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Apr 24, 2023
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disclaimer: anything << >> are strictly belonging to imprint marian. imprint marian is an echo within cremeks head, and cannot perform any actions, the imprint exists to add flavor to cremeks rps, and provide a point of interest for the two characters, imprint marian is just that, an imprint, a facet of cremeks imagination caused by the force of will marian used to create a barrier on dantooine, and a ritual gone wrong, THE IMPRINT IS NOT REAL.

NAME: Marian wandari
FACTION: jedi order
RANK: <<imprint>> jedi knight.
SPECIES: (currently waiting for write up to be approved) She currently does not know, but aims to find out.
AGE: over a century (as far as we know)
GENDER: female
HEIGHT: <<whatever she chooses to be.>> 5,2.
WEIGHT: <<she has none, she exists within cremeks head.>> 140
FORCE SENSITIVE: <<No. she is little more than a echo now.>> Yes+trained

Marian is a short red haired girl with ruby colored eyes, pale skin, and strangely sharp canines, her voice is annoyingly angelic, like a siren, but commands respect, she is quite the charming woman, her skin soft, she can be likened to an angel, but one cant help but feel like something is... wrong with her.. her pupils are slitted, her canines are sharper, she claims she could move much faster than a human.
She even states that her kind regarded human males as a rare delicacy, eating them after a mating ritual, and that they never truly named her kind.

though in her words she would "skip the consumption part" if it came to cremek, though she would never say that to him. She just finds the boy adorable and wants to make him hers, this often causes humorous conflicts between the two.

She is basically a mental image, and only can be detected if one searches cremeks mind, or see’s through his eyes. But she cannot interact with the real world. She represents everything cremek seeks to bury inside himself, but simply can't, kindness, optimism, friendship.. love. When she very rarely gets closer to merging with cremeks personality, that is when cremek embodies these qualities. The real marian is capable of moving extremely quickly in short bursts.

Marian is a sultry, flirty, annoyingly optimistic imprint that has made its way into cremeks head; she enjoys bothering cremek, and commenting on the things he does.
The real marian shares the same personality.

Little is known about marians life before her personality made an imprint on cremeks mind, what is known is she was a jedi, or at least one knowledgeable in their ways, who lived some centuries before during clone wars, who sacrificed a life to seal an ancient door on dantooine. When cremek candorus unsealed the door, the force of will imprinted itself into cremeks mind, giving her a “second life” within him, marians is slowly using this bond to influence cremek towards a more healthier path... So she may take him as a potential mate and student. the two have now developed a brother sister bond like bond, often bickering. she states her kind could live for an extremely long time by entering hibernation, and that the real marian could very well be out there

(this is true, and the real marian is well aware of what is happening due to the bond they share.)

<<Marian is essentially a mental image, she knows everything cremek knows, and can not leave him, she is aware of everything the real marian knows, and vice versa.>>

<<Marian is an imprint, and thus does not carry any real equipment.>>
The real marian wears basic robes, a breastplate, and a collar.

Anything cremek features in, imprint marian also features in.

The real marians rps will be shown here.
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After hearing a lot of concerns from other members, I'm stepping in.

I am archiving this character @theaveragejedishadow and all it's associated species. You already talked to about this in private about the concept for this character and interactions with your other character is unacceptable.

I better not see you revisit this concept or do something else like this again. Take this moment to read our Terms of Service and Roleplay Rules closely. Do not violate them, don't try to be clever to get around them either. And use some common sense about what is acceptable

This is your first and only warning. This is not up for further discussion.