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March 7, 2022

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Welcome back (again) to the SWRP newsletter! We've noticed a lot of new and returning members popping in recently, so on behalf of all staff, I'd like to give you all a big warm welcome! We've been lacking in newsletters recently, but hopefully, this should help some of you get up to speed on current events. Newsletters should be returning to a monthly cadence.

Site Changes & Information

Faction Changes: 5S and Mandalorians

The Five Syndicates are no longer one faction, and instead were reworked into their own constitute factions as it is “impractical to have rival and feuding organizations under one banner.” All 5S character account tags have been switched over to independent, but are allowed to keep their ranks.

Additionally, the Mandalorian faction has been moved backed to the independent faction status.

The entire announcement can be read here.

Legacy Characters

Since the rolling timeline has allowed for people to spend more time progressing and developing their characters, and thus the concept of ‘legacy characters’ have been implemented. Anyone who achieves a rank 4 power level with their character can have that character’s descendants apply to begin a power level above the typical starting rank.

Restrictions and more details about the announcement can be read here.

General Time Update
  • Time has advanced two (2) years since the last newsletter
    It is now 121 years after the Battle of Exegol, we are in 156 ABY (After Battle of Yavin).
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.



Story Spotlight


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ISC-Sith War

War of Two Giants
  • Just as the galaxy was on the cusp of peace after the FWA affirming a ceasefire, leaving the Sith Empire and the Jedi to do war. The rest of the galaxy could have peace… until the Sith Empire attacked the Independent Systems Consortium.
  • The Sith Empire, at the whim of Empress @Darth Anaris launched a massive invasion of the key ISC world Corellia.
  • ISC's advanced droids and well trained troops were easily able to repel the Sith on the ground, easily cutting through their troops and even their force users.
  • ISC President @Emryc Thorne made it clear that the ISC was at war with the Sith, accepting only unconditional surrender from the Sith. And then the Sith and ISC would battle across the galaxy.
  • Shortly into the war, he Sith have lost their grip on their southern territories, losing key worlds of Bespin, Sluis Van, Mustafar and others. The war is taking it’s toll on the ISC, as some of its territories in the Core Worlds have been looking to cede from the Consortium.
  • After a mishap with the Hutts, @Darth Draugr was captured by them, given to the ISC, and then executed when President Emryc Throne invited Jedi over, and then after Dragur resisted despite his restraints, he was ultimately executed by the Jedi, beheading him. What must be done indeed.
  • The ISC made great use out of the holonet suffice it to say. Not for nothing, the ISB rapidly censored such media, although they couldn’t censor everything, and also did made moves of their own to mitigate the damage.
Sith-Imperial Split
Sith-Imperial Split
  • Fed up with the Sith Empress' terrible decisions that have been bringing ruin to a great empire, pro-Imperial feelings would fester and anti-Sith resentment would grow and grow.
  • This all culminated where when the Sith Councilor @Darth Trelain challenged Sith Empress Darth Anaris to a duel of death. It was a gritty, brutal duel that pushed both the powerful Sith to their limits.
  • But it was all for nought as Warmaster @Altair Din, in command of a mighty Star Destroyer, gave the order to bombard the palace where the duel was taking place, atomizing both.
  • With this power vacuum, this left Altair Din to be the de facto leader of what remains. The Declaration of the New Order was made. He would then kick the Sith Order out of the Empire, giving them a short timeframe to leave or else.
  • Altair showed the galaxy he meant business when he humiliated Sith Order members on holonet who attempted to plot against the Empire in their own territory.
  • This was dubbed the Sith ‘Walk of Shame’. It was a great propaganda coup for the Empire.
  • After making good on his words to kick the Sith out and kick them to the curb, Altair made a statement on the holonet, declaring surrender to the ISC.
The Killiks
Killik Chaos

State of the Galaxy

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HoloNet Highlights

What's Trending on the HoloNet?

Key Galactic Happenings/Need to Know

  • After getting kicked out of their home on Yavin IV, the Jedi fled to one of three locations: Brighthome, the Jedi temple on Ithor, or the Jedi mobile fleet. Seeing as it is the most comfortable and “central” location between the three, Ithor has been the more popular choice, especially for padawan learners.
  • @Hera "The Joyful" Albion steps up and joins the Jedi Council.
  • Hera wastes no time taking a big undertaking into mobilizing the Jedi to tackle longstanding Killik threat once and for all, looking into locating them so they can be dealt with

  • The New Republic declared war on the Free Worlds Alliance, and battles ensued. After a bit it was discovered that the New Republic chancellor had been joined with the Killiks.
  • Currently, the New Republic is in a downward spiral as panic and paranoia ensues.
  • The future of the Galactic Senate, the New Republic, and Free Worlds is in doubt after the Killiks/Fifth Fleet attack.
  • Chancellor @Alexander Xerxes still missing.

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