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March 31th, 2020

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After the horrors experienced in Fortress Vader, the Jedi obtained two halves of a unique KYBER CRYSTAL. When combined, it shone forth coordinates to the ruined planet of MANDALORE.

The call from the crystal was clear: something was there that needed to be found, but the crystal's song was short and vague. Sensing that this object could be part of the escalating chaos in the galaxy, the GRAND MASTER sends a group of Jedi to Mandalore to secure it for study.

The brazen act of Jedi on Mandalore catches the attention of other parties on the lookout for strange behavior, drawing them to the once proud warrior planet. No matter who arrives, all will have to contend with the desolation caused by the ghosts of Mandalore....

General Time Reminder
  • It is 100 years after the Battle of Exegol, we are in 135 ABY (After Battle of Yavin).
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.


Reputation Increases
State of the Jedi Order
Although the Jedi and Sector Rangers were gaining ground in their pursuit of the shadowy and then-unknown Sith Eternal, the first Jedi to met their against the Sith in over one-hundred years at a Sith Eternal attempt to break into a prison on Coruscant to rescue one of their own. Two jedi perished, @Nashyr Ris and @Saul Devan. They mourned, but in the end although the Sith Eternal got what they wanted, they brought the Sector Rangers and Jedi closer together as the Jedi proudly joined in their defense, and slain Sith Eternal Champion Sol Puara , removing a member of their leadership and getting a measure of payback. Not only that, Talak Rand, formerly known as the Arcanist, who played a big part in taking down Champion Sol Puara, found his path to the Light Side and becoming a Jedi.

The Jedi are building themselves up and making their presence known elsewhere, namely the finding of Master Wyck's holocron finally, with it's lost knowledge from thousands of years ago. With disaster relief, the Jedi have gained some hearts and minds over Eriadu. And the Jedi have taken the Great Massassi Temple on Yavin 4 as a new temple.

State of the Sith Order
The Sith Eternal have evolved, no longer will they be hiding their identity to the greater galaxy, the Eternal has announced the Sith Order. The Sith Eternal doesn't exist anymore, it is just now the Sith Order. With the Eternal being the Dark Lord of the Sith and the Champions having the Darth titles.

The Sith have caught the publics attention with all they have done to strike the the free worlds and the Jedi, with having the ranger captain execution awhile back and the attack and the attack on the prison. The Sith Order have sent shockwaves through out the galaxy with their return. Although they lost a champion and had the Arcanist was redeemed, they still remain intent on becoming supreme, as a new, proper Sith Order.

State of the Sector Rangers
The Sector Rangers has fought and bleed together with the Jedi at the Sith attack on Corellia awhile back and continued to do so at the prison break in on Coruscant. Although the Sith did achieve their goal, it didn't come without cost for them. While the Jedi took down a Sith Champion, Ranger @Roland Rook was the first person to shed Sith blood and kill one.

The Jedi and Sector Rangers are in solidarity, with even the Free Worlds Prime Minister herself and the Ranger Chief visiting the service for the fallen Jedi on Ajan Kloss.

One Sector Ranger effort aims to secure influence on Manaan for it's healing kolto.

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