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May 2nd, 2022

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Hello there, welcome back to the newsletter! After a brief hiatus, the newsletter is back once again, and there is a lot to go over. This newsletter is a must-read So without further ado...

Site Changes & Information

New Community Mod!

Hello there everyone! Please give us a hand in welcoming @lizziie to the purgatory of the staff team as the new Community Moderator!

As community moderator, they will be working with @The Good Doctor and aiding with our monthly newsletters. They will be helping him with welcoming new members to the site, answering questions and the likes. The community team will also be looking at hosting community events in the future. We have had some community events for fun, like Hutt Ball and Skimboarding. And with the extra support, you all can look forward to more community events being hosted in the near future both on site and through discord!

Taggable User Groups

We have a new feature on SWRP, that will enable taggable faction groups on the site. To instructions on how to set it up, see this thread.

Atlas Update

As of now, there is a huge update to the Galactic Atlas here, really important changes. Be sure to check it out.

After Kashyyyk was burned and millions perished, the defamation of the Jedi, and the resignation of Prime Minister Korre, the large and fragile Free Worlds Alliance would feel impact. Many worlds would start ceding from Alliance. Their reasons vary, some say the fight against the Sith isn't theirs, they don't want to risk invading, they have no love for the Jedi, or they they will join other political blocs. Whatever the reasons it would all be real, the Free Worlds lost over half it's territory, it would be like swiss cheese, patches there, some exclaves there. It's up to the key active Free Worlds planets to presrve whats left. Will they rise again?

There is some good news though, even though the Jedi have been shunned across a lot of the galaxy, there are still a very few worlds that will support them, worlds that Jedi have influence on (but don't control themselves). The rebel movement is gathering quite a bit of steam, and have entrenched themselves in the space around Sernpidal. Other worlds defecting from the Free Worlds would also throw their lot with the Jedi. They are the Resistance, regular people of many different professions, vocations, and walks of life fighting against SIth tyranny with the Jedi.

Still, this drastic shift of power has implications on the other factions, the Mandalorians are free to expand their territory around the Mandalore system. The Sith are also probably eyeing many now-neutral worlds, they can either invade or sway them to their cause with their cunning diplomats. The Five Syndicates may also see this as an opportunity to expand their operations.

What happens now remains to be seen.

Note: All map requests before 5/29 are reflected on the map. Any requests made the 29th or later are not reflected on the map yet.

Tech/PVP reminder

So just a reminder in regards to tech and pvp to keep in mind.
  • Heavy damage weapons, as per the tech rules, are usually 'slow firing' and 'recoil heavily' when shot. If you attempt to spam shots with your heavy weapon, the shots in addition to being inaccurate will overheat your weapon.

General Time Update
  • Time has advanced two (2) years since the last newsletter
    It is now 115 years after the Battle of Exegol, we are in 150 ABY (After Battle of Yavin).
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.


  • The Pit
    • Four people escort scavengers looking for a enigmatic artifact on a shrine built into an asteroid. And there is a cave-in that prevents them from getting out the way they come from, and is someone watching them?
  • Skimboard Racing
    • Four skimsurfers from varying factions ride their skimboards in a high-profile open invitational race. There can only be one winner, who will it be?
  • A New Flashpoint begins: Dantooine
    • Once again decisively under Imperial rule, most citizens have returned to their lives, uncaring for what flag flies over the horizon. Some soldiers and miscreants, however, have remained on the planet. Either seeking evacuation or hoping to continue making guerrilla attacks against the occupiers, small conflicts continue to spring up across the planet and occasionally even larger battles.

Story Spotlight

New Republic Chancellor

It's been quite a long time since the tragic death of former Chancellor @Emil Ro. With that, a new vacuum was created. However, two senators would put their hat in the race to become Supreme Chancellor; the first being @Alexander Xerxes of Hynestia and the second @Raycom Hedarial of Byss. The two candidates put on quite a show as they campaigned but as per nature only person can become Supreme Chancellor.

Chancellorship candidates Xerses and Hedarial even participate in a debate to showcase their views and opinions to NR citizens.

In the end Alexander Xerxes emerged victorious, gaining a hefty majority of the votes, becoming the new Supreme Chancellor of the New Republic. What was his key to victory? The work he put on the campaign trail, his ideology resonating with the most republic citizens, and him courting other senators. Not long after, his opponent conceded victory and congratulating his rival. It didn't take too long for the new Chancellor to get started which lead to..

The Exodus

The Supreme Chancellor made his first speech, aiming to make good on his commitments and promises, and to reassure Republic citizens. Chancellor Xerxes has started discussions with ISC President @Emryc Thorne, entered negotiations with Sith Empress @Darth Andruil, normalizing relations and bringing peace to the New Republic, announced over the holonet. Already the galaxy is shifting and the Republic is gaining traction.

One big act sent shockwaves across the galaxy.

“That is why, fifteen minuets ago, as my first act as Supreme Chancellor of the New Republic. I have signed an executive order, which bans all members of the Jedi Order from Republic Space. Their presence within our borders will be seen as an illegal act and they will be detained accordingly. This order comes into effect by midnight Coruscant Central Time tomorrow. I ask that all Jedi within the Republic please leave quietly and without fuss, our alliance is now over.”

The galaxy looked for what the Jedi's reaction would be, but ultimately, the Jedi would elect to abandon their presence in Republic space, the Grandmaster @Alexandria Voran calling home all Jedi, only presence being maintained in Republic space being in Ifrane due to it's secretive location, however ended on an opportunistic note.

"The Jedi Guardians were reckless and foolish, but their hearts beat on the right path. An Army of the Light to banish the Darkness. No more waiting for the Sith to strike. No more waiting for the next blow. We are the hammer. I ask only for volunteers, only those who wish to serve. May the Force be with us.”

In the first senate session, Chancellor Xerxes is already facing his first challenge, meeting very vocal resistance against the executive order.

FWA's First Strike

A team of FWA commandos by the name of Delta Team (@Vash Lysander, @Cedric Harkken, @Akira Tay @Yulia Ivanov have very recent destroyed the Sith Academy on the central Sith world Dromund Kaas. The Senator of Onderon @Cassian Graves claimed this a successful mission.

"Last night Onderon's special forces company Delta Team successfully carried out a strategic military attack on the Sith Academy located on Dromund Kaas,"

"Working in conjunction with IIA agents, Delta Team silently and tactfully placed proton bombs throughout the solider training facility, utterly destroying the facility and killing several high-ranking Sith instructors gathered on the top floor."

"The attack on the Sith Academy on Dromund Kaas was only the beginning. Onderon stands firmly against the Sith Empire and against any terrorist than threatens the lives and wellbeing of our citizens."

Afterwards Sith ventured to the ruins of the academy, drawing varied reactions from them, striking sore points. Will this escalate the war to a new level? Is this the start of the Free Worlds gaining steam against the Sith? Stay tuned.

State of the Galaxy

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The AMS Outbreak

Utapau: 100% Infected = (all pre-AMS population has either been infected or evacuated the world, no non-infected population remains.)
Nal Hutta: 15% infected v
Rorak 4: 21% infected v
Nar Shaddaa: 18% infected v
Toydaria: 18% infected v
Tol Amn: 41% infected v
Keldooine: 30% infected v
Kwenn: 4% infected v
Irith: 15% infected v
Nixor: 31.0% infected v
Randon: 12% infected v
Ruusan: 0% infected v
Ubrikkia: 17% infected v
New Apsolon: 22% infected v
Deysum III: 28% infected v
Coachelle Prime: 13% infected v
Kashyyyk: 0% infected v
Boz Pity: 1% infected v
Lannik: 2% v
Saleicami 1% v
Boonta: 3% v
Nimbian: 4% v

AMS continues to trend downward at phenomenal rate. Already in the minds of many galactic citizens AMS is no longer on anyone's thoughts or even a concern. There are still sizable pockets where the virus started spreading, but aside from that the galaxy has largely moved on.

Reminder: These hotspots are not the only traces of AMS in the galaxy but are the most notable ones. This is a reminder that AMS has spread through most of the galaxy from the Outer Rim to the Core Worlds.
The Jedi

The Jedi

The Jedi have had ups and downs, but they are still gaining some ground against the Sith. A few of their numbers, including @Emilia Vuth, have inspired a resistance movement in a new Rebel Alliance that is aimed at ending Sith tyranny. The Jedi Order now has a host of territory around Sernpidal that is under their influence and strongly allied with them.

At Kashyyyk, during the Sith onslaught, two Jedi tied Wookies to the outside of the ship and attempted to take them into space, even though the ISC were offering shuttles despite the Jedi being rude to the ISC officials. News of this made the Holonet waves, further sinking the Jedi's reputation. Defenders of the Jedi pointed out that it was just two Jedi and the Sith were the ones bombarding in the first place, but the many, many people who distrust force-users at this point didn't give the Jedi any quarter. Before too long, senators/governors have started declaring the Jedi banned on their worlds... The Jedi responsible for this, @Silex Tan and @Jade Hart, went before the Grandmaster and the Justicars, and in the end the irresponsible Jedi were stripped of the Force and taken to the Free Worlds for justice.

The Jedi are looking to gather strength and power in order to fight the Sith war machine. They are not content with only having their temples; they aim to form an Army of the Light. The Jedi also looked to strengthen their ties to the FWA and metaphorically offered Flowers for the Free Worlds. Jedi Knights @Tazlen Axil and @Vesper T'Rahm are battling Sith Champions @Jaikus Altaris and @Jerex Dorn to shut down a vital lommite factory, which would later be refined into material used for SIth ships.

Lastly, a group of Jedi Padawans have ventured forth into Emperor Palpatine's old observatory on Jakku. observing the darkness beneath. No one knows that the Jedi went there, but one thing was for certain, old Imperial Star Destroyers have appeared in orbit of above Jakku, and began openning fire on the desert world

"My name is Admiral Scipio Galba, commander of Operation Bnigeai Naile and loyal servant of the last true Emperor. The Galaxy has enjoyed a stay of execution that ends today - Operation Cinder resumes."

The Sith

The Sith

The Sith Empire is still continuing their war with the Free Worlds Alliance and the Jedi. The Sith Empress @Darth Andruil has bombard Kashyyyk after making a holonet address, laying waste with their capital ships and killing millions of people. The defenders fought hard against the Sith ships, but were outnumbered and fell.

After the rebels seized Dantooine, @Jaikus Altaris and @Ryujin Izanagi were summoned by the @Darth Draugr and the Dark Lord of the Sith @Darth Raze for a massive blunder. After speaking truthfully, Darth Raze permitted the Inqusitor Izanagi to end his own life. Jaiku Altaris had an arm severed and had one chance to make it up. Seeking to redouble his efforts, he is matching wits with Grandmaster @Alexandria Voran in the diplomacy area for Glee Anselm. Next, he has succesffuly infiltrated Dantoonie with @Varyn Atrix and softened it up for re-invasion for the hotly contested rural farm world, in the end it's now under SIth control again, and can expect the Sith to shore up their defenses.

The Five Syndicates

Five Syndicates

Activity within the Five Syndicates has begun to surge in recent years. The Pykes have been on the move and were able to gain influence over the formerly unaffiliated criminal syndicate, Materiaalaankopen.Their final moves to exert control over the Materiaalaakopen came next, and before long “a sizeable portion of their profits [were] benefiting the Pyke Syndicate.”.

A new crime syndicate has appeared as well - the Zann Consortium. It wasn’t long before the syndicate secured themselves on the world of Kowak and began the construction of the Kowak Drive Yards. The rise of the Zann Consortium, led by @Grace Zann, brought about galactic attention when they were sold New Republic ships by Kuat’s own Senator @Vaz in a controversy now known as “Shipgate”. It seems that Grace Zann has agreed to return the illegally purchased ships, under threat of war if she does not.

In other news, rumors running about include: the Hutt Council growing tired of one of the Syndicate Members, a heist on its way to being underway, and the potential re-emergence of the Crimson Dawn…

The Mandalorians

The Mandalorians

The Mandalorians have been gearing up for war, aiming to reduce reliance on their lifeline from the Sith and instead of just attacking everything blindly. They are making strategic moves that will help them in the long run. First the Mandalorians have obtained control of the Ubrikkia shipyards, and repurpose them for their own ends.

Next the Drums of War are being pounded, After @Nox Solus coordinated with fellow Alors to form a strategy of general acquisition of territory to the north, a group of planets that could provide valuable resources to their people and give them securement in the galaxy. And right now, all the missions are complete, this will expand Mandalorian territory no insignificant amount. They will have the port and utility of the shadowport Borgo Prime, the farmlands of Shaum Hii, the production of Ciutric, and finally the resources and shipyards of Horuz.

Galactic Senate
Independent Systems Consortium

The ISC continues to develop and prosper. The war between the ISC and Five Syndicates ending, with the ISC emerging in a higher position than the Syndicates as the ISC announced that they had won their war against the 5S.

Fed up with the Free Worlds disrespecting the ISC at almost every turn, especially after what happened on Kashyyyk with Senator @Aezzairrfhowrrhudrrl's conversation with Govenor @Galek Ordalos (which by itself drew lot of outrage from the galaxy at large) The President @Emryc Thorne declared a “final straw” and removed all ISCRA support from FWA space, stating: “Citizens of the ISC, we are despised. We are hated. We are disrespected at every turn by the Free World Alliance.” Not long after this was announced, The ISC continues to experience growing nation-pride, but anti-refugee sentiments may be on the rise.

In good news though, the President Thorne and Secretary of Defense @Carrick are 'shopping' with Blackwell Tech @Newton Arden. Theres large 'super droids' being presented as well as previously-unseen models of droid-operated cruisers and starfighters. A large purchase-order will dramatically boost ISC military power.

Free Worlds Alliance

The Free Worlds experienced some highs and some very low lows in recent times. On the bright side of things, after the last Senate meeting, Prime Minister @Korre Belasi met with various shipyard representatives and the Senator of Fondor @Jin Vaisra and his Queen to secure fleet commissions for the military she’d committed to building up, succeding in doing so. Realizing that such a fleet would be ineffective with a central leadership, The Prime Minister asked her Senate to vote in favor of beginning negotiations with the NR to merge. so that a more centralized government could be formed. The vote passed, though the Senate remained largely divided about the move. But things would soon go from good to bad. When the Prime Minister approached the New Republic about the possibility of a merge, it was unsuccessful as the New Republic wished to elect a chancellor before entertaining the idea. Not long after, Korre made the decision to step down as PM, and as a result the FWA Senate decided to remove the role altogether.

In addition, Kashyyyk was attacked, bombarded at the hands of the Sith, millions perished in the attack and set in stone a chain of events.

The FWA continued to experience unrest and division within their alliance after Korre - a well liked and unifying force - left and it only got worse as the months went on. Eventually many worlds would cede from the coalition, going neutral.

New Republic

With a new Chancellor, things would look promising, the Chancellor has been proactive in his efforts to get others onboard with the Republic, even trying to convince other Free Worlds-aligned systems to do so, such as Jakku where he will be matching wits with the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium @Charlotte Le'Anna. Similarly, the Republic Senator of Kuat @Vaz Du Du is contending with Senator of New Alderaan @Nicolas Clément with the Free Worlds and Queen of Naboo @Sandé A Veruna on the ISC side for the droid producing moon.

All good so far, a new scandal as emerged, Sector Ranger @Alton Hackett and Private Investigator @Flynn Rider have investigated Senator @Vaz Du Du and have found substantial evidence that the latter has been selling or been attempting off Republic proprietary war ships to unauthorized persons, including the @Grace Zann the Crime Lord of the Zann Consortium. It was exposed on the holonet in full, and draw very vocal reactions from many people, including responses from Grace and a counter-response from the Chancellor, asking for those ships back or he will take 'further action'

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