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Dec 15, 2017
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Character Name and Reputation Level: @Lorcan , Level 1 Rep Sector Ranger

Character Rank: Sector Ranger

Name (and link) of Plot: Outpost Blue

Participants in the Plot (Character Accounts): @Lorcan @Thalia Windraider @Corran Velt (The Real MVP) @Orn (RIP) @Kal Zyn Dross @Bast Emblai @Darmus Onn

Intended Outcome of Plot: To capture a local pirate space station base, cripple their starfighters and capture their corvette for the Sector Rangers so they would have a base that was wholly their close to Manaan should anything go wrong in the area.

Any PvP or Staff DMing involved? None.

Link to Dice Roll Thread (if applicable):
Securing the Fuel Dice
Dagger in the Back Dice
The Prize Dice
Shatter the Shield Dice
Force the Breach Dice
No One Left Behind Dice
Second Sword Dice

Link to Desired Item/Power/Etc (if applicable): Items secured;
1x 500 Series Space Station
1x Bolo-Class Corvette

Relevant Threads and a Description Per Thread in Chronological Order:
  • Securing the Fuel - Corran and Kal assault the pirate fuel depot and capture it for future use by the Sector Rangers with minimal issues for the Sector Rangers involved in it's capture. Both Rangers excel in this mission.
  • Dagger in the Back - Corran and Lorcan assault the starfighter base while they are grounded for maintenance. They are able to secure the site and escape in one of the fighters as the others are destroyed. Special note to be added that Ranger Lorcan exercised very little restraint and most pirates were killed outright.
  • The Prize - Corran and Lorcan assault the Bolo-Class Corvette's encampment as it is being refueled, escorting a small non-combatant crew onboard without issue. The enemy base was then destroyed using the Corvette's armaments and said armaments were then used to destroy chasing fighters until no pursuit could continue. Additional notes include, once again, an excessive force complaint against Ranger Lorcan and significant damage to one engine of the corvette, leading to the corvette needing a pick up.
  • Shatter the Shield - Lorcan and Thalia picked off the defending pirates of the space station and managed to destroy it's on-board weaponry to make assaults easier from the outside. Ranger Thalia lost her ship but was able to eject in time and was rescued by Ranger Lorcan.
  • Force the Breach - MISSION FAILURE: Ranger Orn and Bast assaulted the space station with a team of Rangers but unfortunately the pirate response was co-ordinated and effective. Ranger Orn was captured and killed on a holocall to other Rangers while Ranger Bast was held prisoner.
  • No One Left Behind - Rangers Corran and Darmus led a rescue attempt for Ranger Bast conducted at the same time as a further assault to capture the station's controls. Rangers Corran and Darmus were able to free Ranger Bast before Ranger Corran took a handful of the ranger squad to assist the secondary assault. Mission undertaken to correct the consequences of the initial breach.
  • Second Sword - A second strike force attacked the central controls of the station to secure it while the rescue mission was ongoing. Rangers Lorcan and Thalia lost most of their squad during the assault and it can be said that without the timely arrival of Ranger Corran post-successful-rescue then it may have ended in failure. In the end they were able to secure the station at great cost. Mission undertaken to achieve the goal of the initial breach.