Sentient Nordathooian

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Sep 1, 2021
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Name: Nordathooian
Biology: Their body and basic structure is identical to a human’s except for their chest’s.
The woman do not have a female chest, but instead that of a male. The males are also the same way. Nordathooian’s can have 3 to 2 horns on the top of their head, which are part of their skeletal system and are used to provide nourishment for their young, protection and attracting mates. Nordathooian newborns will have two or three small bumps on their head, and their horns will grow as they get older. Though most Nordathooian’s have pale green skin, it’s not uncommon for their to be a few with pale pink or blue skin either. Protruding from their face, near the height of where the tip of their nose is, they have two proboscis like tendrils. These tendrils are used to stay hydrated and also work as a way of expressing emotion (Quivering Tendrils=Fear, etc.)
Nordathooian eyes are just dark red with white pupils. Finally, when they feel threatend they have a way of telling others to back off, by unhinging their jaw and showing off their razor sharp teeth. Only on rare occasions will they actually use them to bite attackers.
Nordathooian’s do have the ability to speak but try not to because they are self conscious about their language and voices. Those who have heard them speak have noted that they sound like they are trying to hack up snot.

Breeding: The process is actually quite simple…. They breed the same way humans do.
When a male and a female fall in love, the male will provide gifts such as necklaces made out of animal teeth ( usually from the mouth of an animal they have already hunted as food, or they find already dead) or even a small shiny rock. If the male’s gifts and gestures impress the women, the women will bow and tilt her head to allow the man who has caught her eye, rub his horns against hers as a sign of love. If the women isn’t impressed or doesn’t like the men, they will growl at them and unhinge their jaw, telling them to buzz off.
Nordathooian’s age every 5 standard years which is a full year for them. (7 years old makes them 35 in standard years.) As the children grow up, their horns will grow larger, and when they are about 12 years old (60 in standard years) their horns will stop growing. They do have the ability to breed with other humanoid anatomical species.

Strengths: They are often very welcoming towards other species, unless the certain individual has tried to harm them or their kin. This is a strength because they believe kindness can help others. A actual physical strength they have is their jaw power, having been know to be able to rip a small tree sprout out of the ground with their bare teeth. But due to their kind nature they prefer not to use their strength to harm others.

Weakness: Their kindness, sometimes they are too kind for their own safety, easily being deceived by false kindness from others.
The are also very stubborn at times and not easily cooperating. Their horns are also very sensitive and the best way to take them down is by grabbing their horns and pulling, and if they start letting out a mournful screech, They have surrendered. They are also not very tech savvy.

Diet: They will eat anything that tastes good to them, but they prefer meat and veggies but will sometimes munch of scrap metal as a special treat.

Behavior: The Nordathooian’s have several different strange behavior habits. Making it quite hard to tell their emotions. They do have one pointless behavior habit which they seem to do just for their own entertainment; digging holes, biting objects they know are not food and hiding under small, tight spaces (they will literal play a game where they see who can fit into the tightest space)

Communication: They speak a language that consists of body language, tendril movements and strange sounds that are not even actually words in any language whatsoever, these sounds resemble the sound of someone choking on snot. They do have the capability to learn other languages, and will practice by saying random words in the language they wish to learn.

Culture: The concept of kindness and hospitality is extremely important to them, seeing rude or abusive behavior towards others for no logical reason extremely confusing and vulgar.

Funerals for a Nordathooian are very detail oriented. All living members of they passed ones family must be present and each bring a offering of their choice that holds significant value to the loved one’s personal relationship to the one who has died. (Ex.a doll that the loved one received from the passed away individual)
If these conditions are not followed to the letter, the spirit of the dead member is considered not at rest.

Their birthdays are a very special time for them, and the biggest event during them is what they call “The Sheering.” During this time, the parents or oldest member of their family will trim the pointed tip of the birthday person’s horns, which is considered a time of love and life.

History: Originally a extra-galactic species, they were often found living in groups of up to 37 people, in abandoned wampa caves on Hoth.
But under mysterious circumstances, their numbers slowly started dwindling and by the time the First Order was destroyed, about 90% of their population was washed out of the history books. Only a small number of the species still exists today. Most people have a guess of what happened to them, most believing that they died due to the harsh conditions of Hoth, or maybe they were killed for their horns, or to be sold as slaves on planets in the far reaches of the Outer Rim.

Planet: Unknown Extragalactic Planet (Referred to as the Sacred Land.)and Hoth

Technology: Very Primitive, tribal level primitive

Intent: To Exist and Try to Revive their Species Population