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New Alderaan is a planet in the Outer Rim, more specially the Ash Worlds sector. New Alderaan originated as a safeworld for refugees displaced by the destruction of it's namesake world Alderaan in 0 BBY by the Death Star. New Alderaan was colonized in secret and remained a haven during the course of the Galactic Civil War. After the the death of Emperor Palaptine and destruction of the second Death Star, the people of New Alderaan rejoiced and aimed to develop their planet, eventually becoming a prosperous civilized world in the Outer Rim, while never forgetting it's namesake world.

Although New Alderaan is far out in the Outer Rim, it is still a member of the Free Worlds Alliance, falling firmly in it's space, and a staunch supporter of the pact.

C L I M A T E & T E R R A I N

Like the original Alderaan, New Alderaan is a continental world, with various biomes along with seasonal weather. Most of New Alderaan's surface is covered in green oceans, with forests, grassy plains, and mountains; with tundra and arctic terrian to the poles. New Alderaan has the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons.

New Alderaan has some notable differences physically, from it's namesake world; namely the skies have a green tint to the, the forests are more widespread moreso than the vibrant grassy plains and breathtaking snowcapped mountains that Alderaan was known for. The weather is not as kind either at times, with more frequent precipitation and more frequent storms.

H I S T O R Y, C U L T U R E, & G O V E R N M E N T

This world had no history prior to the Battle of Yavin aside from being scouted out and charted, it was considered an unremarkable world then. After the Battle of Yavin, the planet was set up by the Rebel Alliance Support Services as a refugee for people displaced by the Destruction of Alderaan. Many Alderaanian's died in that attack, with little warning, but those off world at the time would come to the new planet take take refuge there.

With the Empire's defeat at the Battle of Endor, the people of New Alderaan would rejoice and celebrate, around the time of the Battle of Jakku, the people of New Alderaan would then come out on the galactic stage and start building infrastructure, building a new capital city in the image of Alderaan's, with it taking it's name as well 'New Aldera', and becoming a proper member of the New Republic in it's own right. Although New Alderaan would wouldn't be able to match the original in terms of prestige and prosperity, would be nonetheless become a thriving world.

Turning the time of the Cold War between the New Republic and the First Order, New Alderaan's representatives spoke out against the First Order and those in the New Republic senate that supported/enabled it, namely the Centralist faction. After the Final Order emerged from Exegol, New Alderaanians did not hesitate to join in along with the Free Worlds fleet a the battle of Exegol to oppose the revived Emperor Palpatine.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Exegol, the people of New Alderaan along with everyone else celebrated as Palpatine was defeated and defeated for good. With peace in the galaxy, New Alderaan looked into it's own future. With the New Republic broken after the Hosian Catacylsm, New Alderaan broke away from the New Republic, but instead joined the much better structured Free Worlds Alliance. New Alderaan racked up a lot of prestige in the galaxy as it continued to prosper in the hundred years of peace following Exegol, New Alderaan would eventually become the "Jewel of the Outer Rim'.

Today, New Alderaan's culture is much like it's namesake and carries on, the people of New Alderaan embrace freedom and education. New Alderaan also has the same grand architectural style for it's cities. Even it's capital city New Aldera was designed to be a copy of the original. Although New Alderaan's are still lean towards pacifism, the destruction of Alderaan and then the Final Order threatening to enslave the galaxy have taught that the people of New Alderaan will have to stand up to tyranny by confronting it when the time comes.

Remembrance is a big part of New Alderaanian culture, New Alderaanians observe 'Remembrance Day' every anniversary of the original Alderaan's destruction with mass candlelight vigils. Some New Alderaanians even travel to the original Alderaan system in a pilgrimage. Even today Princess/General Leia Organa is a revered figure in New Alderaanian culture.

The government of New Alderaan has very key differences between the old Alderaan, namely that New Alderaan has no monarchy. Instead New Alderaan is governed by the Alderaanian Council, a group of a thousand elected officials which functions as legislative branch, headed by a President. Although most of Alderaan's nobility perished at the hands the Death Star, New Alderaan's government still recognizes their titles of what nobility survived, but their influence in Alderaanian society having waned significantly.

Although in the Outer Rim, New Alderaan is a civilized world with proficient law enforcement, with laws very similar to those in the Core Worlds. Crime is not unheard of. It's position on the fringes of the Outer Rim do make the planet's more isolated communities a frequent victim of things like raiders and pirates but New Alderaan does see some success in responding to them and fending them off. New Alderaan also has a planetary defense force that's moderate in size and well equipped, with New Alderaan's leaders ready and willing to contribute to the Free World Alliance as needed.

True to New Alderaan's roots as a safeworld for refugees, New Alderaan prides itself as a safeworld even today, gladly priding itself as a beacon of freedom for escaped victims of slavery and/or oppression, with a lot of escapees from Zygerria and Hutt Space settling down on New Alderaan.
R E S O U R C E S & T E C H N O L O G Y

New Alderaan has a decent amount of natural resources, both non-renewable and renewable. The planet has metals but not any particularly rare ones. Alderaan's main exports are fine-crafted goods and art. The planet's geography doesn't leave much in the way of viable farmland however, with a smaller amount of fertile land available. But what New Alderaan lacks in, it can get with trade.

Technologically speaking, New Alderaan is as advanced as the rest of the galaxy on average.

So, New Alderaan is canon, but it's pedia article is a stub with basically no information. It's Legends counterpart isn't much better really but it gives us something at least. So this write-up is to expand more on it, bringing it into our site canon and filing in some gaps regarding culture, physicals .etc. Hopefully to give everyone a clear picture of what a New Alderaan would be 100 years from the Sequels: IE going from a backwater safeworld to a prosperous Outer Rim world in it's own-right, although still kinda Alderaan-lite but with key differences that set it apart somewhat.


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