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SWRP Newsletter #05:

June 2nd, 2018

Site Changes & Updates · Current Story Updates · Completed Player Plots · Important IC News
Greetings again for the fifth month in a row, fellow SWRPers! This months newsletter includes very important and exciting changes to our plot system and a time update. Information on the ongoing Exile EVENT! Lots of exciting updates on the sites overall story, an update to the site itself and much more!
Site Changes & Updates

5 years have passed since the Ilum tragedy! This means if you haven't aged your character at all since the beginning of the timeline, please add 5 years to their age!

There some adjustments to our plot rules. Previously, the rules have been as follows:
  • The reward cap for all credits earned in a plot was 105: you could earn 100 credits in an 11 thread plot (the max number of threads in a plot) and a 5 credit bonus.
  • DMs get 50% of the credit rewards.
  • Leaders get full credits.
  • Participants get 75% rewards.
To make plots more fair, the following changes are being made:
  • The reward cap is being raised to 150 credits: you can earn 100 credits in an 11 thread plot, but, if you complete all of the goals of your plot, you will get a 1.5x multiplier added to the rewards.
  • DMs will continue to get 50% of the credit rewards.
  • Leaders and participants will get full credit rewards.
Additionally, we want to encourage members to DM more for plots. Don't rely strictly on the plot mods unless you absolutely have to (for canon NPCs, for instance). Feel free to step up and DM for other people, that way the plot mods are not overstretched with the amount of work they need to do. To make up for this, though, we will more aggressively review plots to catch any cheating that may be going on.

Finally, and, perhaps most importantly to many of you, is that, in order to achieve maximum fairness, we will be grandfathering in all of the plots that have already been completed into this new system—giving the difference of the rewards to the accounts that earned them.

Try not to lean too heavily on DMing. If you can RP out a thread without a DM, do so. Only use DMing when it is absolutely necessary. The plot mods can help you determine when and if this is necessary.

We also have a new BBcode: Let's roll! It's a dice thrower BBcode. Feel free to use it however you like. Alternatively, you can choose to ignore it completely. The dice available are: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D40 & D100.

And lastly, after looking at a number of incredible applications, the SWRP Staff team has selected @Nefieslab to be the new plot moderator! He will be joining the staff and help out with DMing and moving the story forward! Nef is a very active member of the community and we have no doubt he'll be a fantastic addition to the team. Everyone let's please take a moment to welcome him :)


AS A REMINDER, LEVEL TWO(2) CHARACTERS ARE KNOWN BY ALL CHARACTERS IN THEIR FACTIONS.LEVEL THREE(3) CHARACTERS ARE KNOWN THROUGHOUT ALL FACTIONS. LEVEL FOUR(4) CHARACTERS ARE KNOWN ON A GALACTIC SCALE. Please keep this in mind while your character is in a thread with a level two(2), level three(3), or level four (4) character.

Current Story Updates

Exile Event

The past months of this year have seen events centered on the Jedi, the Hutts, and the planet Alderaan. Now, the event you've been waiting for: an Exile event — and one whose surprise ending will likely have a VERY far-reaching impact on the site's story. Here is the scenario:

Malachor V.

It's the fifth planet in the Malachor system, whose namesake the warlord Andraste has commanded to be searched. But the dark side call to us... calls to you... and it calls you to Malachor V. This dark, stormy, rain-lashed world pulsates with the dark side of the Force. It lies barren, or so it would have you believe, but was it always this way?

Our scouts have located the remnants of a civilization: a city at the base of an ancient temple, from which the dark side is at its strongest. These peoples had to be powerful to create a dark impression this strong and vibrant. They may have mastered the dark side's most arcane arts. If so, then we must find them. We must learn from them. And then... we can take our fight back to the Jedi.

General Time Update
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

PVP Updates

  • SWRP SWAT strikes again!! Monthly SWAT report:
    1. N/A

Plot and Events Updates


Completed Player Plots

Hunting Syresh Lapar
Overlord Andraste and a small team of her followers tracked Warlord Syresh Lapar across the Galaxy, culminating in a showdown on Illum where the former Grandmaster and most of his cult were slain. Before he died, he revealed himself to be Andraste’s grandfather - though this is a secret to all but those present at the man’s death.

Countess of Serenno
The Grand Count of Serenno is killed and abominations invade it's capital city. Andraste in the company other Exiles as well as members of the Hutt Cartel valiantly fight them off. In the end, Andraste is crowned the Grand Countess of Serenno, becoming the ruler of the Republic of Serenno.

Of Slugs and Men
Andraste seeks to build an alliance with the Hutt Cartel and the Exiles. The Supreme Mongul Gulla is dead with Svallos villing in the void as Supreme Mongol. Meanwhile Comilla is persuaded to alter the Lightsaber bounty to where only non-red lightsabers are eligible for the reward.

Start of Something Bad
Nem'ro Besadii Ziir, an ambitious and promising Hutt, hires out to establish a criminal enterprise on Ryloth, topping it off with seizing his own palace and Nem'ro being granted the rank of Cartel Vigo.

From the Ashes
Kal Vox and Narri Emour start off by break into a shipping office to steal a manifest of ships and shipping routes, and then he sets up two groups of Exiles to take a pirate base, successfully claiming it for the Exiles as a new home after the fall of the temple Prakith.

Discovering the Buried Seed of Hope
Ark Insalius, with others does a job for a crimelord Radford Corvallys, and ends up becoming a journey where Ark Insalius gains his inheritance from the late Alphonse Carraway, and eventually end up saving the potential Alderaan election heirs from Queen Lucille, communicating in a hangar being blown up.

Obtaining Slicer Ship
Spectre launches a project to obtain a T2 Thresher Freighter with the intention of making it into a mobile base for slicers. To that end, he recurits an old friend from his old University in Coronet City, a codebreaker from Canto Bight, he also recruits a pilot from Nar Shadda, while he has separate teams find a co-pilot for the vessel on Mandalore, while a brave group of people steal the freighter from Ord Mantell.

Outreach in Alderaan Places
Spectre with Parvis as company, meet up with the new Queen Lucille of Alderaan to discuss buisness and to build a rapport with her. After going through a lot of effort to prove they are trustworthy and reliable (and getting posioned), Spectre and Parvis are sent to the House Lyndon estate, broke in, stole some information and a little cousin girl for Lucille for blackmail material, thus building a good relationship with her.

Pillaging Onderon
Allard Keevar and James Logan raid a military base on Onderon, and although they were in a bit of a jam, manage to make out with two powerful SLR-34s and various uniforms and heavy armor.

Acquiring a Pale Horse
Cyzyn-Itza-Rus Xho'thal in the company of others, manages to acquire an advanced Farsight Scout Ship through legal means and without a trace to them.

The Worst Jedi
Jedi Master Cregan was conflicted over his feelings for Andraste and allegiance to the Order. He spoke to various people, but in the end left the Jedi Order for his wife Andraste, branding Cregan as an Exile

A Shade of Dread

Jedi Master Cregan Doldan gives an assessment to young Jedi Shadow Spencer Ward of putting down a criminal gang, then the two report back to Shadows Councilor Tanda Winters.

Poisonous Affairs
Nem'ro the Hutt tasks bounty hunter K'ed Lors and merc for hire Fiason Kelborn to find a special plant for use of the creation of Mindbreak, which was succesful.

Chiffon "Needs a Ship"
Chiffon, with the help of other Cartel members, acquired a Vari Boarding Skiff and succesfully obtained a permit to fly it legally.

Rise of the Hutt Cartel
Nem'ro the Hutt succesfully purchases a Orivah-class corvette after winning a game of pazaak and hires the crew for it.

Bounty On James Logan
After posting on a secure Hutt channel askign for Cartel members to raid Nem'ro the Hutt's palace and word got to the Hutt Vigo about it, James Logan is captured by bounty hunters, and is brought back to his palace where he faces his punishment, with an arm cut off and left stranded on the planet.

New Digs
Daesh'afenn and company target a warehouse on Ord Mantell, they take it from the local salvaging gang already inside, and defend it against more of them returning from a salvaging run. After that, the Free Trade Guild is born.

Journey to the Light
Exile Apprentice Eivor Vivas meets multiple people and finds even with the darkness inside her, there is still a light that burns with in. After meeting with the Jedi Council with others speaking on her behalf, she is allowed back into the Jedi Order as an apprentice under Councilor Wyck under a caveat.

Ithor Intruders
Eice Frex, an aspiring Ossein, and Daesh'afenn, a smuggler with the Free Trade Guild, took a job smuggling pharmaceuticals off the planet Ithor, in the Outer Rim. Upon arriving, they found Ithor under a virtual blockade by the Blackrow Hyperlogistics corporation, and were intercepted in orbit. Discovering Eice, a former Blackrow employee accused of stealing company property, the Blackrow Risk Management security personnel detained them aboard a space station in orbit. Faced with execution, the two escaped with the help of a turncoat Risk Management officer, with Eice stealing the station administrator's personal runabout in the process.

Aquiring a Gambling Den
Toasted Twi'lek owner and Cartel Vigo Blythe and Exile Master Siris met and discuss working together. Pravis and Siris take over a casino for the TT. And later mercenaries from the previosn owner were dispatched to try to take it back, but fell before Blythe and Siris.

Skyward Sword
The Skyward Sword was a former Jedi Drexel Class Corvette and Cregan Doldan led the effort to take it back. A boarding party of Councilors were dispatched other Jedi were engaging their escort of pirate fighters, eliminating them. The Skyward Sword was reclaimed for the Jedi Order.

Shadows of the Past
Jedi Knight Imani Sage, alongside her former master Wyck, ventures across the galaxy in search for her family. Uncovering the world between worlds, the two Jedi save Imani's long lost family and celebrate their recovery on Jedha.

Important IC News

State of the Jedi Order

While successfully destroying an Exile stronghold in the Assault on Prakith, the Jedi Order took a devastating loss. The Jedi assault group crumbled under the sheer amount of powerful exile's that came to defend the temple, which forced them to retreat. In the end they lost Jedi Councilor Tanda Winters, followed by the capture and execution of Jedi Councilor Evalyn Dan’ela. Without their knowledge, the battle was recorded and played on the holonet by slicers hired by the Toasted Twi'lek gang, in a campaign to discredit the Jedi Order.

State of the Jedi Exiles

The Exiles have not been idle in the past months and have seen large strides toward creating a unified, formalized state with assets to match. Although the Exile base on Prakith was destroyed, the Exiles managed to slay the Shadow Councilor Winters as well as capture Councilor Dan'ela. In order to further solidify the new and strong alliance between the Hutt Cartel's Supreme Mogul and the Exiles, the Exiles handed over the Councilor to be executed by one of its up and coming Vigos.

The Exiles settled a new base in the Feriae Junction system to replace the one lost and Prakith and it has become a location to regroup and strike out against the Jedi. It was here that Andraste declared herself leader of the Exiles without opposition and took the mantel of Overlord.

Her first act was to declare the Warlords Syresh Lapar and the Eternal traitors for failing to swear loyalty, which resulted in the rapid demise of both leaders. Syresh Lapar was eliminated on Ilum by a small strike force led by Andraste herself while the Eternal was slain at Malachor by the Exile Master Siris who secretly acquired the mantel of Eternal. It was also at Malachor that the Exiles learned of a planet called Korriban, which is home to a species of aliens known as the Sith who are powerful in the Dark Side of the Force.

An attack on Serenno broke out where the Grand Count and several heads of houses were bombed. Abominations began to run rampant in the cities and Andraste was called to help resolve the issue. With the help of some Hutt volunteers, Andraste and other Exiles were able to destroy the abominations in the city. Though this caused significant damage, it resulted in the public outcry for Andraste to assume the position of a leader. The remaining members of the houses convened and proclaimed Andraste as the new Grand Countess of Serenno. This provided the Exiles with a substantial amount of troops and a small fleet, only extending the small empire she has started to create

State of the Hutt Cartel

The Supreme Mogul Gulla the Hutt was killed by Exiles led by Andraste, and Svallos takes his place as the new Supreme Mogul, backed by the Exiles as per an alliance between the Exiles and the Hutts. The Great Hunt has also been revised, only non-red lightsabers are eligable for the credit reward.

Meanwhile The Wook, Parvis, Blythe, Spectre, and Nem'ro, all Cartel Vigos have been very active furthering their influence and furthering their standing in the Hutt Cartel.

Spectre has pulled off a mission with Parvis on behalf of Queen Lucille of Alderaan, establishing a warm relationship between the two parties. Spectre has completed his slicer ship mobile base project as well. Currently, he is looking fill in Svallos' empty spot on the Hutt Council, intending to break the species barrier and pave the way for non-Hutts to become a Kajdiic Lorda. Blythe, with Parvis and Siris as her bosses, have worked to successfully expand the Toasted Twi'ek. Parvis is also working on getting the Twi'lek into the slavery business starting on Zygerria. The Wook has stole a warehouse from a spice gang, and is looking to muscle in on the piracy, smuggling, and bounty hunting trades. The wookie Vigo has his sights set on Raithal.

Davik Lorso, another Cartel Vigo has played a heavy role in Exile affairs as of late, assisting with establishing the Hutt-Exile alliance, participated Supreme Mogul Gulla’s assassination, and being involved death of the Grand Count of Serenno,

Nem'ro the Hutt's rise to a great Hutt Vigo was meteoric managing to gather enough men to take a large palace for himself, obtain a corvette and some starfighters, as well as spice mine operations, and succeeding in obtaining the drug Mindbreak as well as bringing strong ties with the other Vigos. In addition to that, he is also becoming well known as a hunter of Jedi and their artifacts in his own right, having killed his fair share of Jedi and collecting lightsabers. Currently Nem'ro the Hutt is looking to dispose of Comilla and take his place as the Lorda of Besadii

After a summit at Nem'ro the Hutt's palace, all those Vigos have agreed to form an alliance of mutual benefit, which would shake up the balance of power while the current Hutt Lordas are squabbling over the shake-up after the Supreme Mogul's death.

State of the Republic

The sleeping giant that is the Republic is starting to rouse itself from its slumber, with fresh faced senators from a number of worlds doing their best to push the lumbering beast in one direction or another, depending on the will of their people and their own ambitions.

In a large hearing, the Senate has declared its intentions to hold an investigation into allegations of corruption and Cartel influence in the recent elections for the Kingdom of Alderaan.

A series of holonet debates have begun between several different senators on the position of the Republic in regards to the ongoing hostilities between the Exiles and the Jedi, while several different senators have taken steps to secure allies, friends and leverage over each other with varying degrees of success.

Most recently, the Exile representative Fenn Vaal appeared before the Senate with a proposed Non-Aggression Pact between the Exiles and the Republic itself. The Senate voted to agree to the proposed Pact and a later summit will be held to see if a more lasting peace can be achieved between the Republic, the Jedi Order and the Exiles.

New Governor for Jakku

Story by:

Mason Eldrydge​

Anchor: We're coming to you live from Jakku again for another special news report! As always, Mason Eldrydge is the first on the scene! Mason, what has happened since you last visited this tropical paradise?

*Cut to Mason in a fine suit standing in front of a gathering of people in cloaks wielding rifles and sharp weapons. This time, though, they're standing in front of the main governmental building on the planet*


Mason: Thanks, Weiss! It would seem that since my last visit here, the Cult of Sir Brandon Porrigan has manged to gain a majority of the political offices here on Jakku, including the planetary Governor's office. Apparently the policies set forth by this mysterious party have been incredibly popular among the masses. Production has been up and crime has fallen by a surprising percentage.

*Cheering erupts from the gathered mob, one wearing very fine robes coming out carrying Sir Brandon Porrigan on a velvet pillow. The Porg is nested quite happily, wearing a small helmet that was commonly found on ancient soldiers. After a moment a commlink is placed in front of Sir Brandon Porrigan, who then begins to try to eat it before squeaking a few times into it.*

Mason: This looks to be their victory speech. I have no idea what is being said, but the crowd LOVES it. I'm going to try to get an interview with the new Governor to see what kinds of plans he has for Jakku going forward.

Anchor: I have never heard of such an occurrence happening ever before, and I've been covering the news for decades now. What other firsts will our galaxy conceive of? Oh, and Mason, has the cult forgiven you for your last encounter with them?

Mason: *Looks around nervously* Ah, I don't think I know what you mean, Weiss-

*One of the robed men cries out in outrage at Mason's words, drawing the attention of Sir Brandon Porrigan. He gives a cry as he stirs from his nest, obviously displeased for a second time*

Cult Leader: The reporter has returned! And has upset Sir Porrigan for a second time! DEATH TO THE OUTSIDERS!!



*The camera is dropped as the mob chases after Mason and his cameraman. The feed continues in silence until Sir Brandon Porrigan walks in front of the camera. He gives the lense a few looks before glaring right into the center, as if able to see everyone watching him right at that moment. He gives a fierce war cry before the camera is picked up this time by the Cult Leader*

Cult Leader: Our Venerated Master would love to schedule an interview with the RNN. I'll have our people get into contact with your people. Provided they can run fast enough from the true believers.

*He waves and smiles at the camera before dropping it, the feed getting cut off as his gilded boot slams into it again. Hopefully this wouldn't turn into a trend.*

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