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Light Avenger

A unique relic forged by the ancient Jedi before the advent of the Lightsaber, the Light Avenger was a special force-forged longsword by an ancient Jedi Master whose name is lost to history, but his legacy remains in this blade. This sword was said to be created in the immediate vicinity to a light-sided vergence, imbued with the light side of the force, although little else is known about how it was made.

What is apparent are the capabilities of this weapon. The sword, like any other force-forged weapon, has good cutting power and can parry and fence with lightsabers. The blade is imbuned with pure-light side energy. The blade glows with a bright yellow light when it's wielded by a light-aligned force user.

The most special part about the Light Avenger is it's abilities against the dark side, users of it and creatures/beings/objects made of it. If the blade directly connects (not blocked/parried), it will burn/weaken them as if it was hit with a blast of Force Light. The stronger the wielder, the stronger the effects, so for example this would be stronger in the hands of a Jedi Master than a Jedi Padawan. And of course effect this is proportional to the strength of the user as well as the targeted victim, and proportional to the level of contact of the direct sword strike, so a gazing cut won't burn/drain as badly as a full direct hit.

The sacred light-side imbued sword is impossible to to wield by Dark Side force users or other entities of the Dark Side, as it will attempt to burn such a being gripping it. In addition non-Light Side force users attempting to use the blade will find it extremely heavy and unwieldy, in addition to being unable to use it's special properties.

The current location of this artifact blade is not immediately known. Although the artifact is little known, some 'evidence' suggests that the weapon is lost in the Unknown Regions or in Wild Space.


To establish a light-side aligned artifact (there aren't really a whole lot), and one that is geared more towards offense verus the Dark Side, rather than healing/defense/buffing for a change. I think the nature of this artifact fits well with the Jedi Crusaders which have appeared on the scene.

Based on the Holy Avenger from D&D of course.