Rejected Opposing Thread 'Hunting Kera Cheninin'


We The North
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May 24, 2016
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What character will you be using? Link both the character profile and subaccount.

Aska Ryun's Character Sheet
Aska Ryun Sub-Account

Why does your character want to oppose this thread/plot?

Aska is trying to prove herself as a Bounty Hunter. Unbeknownst to her, three other hunters have already begun their hunt and will likely encounter and dispute their capture of the target if plot line is approved.

How does your character intend to interrupt the events of the thread/plot?

So long as Aska is able to meet the requirements before the opposing thread series is completed, she will likely intercept the opposing hunters in their search.

What does your character hope to achieve with this interruption?

Searching to prove herself to the Guild and gain Initiate Rank.


I am fully aware that these people are performing a series of threads to capture the NPC Kera. I have not discussed with the majority of the other thread writers, though I have mentioned it with one. Such is the life of bounty hunting, and they have a head start. If this plot is approved, it would reflect the reality of bounty hunting and also be rather difficult for me to catch up.

Plotline I am proposing I interrupt


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Dec 1, 2015
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Opposition requests are done in the original plot submission and using the opposition template. Please submit your opposition request in the original Hunting Kera plot.