Family Orar'da'yadr Lam'ayi (Thundertusk Covert)


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Clans Within the Covert
Clan Skirata- Led by Alor Kira Skirata (a traditional name for the Clan). Focus in war and religion. Numbers: 100. 55 soldiers/20 Non-coms*/25 children.​
Clan Diru- Led by Alor Masano Diru. Focus in smithing. Numbers: 50. 22 Non-coms*/28 children​
Clan Naskar- Led by Alor Hrothgar Naskar. Focus in war. Numbers: 80. 40 soldiers/10 non-coms*/30 children​
Clan Crabagr- Led by Ca'tra Crabagr. Focus in both war and history. Numbers: 100. 70 Soldiers/10 non-coms*/20 children​
Clan Dha'rekr- Led by Kormac Dha'rekr. Focus in war and religion. Numbers: 70. 10 Soldiers/20 non-coms*/40 children.​
*Non-combatants are the various full time tradesmen and backbone that keep the covert operational. That said, in time of crisis, they are still Mandalorians trained to fight.​
Clans Lost in the Covert

Clan Rekr- From the original Coalition. Died during the Mandalorian Wars.​
Clan Carnak- Wiped out during the Great Purge​
Clan Trenessar- Status is unknown, mainly in the Roon Covert.​
Clan Elsol- Slain during the years of the Old Republic​
Clan Kyr'am Galaar- Slain during the Cataclysm​

Manda'yaim- Underground bunker below the mountain fortress of the Citadel.​
Ordo- Rekr'valdyr (status unknown). Carved into one of the many canyons.​
Dxun- Inactive. All slain.​
Shogun- (Status unknown). In the crystalline mountain ranges.​
Concord Dawn- (Unknown). Possibly destroyed during the rise of Death Watch​
Jakelia- (Status Unknown). In the dense jungle.​
Concordia- Inactive. All slain.​
The Clans of the Orar'da'yadr have existed since the days of the Taung and their war with the Zhell on Coruscant. At that time, however, they were known as Clan Tor. During the retreat of Mandalorians to Roon, Skirata would sever off under the leadership of Korvantiz Tor, now Skirata and still remain loyal to Mand'alor the First. For over three thousand years, Skirata would thrive, through both warfare and trade. Ever religious zealots, they would wage war for the glory of Kad Ha'rangir, the Destroyer God. It wouldn't be until the days of Mand'alor the Indomitable that divisions would begin to form. More Clans would splinter off from Skirata, though many remained their alliances. Following the death of Indomitable, Skirata would remain faithful to Ultimate, serving in the Mandalorian Wars at various battles, namely the Battle of Cathar. Surviving the Battle of Malachor V, Skirata would continue to fight the enemies of the Mandalorians, creating small pockets across Mandalorian Space where they could survive. They would wait and they would bide their time. However, once allies of Clan Ordo, it would be the years following the Mandalorian Wars that would erupt a centuries long war between the Clans. During the Mandalorian Wars, half of the Clans that splintered from Skirata would be destroyed entirely.

In the days of the Old Republic, around 3696 BBY, Clans Skirata, Naskar, and Dha'rekr would be fast allies with the formation of Diru on the horizon. Despite their strength, Skirata would nearly be wiped out in a single night. The Alor at the time, legendary Jormundor Skirata, would not only see the survival of his Clan but a vast expansion of it. Where they had numbered only a thousand prior to the attack, they were reduced to only one hundred. In twenty years they would go on to settle over a dozen worlds with numbers near ten thousand. His actions would not only guarantee the survival of his Clan, but would ensure the existence of those Clans that swore vassalship. Clans that had separated would once more return to fly under the banner of the Orar'da'yadr, now officially named such. The Orar'da'yadr would make a base in the mountains 6000 miles west of Keldabe, in a fortress known as The Citadel. They would also have bases on Ordo, Shogun, Dxun, Concordia, Concord Dawn, Roon and Jakelia. Through the various wars with Clans, the Empire, the Republic, and other galactic conflicts, Skirata would once more drop to numbers below 6000.

In the thousands of years that followed, the Orar'da'yadr rose and fell. And though many Clans perished in the Cataclysm, some managed to survive. Life long enemies of the Republic due to various wars and atrocities in the past, as well as ardent enemies of the Sith, they would trust only their kind. And when those of their homeworld abandoned Manda'yaim, they remained, moving to bunkers under the Citadel. With Diru as renowned smiths and craftsmen, they would find a way to support the Coalition through their trade while Skirata and Naskar acted as armies for hire. While they were now shadows of their once former glory, they survived. And while other Clans sold their souls, they refused to stray from the Gods.

When the Republic arrived and the Mandalorians fought their Civil War, the Orar'da'yadr would fight on the side of their traditions. They would fight to preserve their traditions, to keep the Culture from poisoning itself by adapting too much from the Republic. They would fight and they would lose. Those of the Orar'da'yadr would be slain on Concordia and Dxun down to the last man and once more the other bases would go into hiding. The Orar'da'yadr would survive and never forget. When the Death Watch formed, the warriors of the Orar'da'yadr would once more descend from their mountain fortress to take up arms. They would start their fight against House Kryze, their millennia old traditions of martial combat immediately giving them the upper hand. They believed in bringing back the warrior traditions, but not the terrorism that Death Watch would implement. Once the terror attacks started, the Orar'da'yadr would begin to fight Death Watch, not for House Kryze, never for them, but for their people. Their battles would keep them well enough away from Sundari and when Pre Viszla conquered the Capital, the Orar'da'yadr would return to their mountain fortress. With the death of Pre Viszla, Maul would rise to power and for the first time since the creation of their people, an Outsider ruled them. Enraged, the Orar'da'yadr would launch attacks against Death Watch across the system, refusing to join Bo Katan or her resistance for her part in the current state of affairs for their people. In fact, the Orar'da'yadr would only fight along Katan and the resistance in the Siege of Mandalore, though despite a member of a subsect of Skirata taking part in the training of the Republic Clone troopers, they were wary of the Republic Forces. Once the battle was won, the Orar'da'yadr would return to their mountain fortress, unwilling to follow Bo Katan or House Kryze. It was then, that the former member of Skirata would contact the Orar'da'yadr about returning to the Yaim and to his mountain fortress at Kyrimorut. The Citadel and Kyrimorut would remain fast allies in the days to come.

When the Republic turned on the Mandalorians as the reformed Empire, the Orar'da'yadr thought it was fitting for Bo Katan and House Kryze. They would still fight the Empire when they arrived, but they would go once more into seclusion to preserve their numbers. Despite several more Clans being wiped out during the Purge, the Orar'da'yadr remained. It was during the Great Purge that they would lose contact with their other bases. At one point following the Purge, Bo Katan sought out help from the Orar'da'yadr and was turned away.

A century later, the Orar'da'yadr of the Yaim have grown tired of seclusion. Though they number in the hundreds, they are a shadow of the thousands that they once were. They look to the gods for a sign to retake their worlds. Several of their covert travel the galaxy in search not only of the other bases, but for a way to rally more to their cause.


Vastly religious as a whole, the Clans of the Orar'da'yadr worship mainly Kad Ha'rangir, the Destroyer God as well as Hod Haran, the trickster god. Seeing the last hundred years as a large influence of Arasuum, the Sloth God and their mortal enemy, the Clan is ready to once more bring about change for Kad.

The most religious and zealot of the warriors are the Akaan Salyre, the War Priests. They carve the history of their people, clan, and gods onto their bodies.


Highly traditional, the verd'goten of the Clans of the Orar'da'yadr is brutal, with there being some recorded deaths. The most elite of their warriors are called the A'den Kal, the first step to taking the oaths of the Akaan Salyr. Though some favor ranged weapons, a favorite of the Covert is blade combat. They have a long history of slaying Force Users and some would call it their specialization.

Relics of the Orar'da'yadr
The Sword of Xorn Skirata- Named Nakadr, this blade belonged to a legendary member of the Clan that served as Alor during some of their worst wars in the days of the Old Republic.

Buurenaar'juha- Warhorn of the legendary Jormundor Skirata, an Alor for nearly sixty years and the key to the Clans rise to power and survival during the Old Republic. He was also the true founder of the Orar'da'yadr. It is said that when his warhorn was blown, and the Thundertusk Cavalry charged, the enemy would break from fear.

Asa'yr Duraanir- "Lover Scorned". Blade of Ca'tra Crabagr, the Founder of Crabagr from the days of the Old Republic and the current Alor's namesake.

Jate'kara/Dab'r- Pair of forging hammers that once belonged to the legendary Diru Alor Jaxer Diru.

Notable Current Characters (Players Only)*

Srucayr- Akaan Salyr

*For now, just the leaders of the Clans have been listed.

To add fifteen years of rp over various forums, pen/paper campaigns/media content to not only add depth to the established Mandalorian Lore, but also to provide a potential footing for the future Mandalorian sect. To share years of hard work, pain, and laughter with a new home and open the Orar'da'yadr to any who wish to make characters from it. If it is approved, I can add historical records on famous members as well as pages on the artifacts ( which may only be valuable to them). I can also add NPC pages for the various Alore and any other members of note within the covert. Oh and this could pass as personal lore (to flesh out Srucayr's backstory or Site Lore to expand on the current list of Mandalorians.
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