Not On My Watch...

Agrafena Landis

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Sep 17, 2018
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To be completely honest, Doctor Landis was not having the best of days.

Beginning with the fact that there was a teeny tiny viral outbreak spreading in the lower levels of Taris, specifically a small nature park that really was more of a small town with some agricultural elements and woods. This viral outbreak was basically turning the residents of such small town into very overly-aggressive beasts with much of their neural control overridden by instinct. As such, the Republic, in all of its brilliance, had sent the ill-used CBRN specialists to solve the problem. For now, that was just Landis and Léon Pokorny, really her only other coworker.

They had done everything by the book, gone through the microscope, examined the makeup of the virus, and tried to help people infected. The issue was that they really couldn't do much at this point without finding patient zero. And could you guess where that was? Yeah, exactly. The middle of town, the exact opposite place that Landis wanted to be in any sense. Of course, her job was her job, and that was to save lives. With a little protest from Pokorny, the Lieutenant had managed to get them to suit up and move into the dark zone.

A few minutes of scanning, searching, and rescuing later, some kind of big beast had just knocked her right through a duracrete wall.

It hurt a lot.

So here she was now, struggling to her feet as Léon opened fire, his blaster rifle making tiny little pock marks on the skin of the beast. Really farking great day this was.

Just another morning at the office...

Herrith Hendarsin

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Mar 13, 2018
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Herrith peeked over a shelf as something came flying through the window to the general store. Her eyes widened as a Republic trooper clad in full hazmat gear stood up, and blaster fire erupted from outside of the store. She then saw the massive creature stomping its way toward the guy outside, who seemed to have second thoughts about his decision to shoot the beast, diving behind a destroyed groundcar as the thing charged, knocking itself directly into a building and screaming. She cleared her throat, walking around the shelf and tripping over a few cans, freezing with her hands up as the trooper turned, raising their rifle.

Her hands shot up as a filtered voice spoke, heavily accented yet somehow easily understandable.
"Don't move any closer, keep your hands where they are."

"Hey now, calm down, love. I was just looting--no, I mean hiding from that thing out there."

"Are you infected? Léon, get your ass up and watch for more survivors."

The other trooper that had jumped for cover, a rather smart choice all things considered, struggled to a standing position and walked over, slowly scanning around to make sure nothing else was coming for them. The one nearest to Herrith lowered her rifle and approached, pinning her against the wall with surprising strength and putting up a light to her eyes. With this whole thing being uncomfortable, she blinked and shut her eye, only to have it pried open again by a pair of gloves before the light clicked off.

"You're clean. So why is everybody else...?"

"Doctor Landis, I think we should really be worrying about the fact that a monster the size of two overweight banthas just took out half a city block. Oh, and off the record, it was pretty damn funny seeing you get launched through a wall. That's something I'm saving permanently once the cams get wiped."

"Shut it, Léon."

Herrith scoffed and shoved the woman off of her, looking at the rifle from the other guy getting raised defensively. Oh, it was one of those troopers. Gentlemen till the end.
"You lot really need to set it down a notch. I'm certainly not going to kill you. That's no benefit for me, because I value my life and would rather not deal with two highly-trained Republic soldiers. Not saying I couldn't, but...yeah."

The two seemed to think in unison for a moment, and the female lowered her friend's blaster and pointed for him to go check down the street.
"Alright. You move with us. But when we deal with threats, I need you to find a place to hide--"

"I'm a smuggler. Full disclosure."

"Okay, then if we deal with threats I need you to watch our backs. Deal?"

"Deal. I'd better get paid hourly, though."