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Newsletter is back!

A welcome back to the newsletter! After a hiatus, the newsletter is back. Hope you all have been staying safe. Going forward the newsletter is going back to being posted at the first of every month.

Freeform Changes

We've been announcing some changes due to the return to freeform. We've been making updates here and there on the site but here are the changes that are in place as of now. We will update you if/when we do more:

List of changes
  1. Plots have been removed.
  2. The Reputation System has been removed. This was not announced before, but we've observed that this hasn't played too much of a significant role in the story. Instead the focus will be on characters organically gaining infamy through story and word of mouth.
  3. The Bounty System has been removed. We will be going back to the drawing board to figure out how this can exist in a free form system, but for now the old system is gone. Members are still encouraged to document and track major things their characters have done.
  4. There is no longer a four (4) character limit. Members may create as many characters as they want.
  5. PvP Rules have been simplified and updated for a freeform setting.
    • Changes to lock-in rules, posting orders, and NPC use are the most notable changes
  6. The Character Rules & Creation Guide has been simplified.
  7. The Role Play Rules have been updated. Some highlights:
    • Characters cannot die without their authors permission.
    • Plots are no longer required to create PC factions. If you wish to create your own PC Organization, you must role-play it’s creation, recruitment of other player characters, acquirement of assets and any other gain. For further PC/NPC Organization changes, read the Role Play Rules thread.
    • Although the plot system has been removed, before an espionage operation begins, a plot outline must be submitted to Administration.
If you have any questions about these changes, you can ask in this thread.

Sith Order Update

The Sith Eternal has been reformed into the Sith Order in the roleplay after sowing chaos in the galaxy. The Eternal is now the Dark Lord of the Sith with the Champions at his side as the Dark Council and have conqueror a fair amount of worlds as they namely Sullust, becoming a rising force in their own right, becoming a threat to the Jedi Order and the Free Worlds Alliance.

You can find more about the updated SIth Order write-up here.

General Time Update
  • It is 105 years after the Battle of Exegol, we are in 140 ABY (After Battle of Yavin).
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

State of the Galaxy
Galaxy in Crisis! The galaxy is steadivly plunged into chaos as the newly reformed Sith Order unleashes itself on the galaxy, carrying destruction and havoc in it's wake.

After a siren-like call drew people from all walks of life to Dathomir, the explorers found themselves at an ancient temple where they were confronted by a ghostly woman known as “The Forgotten.” After being confronted by numerous individuals who were seemingly under her sway by some power, the newcomers were invited to drink from Dathomir’s ichor at a location known as “The Well” and join in a defensive pact against a mysterious dark power. While several drank, others rejected the offer and made ready to leave the temple. Those who remained were briefly told that Dathomir had a role in protecting the galaxy from a dark creature known as “The Entity” but before further explanation could be given, those who had not drunk returned to free their comrades from the sway of the Forgotten.

During the rescue attempt, the Forgotten’s hold on the newcomers was temporarily shattered by an attack from the Entity and one of the newcomers managed to impale the mummified remains of the Forgotten, breaking her connection to this world. In the waning moments before her final departure, the Forgotten managed to drive back the shadowy, tentacle-like projection of the Entity. Although she temporarily banished the Entity before dying, she warned the newcomers that they would have to find and destroy the creature now that Dathomir's defensive magicks would die with her.

“We have breaking news coming that there has been a massive explosion at the Sector Ranger’s Headquarters building. Hundreds are feared to be dead and it’s unknown whether the Chief is among casualties.”

On Coruscant, there was a massive explosion a the Sector Ranger's HQ, making headline news on all channels. This was the biggest attack on the Rangers since the Corellia station execution a long while back and Sector Ranger Chief Douglas was there on the scene at the Coruscant HQ as well, caught in the attack lead by a mysterious group known as the Eclipse.

In the HQ, masses of prisoners released from their confinement, courtesy of the 'Black Sun'. Rangers, Jedi, and non-affiliated showed up at the scene to control and combat the Eclipse, who came in force.

After heavy fighting from all parties, the Sith were repelled, although not without doing significant damage as many died and the Sector Rangers HQ was left smoldering. Still, the rescuers were able to stop things from becoming worse, and Chief Douglas is still alive and rescued. Although he suffered major injuries, he is able to recover. And the invaders are able to be tracked, allow for payback down the road.

Nar Shaddaa had become overrun with abominations exhibiting classic symptoms of AMS . Eventually, a group of heroes ventured down into the sewers after surmising that is where the source of the monsters may be, whatever that was.

After traveling through the sewer system, the group of heroes encountered a fork in their road. Two of them took the left path, two of them took the right path, and one of them took the center path. Each path had its own perils and dangers, but the two that took the right path held the salvation of their comrades in their hands though they didn't know it. After defeating a tarantetek, Izel and Isen (the right path people) found a tortured Jedi hooked up to medical equipment. Flood had been using his life essences to fuel his experiments in making the virus produce obedient zombies, not just mindless husks. In a vision, the Jedi asked Isen to kill him and free him of his horrible existence. Eventually, Izel was the one to do it.

Unbeknownst to Flood, a perverted force bond had developed between him and the Jedi he'd been harvesting for decades. When Izen used her lightsaber to kill the Jedi, Flood felt the same pain and suffered the same fate, killing him just as he was about to mount his full powerful offensive against Nara, Minerva, and Fallak. With Flood's death, a surge of darkside energies coursed through the sewers, causing them to start to collapse. The two remaining Sith and the troupe of heroes decided to get out while they could, leaving Cyrus Anvari with a set of vials containing the last remaining serum of Flood's uncorrupted virulent plague, and Nara with Flood's lightsaber.

In another theatres, the Sith are on the war path, with their first stop for conquest being Ryloth. On Ryloth the Sith are bringing old imperial warships and other hardware as they fight against Ryloth's planetary defense force, but they are not alone as Jedi and other allies are there to assist, with the Sith being likewise assisted by other allies as well..

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