Planetary Influence Rules

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Dec 22, 2017
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Planetary Influence Rules

Not every faction in the galaxy desires the conquest of worlds to spread their message and influence. However, the assets these planets possess can still be of great use to any group wanting to exert their will upon the galaxy. Factions will be able to perform missions to set up their influence on these systems, eventually working towards greater presence and thus greater access to these assets. News spreads fast, though, and other organizations either opposed to or allied to these ambitious groups may throw their hat into the ring to gain what rewards they can or topple their enemies.

A Faction or Organization can have varying levels of influence on a planet, separated by four different levels:

  • Community Recognition/Influence Level 1: The starting Influence level for Factions/Organizations. Allows for minimal access to assets and the ability to perform small-scale, localized plots.
  • Urban Recognition/Influence Level 2: A moderate level of Influence for Factions/Organizations. Up to four(4) of said groups can have this level at once on a planet. Allows for moderate access to assets and continental-scale plots.
  • Municipal Recognition/Influence Level 3: High level influence for Factions/Organizations, with some access/control over minor governmental functions. Up to two(2) groups can be at this level at the same time. Allows for great access to assets and plots on a global scale.
  • Global Recognition/Influence Level 4: The highest level of Influence for Factions/Organizations, represents a complete alliance with or control over a planet’s government. Only one group can have this level on a planet with a limit of level 1 for all others. Allows for near complete access to all assets on a planet including military and naval forces.

When a faction or organization wants to start to influence a planet, the leader of said group must fill out the template below to detail how they will start doing so and what sorts of missions and work their members can perform to increase their standing, then post it in a thread in this section with the planet's name. At this time, other factions and organizations can submit similar templates with missions and work to either aid or undermine the initiator’s efforts in that thread. All threads completed for any of these intentions must be submitted for review by the Plot team, who will determine what changes if any to make. If a faction or organization neglects to keep working on a planet, assuming that their standing is always secure, they will start to decrease in influence over a period of time to reflect the lost status.

The assets of a planet can be anything form manpower to land to build bases upon. The more assets an organization or faction has, the more that can be done or worked toward in plots for members of said group. The Plot team will have full discretion over whether a plot using these assets as a base is in line with the stated goal while maintaining a listing of influence on individual systems for this purpose. All completed plots and missions to gain influence on a planet will be submitted using the template listed below.

Name of Faction/Organization:
Description of Influence Exertion: (Setting up criminal organizations, direct conquest, humanitarian aid, etc.)
Missions: (Thread prompts of various difficulty and content for PCs to perform to increase influence. Opposing factions will provide prompts to interfere, either directly or indirectly.)

Faction/Organization Name:
Characters Involved:
Link to Thread:
Summary of Accomplishments:
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