May 2024 Newsletter


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Aug 19, 2023
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May 2024 Newsletter

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the May 2024 Newsletter for SWRP!

___This newsletter isn't a day late! It's right on time to celebrate the beginning of Pride Month!

___For anyone who may not be aware, June is Pride Month, a month dedicated to celebrating and commemorating LGBTQ(IA+) people.

Without further delay, let's dive into the occurrences of the month!


Informational Updates

General Time Update
___There has been no advancement of time.
___The site currently remains in 162 ABY, or 127 years after the Battle of Exegol.
  • However, please remember that time, in general, is fluid here on the site.

Jedi Order
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Sith Order
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The Empire
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Story Spotlight

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—Invasion of Raxus

___The Hutt Invasion of Raxus has concluded, but not in the way the Hutts planned. The Imperial defenders, with their strategic prowess, repelled the invasion. The Imperial Capital, despite a slow initial response, managed to rise to the occasion, thanks to the valiant efforts of @Merian Sere, @Magnus Thel'riss, and @The Lieutenant, who battled against the Hutt Scion @Dar'baal and hired gun @Kyp.

___Ultimately, the tide turned against the Hutt forces, compelling them to surrender unconditionally. This surrender, from a Hutt Scion and relative of the Hutt Cartel Supreme Mongul himself, could have significant implications, marking a significant victory for the Imperial defenders.

—Attack on Ansion

___Ansion is a world under the Jedi sphere of influence, and it was beset by Apex Mercenary @Maan Vizsla and a Sith by the name of @Arak Ragnos. Battle droids and Sith Soldiers made planetfall on the backwater planet. They proceeded to gun down civilians and destroy fleeing shuttles.

___However, Jedi Master @Sevrin Valtiere would respond to this unprovoked attack, and Jedi Padawan @Kaedan would be with him.

___At the end of the struggle, Deeming @Maan Vizsla to be too dangerous to be left alive and would easily escape justice, @Sevrin Valtiere plunged his blade into the hulking cyborg, ending his life. Meanwhile, @Arak Ragnos managed to get away and could live to fight another day. Thus, the Jedi had won the day.

State of the World

—HoloNet Highlights



Office of the Emperor — Stalemate regarding the failed invasion of Raxus
Earlier this week, a sizeable force of ships, tanks and mercenaries associated with the criminal Hutt Cartel launched an attack on the Imperial capital world of Raxus Secundus. As reckless as it was ill-prepared, the offensive ended the only way it could: in failure. The quasi totality of Hutt assets mobilized for the assault were lost. Hundreds of Houk mercenaries were killed or captured. Tanks and vessels were destroyed or surrendered to the Imperial Security Bureau for inspection. And Dar'baal Desilijic Zordo, presumptive leader of the assault and Supreme Mogul Nor’baal’s own nephew, was taken into Imperial custody where he remains under heavy guard... continue reading

The Farce of a Peace Treaty
Altair Din may not have been on Raxus in time to defend it, but he would use his power and influence where he could nonetheless. He did not want to take the role of Emperor, but he knew he was a champion to Imperial citizens and soldiers alike. He would ensure that their stories and voices weren’t lost in the wave of media backlash against the Empire.

“Citizens of the galaxy,” He began, his familiar face appearing on screen to address the galaxy at large, “You have every right to wonder what happened with the peace treaty the Empire had with the Hutts and the nature of its breach... continue reading

—Other Galactic Happenings

Faction Happenings

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