Newton's Law - On the Horizon

Newton Arden

Blackwell CEO

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The Good Doctor
Oct 11, 2020
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It wasn't too long removed after Blackwell Tech's purchase of Synthetic Horizons, a few days. Newton Arden would be in his office, sitting in his office chair, reviewing some data on his datapad while leaning back in his seat. Newton was of course accompanied by his trusted companion M7, who has always been there thick and thin. Why did Newton purchase Synthetic Horizons, it made perfect business since in the long term. Synthetic Horizons had good designs, and off most interest was their full body replacement technology... The company was failing, which gave Newton the perfect opportunity to wipe it before it's assets and technology were scattered into the wind. The Blackwell Tech CEO publicly made the purchase for business reasons, it made good sense. The technology will be commercialized.

But Newton was personally interested in the technology for his own personal gain. Newton's getting older, and the clone of his isn't living up to his expectations. If Newton takes the full body replacement, he will have weak flesh and have strong metal instead. According to the latest data Synthetic Horizons has, people who take up the body are likely to live longer than average although it wasn't tested.

Newton would groan, there are risks involved in the procedure to take up the body himself. There is the chance something can go wrong, and it could be fatal. There may be the chance the claims of extended life may not work although it seems like it is. The question is, is it worth the risk? An enhanced mechanical body and a longer life - for the chance something can go wrong? The benifits make it tempting, but the risk gives Newton pause.

Maybe more data is neededMaybe with Blackwell's resources, they can find a way to improve upon the technology, make it better, minimize the risks. Then of course commercialize it. But ultimately, Newton is wanting to transcend the limits of flesh and become more like the droids he builds so much. To become better. Maybe soon.

Now the next question, the one in the back of his mind but one he would have to answer eventually, is Newton willing to pay the price, the a vast majority of his flesh and blood that he's has had his entire life. And if he is, would he be able to cope with it?

Newton would sigh and lay the datapad on his desk. More infomation is required. Now Newton would put the thoughts away and try working on the office work that he was supposed to be doing but let himself get sidetracked with...