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Feb 13, 2012
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Outer Rim Protection League

The Outer Rim Protection League (ORPL) is a loose collection of spacers who collaborate to protect and support the more remote communities of the galactic outer-rim. Founded shortly following the end of the uprising against the Final Order by some of the responders, the ORPL was established to ensure that there was a consistent defensive effort in the oft-forgotten Outer Rim. As the Republic was reformed, and once again planets of the Outer Rim returned to their usual ways, ORPL saw an initial surge of membership, with volunteers keen and eager to ensure there was never a return of a group like the ‘Final Order’ again, joining the effort.

Enjoying some moderate success for their first few years, the ORPL operated on worlds such as Tatooine and Lothal, fighting skirmishes with Final Order holdouts, Pirates, Slavers and more besides. However, as the planets of the Galaxy moved on from the war, and people began to yearn for simpler times, the threats of the Galaxy dimmed, and the recruitment stream for the ORPL died off.

In more recent years, with numbers at an all-time low, the group has become a more radical sect of people, looking to keep the Rim safe from those who would seek to do it harm. Consisting of ‘cells’ on various planets, the group has become something of a holdout to the old ways of ‘Militia’ and resistance, taking the fight to criminals, corporations and the like, who they see as doing harm to the Rim. Its ‘glory days’ long gone, the ORPL is seen by many as a nuisance in the Rim, rather than what it once saw itself, a guardian.

Organisation & Structure

The ORPL has little formal organisation in the modern-day, having fallen into obscurity and destitution long ago. Members adorn simple uniforms, harking back to the days of the Resistance, and are often equipped with whatever weaponry they can lay their hands on in the Rim. Their ‘signature’ weapon is the SN-66 Rifle, a weapon that is remarkably easy to come by in the Rim.

Across their operational area, they form cells. Small groups of likeminded individuals, following a basic military ranking structure (Ranger - Sgt - Captain - Commander). Operating out of static or mobile basis, depending on what would be better suited to the group, small cells can be found across the Outer Rim. There is currently no set overall ‘Commander’ of the Group, with each group putting forward their own Commander as a representative to a ‘Council’ which attempts (and often fails) to coordinate the ORPLs efforts.

More often than not, the Cells are dependent on their own wits to survive and have access to very little by way of resources. Scrap gear and equipment, moisture farms and livestock are the lifeblood of the group, which prides itself on being self-sufficient.

The ORPL Charter

All members of the ORPL, before being accepted into the ranks of the group, are required to swear their support to the ORPL charter, the core tenants of which read as follows:-

  • To Protect the Freedoms of the People of the Outer Rim from any who would infringe them.
  • To Defend the Rights of the Outer Rim to be a free region of Space, not bound to Government or cause.
  • To Safeguard the Resources of the Outer Rim from those outsiders who would seek to abuse them.

This ‘Charter’ has led some of the Core political figures to describe the group as an Anarchist Militia.

Interactions with the Galaxy

Plain and simple, the ORPL get involved with a lot. Should there be a criminal gang holed up in their patch, the ORPL will do their level best to move them on. A Corporation mistreating Outer Rim workers or threatening a settlement, then they will step in. But far from being rogue gunslingers, the ORPL see themselves as a humanitarian organisation as well, counting medics and engineers within their ranks.

As such, it is not uncommon for a group of ORPL Rangers to arrive on the scene of a disaster and do what they can to triage medical support.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, the ORPL are not recognised by any Galactic Government, although they are tolerated by some, and therefore operate just outside the law, relying on the goodwill of the people they support - as they lack the legal basis to do so.


Simply put, the intention here is to create a different sort of faction, one focused on helping the Galaxy rather than bringing it around to their way of thinking (through force or otherwise). The ORPL is not a Government, they just want people to be left alone to get on with their lives. For players, this represents an opportunity to be part of a casual RP faction focused around the Outer Rim, with a hands-on approach to getting stuff done.

This is an NPC faction.