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Dec 22, 2017
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NPC Organizations

NPC Organizations are groups of like-minded individuals that aren’t large or influential enough to be considered a Main Faction, nor are controlled by a group of Player Characters, or PCs. They still have the ability to affect the galaxy around them with the potential of growing into something bigger, however, provided enough effort is put in to achieve this growth. Each NPC Organization is approved by the Lore team and given its own Lore article detailing their goals and members, as well as a list of accomplishments attained by said members. NPC Organizations can create missions for their members to perform, which is handled by NPC leadership controlled by the Plot team.

An NPC Organization can be changed to a PC-run one when certain criteria are met:

  • At least five(5) active PC members are a part of the NPC Organization
  • A PC of adequate standing in the Organization submits and completes a plot to take over
  • The Plot team approves the transition after judging all previous work done by the PC to attain control.

If the leadership of one of these new PC Groups neglects their duties and activity falls, the Plot team will return the Organization back to NPC control and the original Lore article. Said leadership will receive warnings before this happens, including a time frame to act by before the reversion. The former NPC leader will be restored or a new one created if the previous one has become deceased. The Organization will retain any assets it had gained previously and the Plot team will post new missions in accordance to any changes since the end of their control.

Name of Organization:
Description of Organization: (Reason for existing, goals, ranks, etc.)
NPC Leader: (Include name and small description of appearance and personality)
Intent: (OOC intention for the creation of this Organization)

PC Name:
PC Rank: (Rank in the Organization, if there is one)
Accomplishments: (List any plots completed for the Organization)
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