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The Mandalorians

Though the Mandalorians are a people as old as time itself, it's unclear where they started, with legends saying they came from a race so old it no longer exists, one that clashed with the humans of Coruscant long ago. But what is known as that the Mandalorians rallied under Mand'alor the First after he led them from Roon, to the world that would become Mandalore. And they would call themselves Mandalorians or the Children of Mandalore.

War was so ingrained in their lives that it led them to great wars with the Jedi, Sith, even themselves after conquering all others. Mandalorians would then spend years quickly expanding and conquering worlds such as Concord Dawn, Krownest, Kalevala. The Crusaders would attack nearby worlds and bring many under the Mandalorian Banner. But that was long ago.

The Mandalorians of the Force Eternal era, are shadows of what they were. Civil Wars, the Empire, all played roles in destroying their worlds and their people. But to be Mandalorian, is to be an ideal, and those cannot be destroyed. Scattered to the winds, the Clans survive via any means possible, be it banding together to survive or selling their souls to keep their coffers from drying.

Since the Mandalorians haven't had a leader since the days of Din Djarin, there has been no real central location for them, though they will always return to Mandalore when called. This sense of being scattered is also one of the reasons that the Culture has survived for as long as it has. That said, one is sure to find a Mandalorian on any world in the Mandalore Sector or even on worlds such as Shogun, Roon, or even on moons like Dxun.

"Here's why you can't exterminate us, aruetii. We're not huddled in one place—we span the galaxy. We need no lords or leaders—so you can't destroy our command. We can live without technology—so we can fight with our bare hands. We have no species or bloodline—so we can rebuild our ranks with others who want to join us. We're more than just a people or an army, aruetii. We're a culture. We're an idea. And you can't kill ideas—but we certainly can kill you."


There are two main types of Mandalorians: Traditionalists and Seculars. Traditionalists adhere to the Old Ways, they worship the Old Gods and follow the Resol'nare as well as the Canons of Honor. Seculars, the most common of the Mandalorians, have tossed religion to the wayside and found refuge in the comfort of coin or chit. Traditionalists, as stated above, worship the Old Gods: Kad Ha'rangir, Hod Ha'ran, Arasuum. They are firm in their beliefs and many mistrust the Force. And despite their old ways dying, they refuse to lose what they have left: Their Identity.


Kad Ha'rangir- The Destroyer, the chief deity in the pantheon of Old Gods, he was the God of War and through war, Change. His devout view themselves as agents of not only war, but change, constantly keeping the wheel turning. And when the change occurs, even if it is negative for the Mando'ade, they do not lament nor lose faith, as the winds of Change and Kad's Will are ever changing.

Hod Ha'ran- The Trickster, God of Deception and Avarice, he is believed by Traditionalists as the cause for Seculars. He toys with the followers of both Kad and Arasuum in equal measure, constantly trying to corrupt them with the allure of greed.

Arasuum- The Sloth, God of Stagnation and the mortal enemy of Kad and his followers. He tries to tempt the Mando'ade into states stagnation and 'peace', using the greed provided by Hod to fulfill his purpose. Many traditionalists believe that Arasuum was the cause for the true fall of Mandalore, deceiving Duchess Satine and her followers into a state of such peace and docility that they have never recovered since.


Way of the Mandalore (Cult)- Viewed as a Cult, followers of the Way of the Mandalore would follow practices that involved protecting fellow Mandalorians but also wearing a helmet at all times, even amongst others of their kind. They believed that, if a Mandalorian removed their helmet in front of another living being, they were no longer permitted to wear it. Mandalorians who adhered to the Way would state "This is the Way" when following its ideals.

Manda- The Afterlife. Though Traditionalists cannot seem to agree on what it is, some believe it to be an afterlife or a mirror world of what they already live in. A paradise full of revelry and battle without the fear of death. Others (Seculars), believe that it is just an oversoul or a collective of all Mandalorian souls.

Important Creeds

- The original creed of the Mandalorians, it is still followed by the most devout of Traditionalists, having been long abandoned by seculars.​

Ba'jur bal beskar'gam,
Ara'nov, aliit,
Mando'a bal Mand'alor—
An vencuyan mhi.
Education and armor,
Self-defense, our tribe,
Our language and our leader—
All help us survive.

Canons of Honor- Another old Creed, this was the mantra of the Crusaders of old and is still followed by the zealots of today.​
Kot cuyir jibr, par dral ganar staabi at nadetr.
Ijaa cuyir jibr, par ti nayc ijaa solus kapr asas pirusti cuyir kyrayc.
Ginatagr cuyir jibr, par ures solus b ha'yr solus ganar nayc narser.
Kyr'am cuyir jibr, solus hwa ramaanar asas val ganar oyacyir.
Strength is life, for the strong have the right to rule.
Honor is life, for with no honor one may as well be dead.
Loyalty is life, for without one's clan one has no purpose.
Death is life, one should die as they have lived.

Important Vows
Marriage- One of the most sacred vows of the Mandalorians, this union was thought to be for life, with divorce something questionable that could even make the most stalwart Mandalorian a pariah. A Mandalorian wedding was four lines long and could be done anywhere in the galaxy in a matter of minutes. What often made up the longest part of such a vow exchange, was the celebration afterwards.
Mhi solus tome,
Mhi solus dar'tome,
mhi me'dinui an,
Mhi ba'juri verde
We are one when together
We are one when parted
We will share all
We will raise warriors.

Marriage in a Clan was very important, with more Traditional Clans following a more specific process. It would often begin with a courtship of sorts, which could include hunts, "dates", going on bounties or missions. This was where the couple learned about the other. Eventually, members of the same Clan could go to a Clan elder and seek permission to marry (often resulting in a yes). When in separate Clans, elders from both Clans must come to an agreement. Proposal consists of the use of vormur, a violet flower that grows exclusively on Mandalore. It comes with two cloves and each half is worn by each member of the couple. The ceremony itself, is typically done with at least one witness (normally an elder) and takes only a matter of minutes.

For seculars, much of the process of Traditionalists is skipped, with just a typical proposal and even an exchange of vows without a witness.

To Divorce: "Dar'riduur" is used to end a marriage. This is often frowned upon by Mandalorians, but sometimes, it cannot be helped.

Adoption (Gai bal Manda)
Ni kyr'tayl gai sa'ad (insert name)I know your name as my child (insert name)

Adopted children are viewed just as important to Mandalorian parents as their own blood.
To break off an adoption or disown: "Dar'ad" or "Dar'buir". This is a rarity and oftentimes the instigator of such an action is viewed with disdain.

Despite what outsiders believe, Traditional Mandalorian society is more than just barbarism and war. And unlike most societies, there is change in treatment between men or women of the Clans as Mandalorians do not see gender. This is reflected in the fact that even their language, Mando'a is genderless. A daughter would be prized just as much as a son and vice versa, as both would have the same opportunities. There were no 'gender-locked' jobs as it was common for males to stay home with the young, while the wife went away to war. Another part of the Culture was that they didn't care who you loved, as long as they were Mandalorian and this made gay or lesbian couples a common sight amongst the Clans.

Though all Mandalorians knew how to fight, not all were warriors, and many were non-combatants, a necessity to keep the Clan running while the warriors were away fighting. With family at the very core of their beliefs, Mandalorians were known to include all into their Culture often adopting orphans, the lost, the injured. Adoptions were not limited to children and it was known that even adults could be adopted, just to give them a family and something to return to. This is further strengthened by the fact that adopted children are treated with as much love as their blood children as to the Mandalorians, they follow a simple mantra: "Aliit ori'shya tal'din." Or Family is more than blood.

As it pertains to marriage, Clan members would often marry members of other Clans to not only secure alliances, but to grow their families, or even create new Clans. Though feudal by design, their structure was led by a single Alor (or Chieftain), who was accompanied by Alor'ade or other Clan elders. Verde were the lowest of the totem pole, with Evaar'la Verd or Newbloods or even "Foundlings" making up the hopefuls to join the Culture.

For those born into the Clans or found while still young, they typically complete their verd'goten, or their trials to become adults between the ages of thirteen and sixteen. Its years of training and learning filled with large tasks to either earn or forge their armor. Upon completion of their verd'goten, they are rewarded with a complete set and recognized as the warrior they earned themselves to be. From here, they can choose to either be a full fledged warrior or contribute to the Clan in other ways via trades or orther skills. For those not born in the Clans or adults when they join, they undergo a series of trials, like the Verd'goten, to earn their arms and armor. It is a process that can take anywhere from two to six years.

Though the primary language of the Mando'ade is Mando'a, many Clans use languages such as Ryl, Huttesse, or others in order to help them complete their missions or to survive wherever their covert is situated. There are two very good sources for a Mando'a translator:
Mando' This is the most pure version of Mando'a, however it is very incomplete.
Coruscant Translator- More widely used, it is an imperfect translator that doesn't always line up.


Though the alloy itself is rare, it is the prize of all Mandalorians and they will go to great lengths to collect any and all pieces of it scattered throughout the galaxy. The iron skin of the current Mando'ade follows a fairly similar template, though it varies greatly from the designs of the Mando'ade of old. With the rarity, it is hard to come by with most verde, having a singular piece of pure beskar, if they're lucky.

Traditional Mandalorian armor consisted of the following over some kind of underlay:

Upper BodyLower Body
Shoulder Pauldrons
Cod piece
Knee pads
Thigh plates
Shin plates

Mandalorian helmets often had a macrobinocular viewplate, tactical heads-up displays, a comlink, and an antenna tipped with a rangefinder that could be pulled over the viewplate to enhance imagery. Mandalorian warriors would often bridge the gap with force users by using tech to level the playing field.
Some armor functions they were often seen with were:

Wrist blaster
Wrist Rocket
Retractable Wrist blades
Whistling Birds
Grappling Lines
Paralyzing Darts
Whipcord launcher
Shield Emitter


Mandalorian Color Meanings
Mandalorians normally dye their armor to either reflect a specific meaning or in some cases, their Clan colors. The following are colors that can be seen amongst the armored warriors.

CanonNon-Canon, but commonly used
Gray- Mourning a lost love
Red= Honoring a Parent
Black= Justice
Gold= Vengeance
Green= Duty
Blue= Reliability
Orange= Lust for life
White = Fresh start
Purple= Luck
Pink= Respected or Respecting someone
Brown =Valor
Maroon = Power
Erin = Lust for Peace
Scarlet = Defiance
Silver= Seeking Redemption
Yellow= Remembrance
Teal = Healing
Bronze = Nobility
Cyan = In love
Tan (light brown)= Loyalty

Player Clans/Coalitions
Clan Solus
Mandalore Orar'da'yadr
Concord Dawn Orar'da'yadr
Roon Orar'da'yadr
Clan Crowholde
Clan Vano
Clan Wren
Clan Lone

Clan Praxor
Clan Kryze
Clan Vizsla
Kotii Solus
Srucayr/Council of Alore (Click link for more info)
Council of Alore (Click link for more info)
Vicanthix Trenessar
Laren Vano
Ghent Wren
Unnamed Alor
Casany Praxor
Bol-Yur Kryze
Unnamed Alor

Note: (More will be added to list as write-ups are submitted or Clans arise)

IC Ranks:
Evaar'la Verd- Though this will have no official ranking, they will still count as a tier one position. These are for the hopefuls to become Mandalorians and their skill level is treated akin to that of an Acolyte/Recruit/Padawan.

Verd'ika- The lowest official rank of the Mando'ade, these are the footsoldiers of the clans. Warriors or At-Home heroes that pour their heart and soul into the betterment of the Clan.

Ruus'alor- The Warhorse of the foot soldiers, these veterans have seen their share of battle and have bled for their Clan and their people. They have proven themselves to be capable warriors and ardent supporters of the cause.

Ver'alor- These Mandalorians have displayed their worth time and time again for their people and their kind. They have consistently done much to improve the common standing of their Clan and their people. These Mando'ade are tempered by both experience and battle, and use that wisdom to help the Alor guide the Clan. Few in the Clan can hold their own in a duel with them and their martial prowess are to be respected.

Alor- The Chieftain. The absolute leader of the Clan. They live, breathe, and bleed their Clan. Second to none in combat within their Clan, these warriors can go toe to toe with even the most skilled of opponents, be they Jedi, Sith, or otherwise. They guide their Clan and make the choices that will either make or break their Clan.

Mand'alor- The Absolute leader of the Mando'ade. This is not a position given or stumbled into. The Mand'alor is the epitome of what it means to be Mandalorian and though it stays at the same level as Alor, they are deferred to by all. The Mand'alor's will is the backbone of the Cultures might and they will guide what course their people as a whole take. These are no mercenary or casual bounty hunter, they have fought for their people to be reunited and paid the Blood Price over and over.

(Note: All IC ranks do not have an effect over power level. These are attained through IC contribution)

OOC Skill Ranks:

Vubetr- The lowest skill rank for the Mandalorians, these are often the fresh recruits to the average warrior. Equivalent to Padawan/Acolyte (Starting Rank)

Verd- The second tier skill rank of the Mando'ade, these are the footsoldiers of the clans. These warriors have started to gain a reputation. Equivalent to Knight/Marauder (starting rank).

Kat'ubetr- Veteran warriors who have fought many battles and lived to talk about it. Their presence on the field is enough to inspire those beneath them to do better. Equivalent to Jedi Master/Sith Lord.

Ramikad- The highest echelon of warrior might in the Clans. These warriors make those beneath them look like cannon fodder in terms of skill and experience. They are unflinching in battle and know when and where to pick a fight. A single Ramikad can wreak untold havoc on an enemy, a group, even more so. Equivalent to Jedi/Sith Councillor.

Ori'ramikad- These Mandalorians are living legends. They have gone toe to toe with some of the greatest challenges in the galaxy and survived. Their kin will follow them willingly into battle with the belief that they will come out alright. Equivalent to Jedi Grandmaster/Lord of the Sith.
(Note: All PC Mandalorians will be created at either Vubetr or Verd skill level. The only way to advance in skill level is through a rank change submission request. In order to qualify for the IC title of Mand'alor, you must reach Ori'ramikad.)

Other Resources to help with playing Mandos:
Strongholds: The Citadel, The Black Keep
Tech: Tech functions, jetpack missile, projectile launcher, pneumatic fist, inertial dampeners
Mandalorian Player Roster: Here
Mandalorian Clan List: Here
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