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Sauvage was born and raised on the lower levels of Coruscant. His mother and father both worked at a rough hangout, a cantina in the lower levels of the ecumenopolis. His mother would work behind the bar some nights and others she would wait tables. She was a saucy lady, tough and crude. She fit right in, and most of the tough guys and scoundrals that frequented the safe haven bar would take her insults and crude ribbing with a laugh, but never with a pat on the rear. Poffo's father worked as a bouncer in the bar, a genuine tough guy. He was quiet, but he was big and he came with a reputation. Fights were frequent in the urban cantina where they worked, but the use of any weapons of any kind was strictly forbidden. It was Poffo's father's job to end any confrontation where weapons were used, and he was extremely good at it.

Poffo grew up in and around the tough guys that patroned the saloon where his parents worked. It is no mystery as to why Sauvage grew up with quick hands, a quick temper, and a flair for the dramatic. He would often sit behind the bar and watch how the delinquents of society operated, how they fought, how they interacted. Poffo began to emulate these tough guys and shady characters with the kids in his neighborhood, and he quickly became one of the true tough kids in a tough neighborhood. Bounty hunters frequented the cantina as well. Often times their quarry was in the bar itself, but more often they were gathering information from the patrons. The cantina had a good relationship with the Bounty Hunter's Guild and takedowns inside the establishment were excedingly rare.

Poffo lost his father when he was just 19 years old. His father was breaking up a fight between ruffians when the confrontation escalated to blasters. Arkan Sauvage was shot and died doing his job. Poffo was already on his own, doing odd jobs for many of the shadier elements that he got to know. His parents knew that Poffo had a wild streak, and they directed him to the small-time criminals that he could trust. Poffo's work mostly entailed security and dropoffs. He learned not to ask questions like who he was protecting or what he was delivering. He also learned that dealing with other people's money or product was the quickest and most common way to find yourself on the wrong end of a blaster. Knowing this, he stayed away from sales and smuggling whenever possible. Soon, his mother ran off with a hacker for hire and left Coruscant for good. Poffo was left in the bowels of the Capital City with no family or structue to speak of.

Due to his father's death to blaster fire, Poffo grew to despise weapons. He had a natural fighting instinct and the genetic makeup to make him a formidable fighter in hand to hand combat. Extremely confident and quite the trash talker, Poffo had many opportunities to get better at street fighting. Before his 22nd birthday, he had been invited to fight in underground no holds barred matches. He fought using the moniker "Mr. Macho." He had a natural charsima that the crowd loved, he won a lot, he could take a beating, and he could certainly dish a beating out. He made money betting on himself, moving frequenting from one fighting location to another so as not to gain notoriety. This maximized his profits as the betting odds always went with the known commodity.

Poffo's life of fighting took on a turnwhen he agreed to fight on a card put together by a small-time gangster on level 1313. He was scheduled to fight a jobber, a fighter who routinely lost. Due to Poffo's size and confidence, when the betting came in, it came strong for Poffo. The gangster kindly "requested" that Poffo lose to his unworthy opponent. When Poffo refused, he was ordered to throw the fight or he would be beaten so badly he would never fight again. The idea of throwing a fight, losing on purpose, was repugnant to Poffo. Instead of doing the job, he devised a plan of his own. He told the gangster that he would throw the fight. Poffo leaked it out that he was going to job to his opponent. All the money started to come in against "Mr. Macho." Poffo found a bookie and made a large bet on himself. He won the fight, collected his money and fled to the other side of the planet. The small-time gangster vowed to get his revenge, but that would be hard to do. Hiding in the lower levels of Coruscant is easy for anyone who understands the culture, isn't afraid to get their hands a little dirty, and can walk the line of respecting the tough guys but not being a coward and standing your ground. If nothing else, Poffo Sauvage has excelled at learning where that line is. Despite his hatred for deadly weapons, Poffo felt that under the circumstances, it would be best if he owned a blaster. He rarely carries it. Today, Poffo floats around Coruscant, rarely heading to the upper levels or the surface. He continues to make contacts with various street gangs and localized criminal elements for work. He also takes legitimate jobs- not all security gigs are criminal in nature.

Lately, however, Poffo Sauvage decided he wants more than being a tough guy in the ghettos, taking directions and small time jobs from glorified street thugs. He feels his potential is being wasted in the dirtiest, ugliest parts of Coruscant. He doesn't care if he wears fine clothes or gets to ride in luxary speeders. That's all well and good, and he'll welcome it if it comes. Mostly, he wants to be known. What he wants is respect. And now he's willing to step out and try to take it.

Poffo Sauvage is a complex, if not volatile human. Above all, Poffo Sauvage is...intense. He hates to lose, and he hates being belittled or looked down upon. It's a great weakness because it feeds his anger. Easily is Poffo provoked, and he fights with brutality. He does not show mercy, nor does he feel remorse when he feels that violence is justified.

He also has a keen understanding of reading people, and he can use that to his advantage. He is an intimidating figure, and uses his nature to meet his ends. However, he can also be gregarious and the life of the party- and Poffo loves to have a good time. He is extremely charismatic, a flamboyant character, and many love being in his company. He has a tremendous wit, can get entire groups of people laughing hysterically, and exudes a confidence that people are attracted to. On occassion, people have gotten too comfortable with Poffo and made an insulting joke toward him in what they meant to be friendly ribbing. They usually don't do it twice.

Despite Poffo's volatility, he is extremely loyal to his friends and business partners so long as they prove loyal to him. Poffo does not consider himself at all to be "evil" or a bad guy. He knows that some of his actions are not in the best interest of society, but he rationalizes it by believing that someone will do the job and that's simply the way the galaxy works. If he had the skills to make a good living purely by using legitimate means, he would be willing to do so. His actions aren't born from meanness, but rather a sense of pragmatism and protecting his tough guy reputation.

Poffo is a great worker in the underground economy. He knows how to keep his mouth shut and has a very high pain tolerance. He is not easily intimidated, and usually efforts to do so result in him becoming more stubborn and likely to turn to violence. To that end, Poffo is intimdating himself which can and has been used for favorable outcomes. He maximizes his look by often wearing cutoff sleeves and huge sunglasses that prevent anyone from watching his eyes.

Poffo is a tremendous hand to hand fighter, and he loves to do it. He has not been trained other than innumerable fights dating back to his time as a teenager. Poffo often takes a huge punch at the beginning of the match to which he will smile, rub his jaw and say something to belittle his opponent such as, "That tickled," or "That all you got?" He is a creative fighter and quite the showman while fighting. His style is a mix of boxing and wrestling. He can knock you out, choke you out or break limbs, and he does not discriminate between his options.

Because of his personality, he can put people at ease to get information, get support, or seal a deal, even if he does so using an unconditional methods such as heavy drinking and storytelling.

+DC-17 Blaster Pistol
+DT-29 Heavy Blaster
+ Queen Sherri
+ Spiked brass knuckles
+ Vibroblade knife
+ Blast Vest
+ Assorted flamboyant jackets and dusters with tassels and more tassels.
+ datapad
+ Commlink


"The Madness"


Bounty Hunting Partner - Kliedden Raxx
Wise-cracking team member/spoil - Aska Ryun
Super hot, but interested team member - Alisaah Tila
Pilot of The Madness - Poogulga



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Character looks good. Reputation seems pretty borderline starting out, veering towards 'too much' past unknown level. I don't mind that he was a regular in a underground fighting scene and that he's known on a very local level and not much beyond that. If that can be cleared up better in the bio I'll be happy to approve.


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Made the following changes:
  • Moved to different undergound fight clubs frequently to purposefully not gain notoriety and maximize his profits from betting on himself.
  • Only person who is upset with Poffo is the promoter of the card in question, and he's small-time thug gangster with no real notoriety.
If I need to do more, I'll be happy to.