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Myr Khandros

NAME Myr Khandros AGE 20 RANK Legionnaire FACTION The Sith Eternal


Myr Khandros was a force sensitive male devaronian who was active during the Force Eternal period. Born on Devaron, Myr Khandros was raised by his mother and the other women of their small village, growing up alongside the other village children. His father would return occasionally, with most of his time spent among the stars earning the money that supported his family. What time he did spend with his father was usually spent hunting in the jungles near his home village. As Myr Khandros entered adolescence, the wanderlust that so often gripped young devaronians grew within him. More and more of his time was spent stalking the jungles for prey, or loitering at the nearby spaceport, gambling with other youngsters as they admired the many starships that came and went. Even at his young age, Myr Khandros knew he would not be satisfied by an idle life on his home planet.

The older he got, the more this dissatisfaction grew within him. More and more, he felt called to the jungle. With each trek, the call felt stronger, more insistent. The longer he spent in the jungle, the harder it became to ignore as the call felt less like a feeling, and more like an instinct. Drawn by it, Myr Khandros finally gave in. Leaving his home for months, he trekked deep into the jungles of Devaron until finally he came upon an old ruin in the jungle. The stones were cracked and overgrown, the ancient tower brought low. He had no way of entering the ruin, but he could feel the significance of the ancient temple structure. Terrified of what he discovered, Myr Khandros attempted to flee the ancient temple, but a rapidly approaching storm forced him to stay for the night. His dreams that night were restless and his head filled with visions of the past. Dark visions of battle and slaughter, the pure and dazzling blades of Jedi past snuffed out by a hulking horned warrior wielding a terrifying battle axe.

With the coming of the morning, the storm had died down. Awakening in sweat, Myr Khandros made haste to leave the ruined temple, the experiences of the night before leaving him feeling troubled. His return home however was interrupted by a newcomer by the name of Melkor Damask, an archaeologist who claimed to know something of the history of the temple. Uninterested, Myr Khandros was ready to leave, but the Muun archeologist insisted that he at least take his holo-frequency, and urged him to listen to his discontent and his emotions, to let them guide him. Thinking nothing of it, but leaving with a sickly feeling in his gut, Myr Khandros began the trek home.

Scared away from the jungle, Myr Khandros spent more time idling around the spaceport than ever, the Muun's words echoed in his head. His discontent with a sedentary life grew until it became nearly unbearable. His emotions flared often in his restless and irritable state, and it wouldn't be long before it brought conflict. A particularly poor game of sabacc, harsh words and accusations. And then death. By the time the young Devaronian's head cleared, what was done was done. A body at his feet and blood on his hands, Myr Khandros fled Devaron, hitching a ride on a smugglers freighter. It didn't take the young man long before he reached out to the only person he could, the Muun archeologist Melkor Damask.

It wasn't long before Myr Khandros learned that Melkor Damask was not actually an archeologist, but rather a Guardian for the shadowy organization known as the Sith Eternal. Passing the young Devaronian on to The Eternal Legion for a time, Myr Khandros was trained in the way of the darkside and the lightsaber. After many years of harsh and unforgiving training, Myr Khandros was declared a Legionnaire, ready to serve the Darkside and the Sith Eternal. Following his basic training with the legion, Myr Khandros returned to apprentice under Melkor Damask and complete his training in the ways of the force.

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