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November 1st, 2021

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Hello there everyone, hope you all had a happy halloween. Lets have a good Novemeber! No announcements to recap.

General Time Update
  • It is now 111 years after the Battle of Exegol, we are in 146 ABY (After Battle of Yavin).
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

Story Spotlight

Story Spotlight

Decimation at Dantooine

"Soldiers, you will fire on all opposition. Jedi or Civilian. They must pay for their insolence."

The Sith arrived in tow by @Xeno and immediately began a massive assault on the base. The Jedi moved out to help, helping civvies or preparing the defenses. @Clove Vanhoop worked on evacuating civvies, @Thelian Lsai and @Crix Aran prepared to defend, and @Hannibal Grayza strode out to start making wisecracks and kick the ass of whichever big boy showed up.

Xeno, @Aadya Rasheer , @Darth Raze and @Senin Ravelo all showed up to attack. Senin went off to attack Thelian, Xeno engaged Crix, Aadya engaged Clove, and Raze engaged Hannibal— but not before he started majorly traumatizing all the Jedi, first by redirecting a civvie woman into the path of an attack from Hannibal, and than by projecting the horrors of Ajan Kloss onto the Jedi. On top of this, he put a voice over of Hannibal laughing over the suffering all the Jedi collectively witnessed.

The last bit is really important, because it messed with the Jedi for the entire rest of the fight. Thelian tapped into some really negative emotions and beat the shit out of Senin, and now everyone joked about the “Thelian punch” which shattered his nose.

Aadya “fought” Clove, and it really wasn’t that much of a fight. Clove being a wholesome elf girl got super messed up by Raze’s trauma wave, and Aadya fought her to near death. Nearly killing a lightly armed minor snapped Aadya out of her bloodlust and sent her into a crisis, but not for long.

Thelian than came in after dealing with Senin to try and kill Aadya. Feeling isolated and alone, the dark side was basically yanking on him the entire time, so he was super aggressive.

While this is going on, the two Zabraks are having the duel of the century. They went at it for awhile, but Xeno was eventually defeated and disabled, with Crix now free to help Thelian with Aadya.

At the same time as this is all going on, the titans that are Raze and Hannibal are trading near lethal blows again and again. Raze got stabbed, Hannibal had an arm disabled, and this not even taking into account the trauma.

In the end, Raze caught Hannibal off guard by throwing Emryc’s ability to love at him, which tripped him up quite a bit. Eventually, the situation got so bad that Raze revealed his identity to Hannibal— which was the last thing Hannibal learned before succumbing to his injuries and dying. Aadya and Thelian’s face off was interrupted by Crix, who came in to help the injured padawan. However, both were thrown aside by a heavily injured Raze, who performed a subtle force drain on the dying soldiers around him so that he wouldn’t immediately succumb to his own injuries. The temple was subsequently pilfered off all it’s valuables, and than burned to the ground, with Aadya being rewarded with Hannibal’s saber as a trophy.

The Sith have proven victorious.

Credit @Tom for the amazing summary

In The Mountains of Telos...

It was to be a normal expedition to the chilly mountains of Telos to what was a former Jedi Temple which is currently under Sith management. @Jaesa Valerin lead the @Alexandria Voran @Orenth and @Kara Vaalki there, having been familar with the area in a previous encounter.

But things went south quickly when they were confronted by the Sith Empress herself @Darth Andruil. The Sith Empress challenged the Jedi to reach out to Dantooine, to feel the suffering of the Jedi battling at Dantooine as they are on Telos.

If they had the strength to reach out beyond the nexus, they would know what she said was true. They would feel the doubt put into the minds of the Padawans. The betrayal felt by Thelian at the hands of the Jedi Order as he was left to face the darkness alone. The defiance of Hannibal underlined by the torment shooting through his body. They would feel the agony of Clove as she crawled through the fields. Helplessness and anger would grip their hearts, and as they extended to sense the battle, they would be opening themselves to the dark nexus here, and the Witch-Queen knew it.

Before too long the fighting would begin with the Sith and Jedi. The Empress would be backed up with @Tiamat @Jaikus Altaris and @Ashla Ti.

Quickly though, one of the Jedi's own Bryon Ryker would be overtaken by the dark side... Right now the battle continues

State of the Galaxy

The AMS Outbreak


Nal Hutta: 56% infected =
Rorak 4: 81% infected =
Nar Shaddaa: 78% infected =
Toydaria: 68% infected =
Tol Amn: 99% infected =
Keldooine: 92% infected =
Kwenn: 29% infected =
Irith: 79% infected =
Nixor: 99.6% infected =
Randon: 72% infected =
Ruusan: 34% infected v
Ubrikkia: 97% infected =
New Apsolon: 92% infected =
Deysum III: 98% infected =
Coachelle Prime: 55% infected =
Utapau: 100% Infected =
Bothawui: 0% Infected v
Kashyyyk: 35% infected =
Boz Pity: 13% infected =
Lannik: 14% =
Gamorr: 16% =
Sneeve 14% =
Saleicami 10% v
Boonta: 13% =
Nimbian: 10% =
Cyborrea: 12% =
Klatooine: 14% =

Great news for the galaxy as the AMS vacinne made by @Dr Ilana Morata's MorataCorp has been and still is making its way across the galaxy. Thanks to the vaccine, combined with measures from governments, the infection rates on planet are stagnating, and in some cases, the percentages are decreasing. Even right now shipments of the vaccine are being supplied to planets and many are in line to take the needle and get inoculated. The zombies created by the Hutt-crafted virus are still out there, but the vaccine will save many, many lives from the the virus that ravaged most of the galaxy up until this point.

*These hotspots are not the only traces of AMS in the galaxy but are the most notable ones. This is a reminder that AMS has spread through most of the galaxy from the Outer Rim to the Core Worlds.

The Jedi

Loss again comes from the Jedi Order. After repelling the attack on Ossus the Sith came for a more notable Jedi stronghold. Lead by Darth Raze (@Emryc Thorne) the cohort of Sith stormed the converted Rebel base. Despite the brave stand made by @Crix Aran, @Clove Vanhoop, @Thelian Lsai, and @Hannibal Grayza the base was razed with Master Grayza losing his life. The brave actions of the assembled Jedi lead the successful evacuation of civilians.

Elsewhere, @Jaesa Valerin gathered a team to cleanse the Temple on Telos. Unbeknownst to the Jedi, this particular Temple was of increased interest to the Empire. The Empress herself, @Darth Andruil, now is locked in battle with the Grandmaster (@Alexandria Voran). The Light and Dark warring against each other. Such emotions pulled at the battle that Jedi Ryker fell to the Darkside upon seeing @Tiamat.

The Order wages war on many fronts but seeks to find peace where possible. @Jal Widase currently meets with a delegation of Jedi on Mon Cala to hopefully find a path forward (@Ruzaan Kai @Atris Tharen). This is no easy task as Senator @Cal Starros abandoning Felucia has lead to strain both within the FWA and Jedi Order.

Credit @Valen Pelora

The Sith

With an influx of interest in the Sith Order after their conglomeration into an Empire and ever-expanding territory, groups of acolytes have been invited to study an ancient Holocron. Traps and tricks await them, but if they are Sith, they will survive.

On Tatooine, @Darth Draugr and a pair of independents are tracking down the lightsaber of the infamous and long dead Darth Maul. Efforts lead by @Vizim along with @Ashla Ti, @Xiomara Drast, and @Lorcan, have greatly expanded Sith influence in the northern galaxy. Particularly after the successful invasion of Dantooine, the Empire's hold on these important spaces is stronger than ever.

@Sah'ra Ryun has taken an apprentice and now journeys to an ancestral tomb for the sake of power and advancement in the Sith.

Jedi and FWA forces fought and died against the Sith defending Felucia. In the aftermath, the planet's full secession was a matter of negotiation and debate. After the Free Worlds delegation abruptly abandoned the talks, Felucia voted to remain a Sith world.

Credit @Mr. Teatime

Five Syndicates

Legends on Shaddaa are made, @Preef Callo and his aspiring legend compatriots @Gareth Gin @Aska Ryun and @Karina Safin have finally gotten to Durr the Hutt, ready to kill the slug behind the AMS plague that has done so much damage to the Outer Rim, ready to leave before his whole mansion blows up in a suicidal effort to take his killers out with him. In the end Durr the Hutt did not die peacefully, as Asuka cut him with a blade, leaving the Hutt Crimelord to bleed to death.

”This is for my sisters… And the trillions of lives you’ve stolen,”

"Jee gee woy fa tytung maee an woy uba adtahia whao Meecooda-Urk!"

In other news, enforcer Gareth Gin started an attack against the planet of the Mon Calamari in response to them deciding to join the ISC in the war against the 5S, so far Gareth and a group of scoundrels have attacked the main hangar located in Dac City as they killed security forces and civilians alike in a terrifying display of cruelty while @Darius Gal led a convoy of undercover ships that would fill the oceans of the aquatic planet with very damaging waste and @Edin Frost assassinated most of the high command leaders of the Mon Cal navy, making the planet an example of what happens to those that think the 5S will not retaliate.

Credit @Versok

Galactic Senate

Things have been quiet on the political scene even with the battles between the Jedi and Sith going on. There was however, the political disaster on Felucia. With the Sith Empress @Darth Andruil winning a snap referendum for Felucians whom voted overwhelming to return to the Sith, effectively nullifying the hard fought battle FWA and Jedi won previously.

Right now the FWA is holding their session with their senate to discuss the aftermath of Felucia, it's implications, and what the future the FWA with @Korre Belasi at the helm as FWA Prime Minister.

It's due time for the Galactic Senate Assembly to begin, the agenda is laid out, with several ambitious items already on, which should make for a very interesting assembly.

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