Location Lukas Aurelius's Cabin Home


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Apr 23, 2018
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Planet: Endor
Location Approx: 2 Days Trek from Bright Tree Village.

Lukas Aurelius's cabin would be in a secluded part of the west side and Approximately a couple days trek from the nearest city of Bright Tree Village. The cabin isn't much but built onto the cut off stump of a tree for support. It has a small generator in the back with a wooden slab built over it and the inside is a bit more modern with a old small stone wood stove in the corner and basic furniture with modern appliances and a tv. The roof has a small radar signal on the top and only one bedroom and bathroom with a small kitchen/living room combined. The outside of the cabin has a platform that circles it 360 degrees. The cabin is surrounded by trees and just down from a lake which Lukas attends to for a morning swim. Though there isn't any security or serious security measures, Lukas has set up some small cameras so far out from the cabin that have an uplink to his tv in the cabin. The monitor has 4 divided squares in each direction that can switch to thermal in the night if selected by the programming. It is a simple cabin with modern appliances and security cameras, nothing more though Lukas may build a small wood shed down below it for wood storing purposes.

The intent is to flesh out and have an actual home that Lukas has. Nothing fancy or over the top but a home that solo threads can be done in or future threads/plans with other characters. Outside the Jedi Lukas lives a fairly quiet and laidback life style with his char hound, Loki.