor.
It meant that you were able to handle all that life threw at you, rough and smooth alike.
It meant living life to it's absolute fullest.
It meant standing up for one's brothers and sisters.
It meant believing in something greater than one's self.
It meant raising your children in that same spirit.


Power monger.
Glory hound.
Ancient relics.
Blind fools.

There are no more Mandalorians.
Just their unquiet ghosts.


Kyra Wren was born on the frontier world of Concord Dawn, to a family of ordinary and humble farmers, like countless others both on their homeworld, and all across the galaxy. The only difference between the Wrens and a family on Dantooine was due to Concord Dawn's location within the Mandalore Sector. As a result, Kyra grew up learning as much of the nature of agriculture and farming as warfare, combat, and how to field-strip a blaster rifle.

When the Sith returned to the galaxy and demanded the Mandalorians leave their homeworlds, the Wrens left like most of their kind, and settled on the world of Roon, and tried their best to eke out a new livelyhood. But fate would not be kind to the Mandalorians, as a civil war broke out within their ranks. Kyra, by then in her late teens and considered fully adult by Mandalorian standards, threw in her lot with Corden Vencu's so-called 'Seperatists', and fought with zeal and fury for their righteous cause.

When the Mandalorian homeworlds were restored to the Clans during the temporary reign of Mandalore Carien Bralor, Kyra and the rest of her Clan happily resettled back on Concord Dawn, where her family were eager to resume to their lives as simple and honest farmers. Kyra however, had been exposed to war and combat, and developed a taste for its intoxicating highs. So, when Corden Vencu returned and reclaimed the title of Mandalore, making Bralor his Warmaster, Kyra eagerly joined their crusade to strike at the heart of the Galactic Alliance. She fought the troops of the Alliance and the Jedi on Alsakan, Anaxes, and Coruscant, reveling in the greatest battles of the era, singing the glories of the Mandalore and the Warmaster. The high of the campaign that would become known as the Core Blitz would prove to be short-lived and exceptionally bitter, however.

With the sudden and unexpected death of Mandalore Vencu, and his Warmaster being unable to pick up his mantle, the Clans fell into disarray and a decade of infighting and civil war ensued. Countless warriors proclaimed themselves the new Mandalore, and sought to subjugate any and all whom opposed their claim. The Wrens did their best to stay out of the fighting, but when a Claimant warlord seeking to shore up his power conquered the majority of Concord Dawn, Kyra and her family were conscripted into his army and given a choice; fight to support his claim or watch their clan's children be put to death. That is how Kyra entered the Claimant Wars, the most of which she spent during the nigh decade long siege of Norg Bral, the ancient fortress home of the Bralor clan.

Following the Claimant Wars and the recent Mandalorian Extermination, Kyra has wandered the galaxy on her own. With no family, no clan, and no friends to speak of, she roams the galaxy like a vengeful spirit, her rage burning with equal passion for the Sith Imperium that exterminated her people, and the Mandalorians themselves for their arrogance, megalomania, and warlust that drove the Sith to enact the Extermination. She now lives only to cause pain and suffering to Imperials and Mandalorians alike.


  • Vibro-axe.
  • Scattergun.
  • Blaster pistol.
  • Various explosives.
  • Various grenades.
  • Mandalorian armour, aliit'gam style.
  • Z-24 Jetpack.
  • Medkits.
  • 1,000 Credits.
  • Custom Ugly-class starfighter.

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WHY'D YOU ARCHIVE THIS BEAUTY?!?!? This is a fantastic write-up and a great looking character


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I've been on this site since 2005, and I've never seen a profile formatted like that. Beautiful.


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Incredible work, Kiro. I'm very impressed.
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