Interest Check Looking for a Jedi to be Essla's master


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Feb 7, 2024
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Okay, this is technically a duplicate, and I apologize for that. If any staff want to delete the old thread, please do it to the older one, not this one. In addition, several points in the plot are different.

As I've said before, my OC @Essla Ta'dek is a rouge and has a lone-wolf kind of personality. She's Force-sensitive but doesn't know it. Also, I want her to become a Jedi. Here's the plot: Essla is on a forest planet for a bit of a rest, and for some reason a Jedi is there too. They don't know about the other person…until Essla slips, falls in a river, and gets saved by the Jedi. The Jedi discovers Essla's affinity with the Force and offers to train her. After a bit of back and forth arguing, Essla agrees and becomes the Jedi's Padawn. A Jedi on the calmer side is preferred (but I really don't care).