Corporate MorataCorp Medical Aid and Supply

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MorataCorp Medical Aid and Supply

Emergency Services and Medical Suppliers

MorataCorp is a medical corporation with one main goal in mind; to provide better-cost care to the galaxy at large, particularly for those in remote areas or particularly dangerous occupations in constant need for access to premium health care. Started as an answer for all combat and struggle sparked by the Sith activity against the galaxy at large, its' creator, Doctor Ilana Morata, has begun the long and lengthy process for providing cheaper medical access and research into some of the other health-related struggles for which there is no real niche. Originally intended to be a private affiliation, MorataCorp has now opened its' doors to all.

Organization & Structure

For the time being little more than an upstart, MC has ambition for further branching out, primarily within the Outer and Mid Rim to provide medical aid and better access to quality healthcare. However, with recent merger of another up-and-coming minor tech affiliation, MC is proud to offer standardized lines of medical dispensaries, intended for even the everyday galactic citizen to retrieve what they need for quality healthcare without the expense of a living physician.

The MC Oath

Much like its' CEO, MC has sworn tenets to abide by in regards to the galaxy at large, and all members are legally sworn to uphold this vow.

- Do No Harm

- Provision For All

- Uphold and Maintain Care for All Sentience

Interactions with the Galaxy

MorataCorp arrives at the scene of a disaster with medkit and medical ambulation in the case of any grand-scale emergency. Barring aid at the immediate start, supply in the face of demand is their primary interaction; beginning with the events of the bombing of the Ranger HQ on Coruscant, MC has sworn to provide aid to those most in need.

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Current Property of MC

Sith Corvette- Acquired from a Sith assault on the planet of Ryloth by Naxa and Doc. Thread link here.

Chateau Vidalis- Once the private property of Dr. Ilana Morata, Chateau Vidalis has opened its’ doors as a private health retreat for those wounded in service.

PC Member List

@Dr Ilana Morata – CEO
@Naxa – Head of Security
@Lucien Sloan – Face of MC and Intel Chief
@Orrell Atlan – Member of the Board, Investor
@Lorcan – Chief of Distributions, Intel Op
@Jack Seypka - Distributions Advisor, Chief of Research


MC is simply a character corporate dream, to further ‘flesh out’ the medical side of SW and also make humble beginnings of bigger plans for medical aid to the galactic whole. Intended to be a more neutral position within the galaxy, MC does have certain ties to certain organizations, however in the grander scheme of things they are an independent, player-run faction.

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Everything looks good! @Killa Ree

Looks very approvable. Just need some clarification, does the Sith Corvette mentioned in assets have a write-up?