Levik Karn


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Apr 18, 2015
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NameLevik Karn
Age34 Galactic Standard Years
FactionImperial Peacekeepers (Commander)
FactionThe Exchange (Enforcer)
Force SensitiveNo




Born on Eriadu in 123 ABY to spaceport mechanic Davik Karn and factory assistent Meera Karn (neé Lorso), Levik joined the Eriadu Military Academy at sixteen and underwent proper training. First in the Eriadu Navy onboard the ESS Sandoval and then in the army of what would become the Sith Empire where he was delegated to the Imperial Defense Force. Due to a first disciplinary strike in 145 ABY he was then relegated to the Imperial Peacekeepers of the Imperial Security Bureau.

He has been stationed as a lieutenant on the planet Taris since 147 ABY. Lieutenant Karn has requested a promotion twice, but it has been denied due to his disciplinary record concerning excessive consummation of alcoholic beverages and an outspoken opinion regarding the Imperial hierarchy. It is rumored -though unconfirmed by the local ISB office- that the lieutenant has ties to local gangs on the planet.

Due to exemplary performance during the expulsion of the Sith Order from the Empire, Levik Karn was promoted to Commander in 156 ABY, replacing his former superior on Taris who had to commit himself to re-indoctrination on Raxus. A year later, in 157 ABY, he bought a sizeable amount of shares in Systech Corporation and informed the Imperial Security Bureau conform regulations. He declared that it was an investment in his eventual retirement.

After a terror attack on Raxus in the same year, it quickly became clear that Commander Karn was the intended target and while detained his previous post on Taris experienced a large upkick in crime, which convinced the new acting-commander that he had perhaps been protecting a large criminal element on the planet.​



Book of Shadows (Copies Available at the Exchange)
Systech Corporation (Minority Shareholder)
FT-19 Fondor Haulcraft (Haradan, with Modkit)
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Apr 18, 2015
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"My ongoing deal with the Freem Gotra and the Troig Eccle'baal goes well. Together we form what we call 'The Exchange' in memory of an ancient criminal organization that -like us now- was mainly involved with smuggling and selling illicit merchandise. Gentis [Freem] had the idea to capitalize on the change in the Empire to set up Commander Venn for failure and make me an Imperial commander in his stead."

As Lieutenant [1]
Declaration of a New Order [Finished]
Ill Gotten [Finished]
Muck [Finished]
Black Treasure [Finished]
Covert Ops [Finished]
Cerebellum a Victory [Finished]
High Stakes [Finished]
The Expulsion Order [Mission Pack]
Taris: Sith Champion Onasi [Finished]
Prying Eyes and Ears [Finished]
The Haradan [Finished]
Knights in White Satin [Finished]
Psychogenesis [Finished]
Interim Command [Chronicles]​

"Gentis' plot succeeded and I managed to steal quite some artefacts and kyber that used to belong to the Sith Order. Through the Exchange I sold a Shard of Palpatine and dozens of bled Kyber Crystals, making me perhaps the richest new Commander in the New Empire. Now to use it to our advantage and not only shield the Exchange from the Imperial peacekeepers, but also get even more richer in the process."

As Commander [2]
Imperial Momentum [Mission Pack]
Taris' Own Devil [Finished]
Abandoned Chambers [Finished]
The Imperial Exodus [Finished]
Secure the Skies [Finished]
Snatchers [Finished]
A Noble Cause [Finished]
Underworld Jobs [Mission Pack]
Nikto Karnation [Finished]
Raxus Vaulting [Finished]
Fortunes Favour [Finished]
Operation Oracle [Imperial Plot]
Cipher Six [Finished]
Harrowing Intel [Chronicles]
Vision Impairment [Ongoing]
Retirement Plans [Finished]
Catalyst of Progress [Galactic Senate]
The Devil is in the Details [Finished]
Inquest in Dathomir [Finished]
Theft of his Book [HoloNet Broadcast]
Leviscerated [Mission Pack]
Underworld Jobs II [Mission Pack]
Karn's Relinquary [Ongoing]
Uncontrolled Descent [Chronicles]

"While I focused on getting my hands on a certain artefact from the Imperial Vaults on Raxus, my star within the bureau was rising and I soon found myself on the shortlist for Director of the Imperial Security Bureau. Soon enough I imagined myself untouchable and started to invest in a corporation with a good reputation [Systech Corporation] and rented a proper penthouse on Raxus. That was one very big step up from the small appartment on Taris, but when it all comes crashing down it also makes for one big bantha ass fall."
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