PvP: Story Deaths and Timeframes


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Mar 12, 2015
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PVP: Story Deaths and Timeframes

This one is, again, going to be a bit shorter than many of the others in the series, but I take that as a positive because it means we're not having to correct huge problems that we're seeing in the site's PvP. So congratulations everyone!

This announcement is to handle two topics. The first and simpler is the rules regarding posting on the weekends and holidays. As many of you have already seen we've been unofficially extending posting for events and PvPs when the deadline falls on the weekend. This announcement will officialize that. If a posting deadline would normally fall on a weekend, it will be extended until the following Monday night at 7pm EST. For holidays it will extend until the day after the holiday at 7pm EST.

The second part of this announcement will deal with story deaths. While the site will still largely remain death-disabled by default, this does not mean that the site is consequence disabled, and abuse of the death-disabled rules will not be allowed.

As such, we are going to implement an appeal system wherein individuals can appeal to have the death-disabled rules lifted. This will be primarily used for story-significant moments or instances where individuals are brazenly abusing the spirit of death-disabled. Instances where there is no conceivable or logical reason for a character not to kill another will allow for exemptions from the death-disabled rules. Ideally, this conclusion would be reached during a discussion between writers, but this is not always possible.

An example of a scenario where this may unfold is an Acolyte who decides to mouth off to a Sith Councilor because they know there is no consequences. The Councilor could appeal for an exemption to execute the Acolyte. Death-disabled does not mean consequences disabled, and the bending of reality will only go so far.

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