May 2023 Newsletter

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May 1, 2023

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Happy May everyone! It's time for the monthly newsletter. Lots of rank-ups for this last month, so congratulations to everyone for their hard work! Awesome to see.

Site Updates

  • As you might have noticed, @Aberforth updated the thread prefixes on the site. In additon, colors of the factions have changed. Jedi are now Green. Imperials are now blue .etc
  • Imperials now have their own sub-forum, now separate from the Sith forum, as well as having their own banners.

General Time Update
  • Time has advanced one (1) years since the last newsletter
    It is now 122 years after the Battle of Exegol, we are in 157 ABY (After Battle of Yavin).
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.



Story Spotlight


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Raze Unleashed!

Raze Unleashed!
Catalyst of Progess

Catalyst of Progess
  • In the aftermath of the Free Worlds and New Republic ceasing to exist, a new session of Galactic Senate would occur.
  • It was a short session, both on behalf of the Empire @Levik Karn accepted surrender, conceeding to ISC President @Emryc Thorne.
  • In the session, Governor of Llanic @Jade Archer proposed tribunals and bringing in Sith war criminals involved in the 'Firreree Fire' and orbital bombardment of Kashyyyk to face justice at the hand of the Galactic Senate.
  • Levik Karn agreed to those terms leading us into...
Battle for Dathomir

Battle for Dathomir

State of the Galaxy

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HoloNet Highlights

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Must See Breaking News
In Other News

Galactic Happenings

Major Happenings
  • The Free Worlds Alliance and New Republic, both rife with turmoil, dissolved, both ceasing to exist.
Fights and Invasions
(More) Socials

Mission Packs

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