Legacy Characters


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Mar 12, 2015
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Staff have noticed that several players have accomplished the huge achievement of getting their characters to Rank 4 (power and title or just power). With a rolling timeline, we are seeing descendant characters and we want to reward the hard work put in to get a character to level 4.

As a result, descendants may immediately apply for a power level one level above their rank. For example, if a Jedi or Sith is a child character of a Level 4 Jedi or Sith, they may start as Padawan but with Knight level powers and upon rank up may automatically maintain a power increase as well (upon ranking up to Knight, the power level will increase to Master).

1. The power up must still be applied for initially
2. Perks also apply to Non Fs, but these will be case by case basis so please request in rank ups.
3. You are limited to apply this perk to 1 character.
4. The perk may only apply if *you* have a level 4 character. The other parent being level 4 will not qualify.
5. This cannot be used in conjunction with deceased character rule (if the character is starting out above Champion/Knight)
6. These perks may be applied to existing and future characters where applicable.