Mandalorian Mission Rewards

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Jun 27, 2021
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Mandalorian Mission Rewards

What this is and Why?

With the intention of increasing activity both within the faction as well as the site in a whole, as well as giving writers and characters real investment and responsibility within the new Mandalorian Faction. Very open to suggestions, here, so shoot me with a DM if there's something that seems off or if you have any ideas.

How it Works

As your character completes missions on behalf of the Mandalorians, they will be able to submit those missions for specific rewards. A full list of rewards is below and will be updated in the future with new items and tiers (Suggestions are welcome). Since we're a new faction with not a lot of assets to give, all the rewards right now are effectively cosmetics. As the faction grows, over time, we'll have more substantial rewards for more substantial

Any completed mission is applicable for this, with or without a Mission Pack, and whether or not it grants territory. All one needs to do is briefly describe how their completed missions have benefitted the Mandalorians, and that will serve as confirmation.

You may not use one mission for more than one reward.

Running Missions

In addition to personally taking part in missions, as your character rises through the ranks, they are able to and expected to take initiative in growing The Mandalorian regime. Members of any rank may design and launch missions for other members of the faction. Those of lower ranks can also create missions, however they will need the backing of an Alor or Mand'Alor for rewards.

Upon successful completion of these missions, you may submit them for rewards for the character who is running them IC. Before launching any home made missions, please contact Mand'Alor or an Alor to ensure they do not conflict with any current operations.

Faction Rewards

Below are a list of rewards that may be applied for (These will update and expand in time). Please note, as these are faction assets, they may be used during personal stories but please do not abuse. If members are found abusing these rewards , punishments will be dealt out harshly and accordingly.

1 Mission Completed Reward List

  1. Custom-Forged Melee Weapon: Custom-forged melee weapon of your choice (beskar-tipped spear, axe, new beskad, whatever you want really)
  2. Year of the Dogg: Get the Sigil of the Mand’Alor emblazoned on your armor or as a necklace. The symbol of the Smoking Dogg is a sign of great fortune, nobility, and mindful calm. It marks you as worthy in the eyes of the Mand’Alor, and a hero for the patriots of Mandalorian society. NOTE: Automatically earned after 1 PvP victory

3 Missions Completed Reward List

  1. New Ship: Your skill in protecting Mandalore has granted you a greater level of autonomy within the Mandalorian peoples service. You are granted a ship of Mandalorian make or a free modification to an existing personal ship (as long as the ship in question can be upgraded or modified).
  2. New Signet: As you gain fame and honor across Mandalore, your heroic deeds have grown. Create a custom signet/emblem based on one of your exploits, and add it to your Armor for all to hear.

5 Missions Completed Reward List

  1. Bes'Bev Bard: You have become famous in your clan or warband. Gain a bes’bev musician to follow you across the galaxy, recording your exploits and playing your custom-chosen theme song upon their flute.
  2. Jaig Eyes: Considered by many to be one of the most prestigious of the marks a Mandalorian can earn, Jaig eyes adorn the helmet just above the forehead and are a symbol of bravery and leadership. Those who see this on a suit of armor are instantly afforded respect by even those above them and area symbol of a soldier being the best that he or she can be. Time and again, these warrior have shown their valor in combat and their bravery in the face of danger and have been on countless raids and missions to further their clan. NOTE: Only eligible after 5 PvP Victories


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